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College Rivalries

Updated on November 6, 2015

Tomorrow afternoon in the battle for the Victory Bell and possibly even this time in a battle to determine the winner of a division of the ACC, two historical rivals will be clashing and while this rivalry in the past has usually been more about basketball, the football rivalry is nothing to sleep on as well. And actually the rivalry even has family ties as I have friends and acquaintances that have worked, taught, and attended both of these fine universities.....And of course, as a outsider, I really just want a good game......

Last year, Carolina beat Duke on Duke's campus and got a little wild with their celebration and on another year, Duke Beat Carolina on it's home field..So home advantage is not always advantageous.....

And later in November, two HBCU's will be battling out as well when NC Central travels to Greensboro to take on the Aggies, and depending on the next couple of weeks play out, this could be a game to determine the winner of the MEAC conference. And, like I said about the other rivalry, this is not one to sleep on either....For years, even when they were not in the same conference, these two often started off the year with the annual Eagle-Aggie classic in which they got to claim for a year being the top HBCU around by winning...Didn't matter what their records were the rest of the year, or the years before, this is a game both sides WANTED TO WIN BADLY!!!!

All of this got me to thinking about college football, and big rivalry matches. What have been some of your favorite rivalries, and games do you look forward to? Have you been a fan of Auburn against Alabama, Georgia against Georgia Tech, Oklahoma against Nebraska, or UCLA against USC...Name some rivalries that play a special part in your heart, and tell us why?


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