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Colorado Elk Hunting

Updated on November 5, 2011

Elk Hunting

Whenever you head to Colorado, you shouldn’t miss Elk hunting. You can experience the thrill of the search and the capture of this creature. Elk are among the most hunted animals in this particular part of America.

What exactly are Elk?

Elk or Wapiti are members of the deer family along with the moose, caribou, mule deer, and also white tailed deer. This family is known as ungulates, coming from the Latin word hooves. They are generally larger compared to the majority of them. Elk are herbivores like the other members of the deer family. With their lengthy antlers which may reach as long as 4 feet or 1.2 meters, they look as tall or as big as 9 feet. These types of large mammals commonly travel in herds or groups.

Elk Hunting

As said previously, the elk are one of the most sought after large animals. Elk hunting actually dates back in history with their uses in life sustenance and culture. Elk are sought for a variety of aspects. Early on, these animals are hunted as a source of food, clothing, and blankets by American Indians, European settlers, and various tribes such as the Lakota. The Lakota tribe even believed in the spiritual factor that Elk play in their society, associating them with life, sexual prowess, courage, and strength. These days, modern day hunters go elk hunting for its numerous commercial uses.

* Food – In regards to food, elk meat is almost never produced on a great scale. Rather, the meat is usually presented as a special item in the menu of most restaurants and markets. The nutritional value of elk meat is also notable. The meat is a great source of zinc, iron, and phosphorus. It also possesses less fat and cholesterol and more protein content than other meat products such as pork, chicken, and beef.

* Clothing – Similar to the earlier hunters, the elk hide usually are made into gloves, coats, and chaps. The hide is also used to make blankets. It can even be an additional component in the making of shoes.

* Antler Velvet – Antler velvet can be offered as medicine, particularly in East Asia. It can be said to have health benefits and maintenance. According to belief, it can function as a pro-growth agent, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant, and anti-cancer.

* Antlers – People also go Elk hunting for to get the antlers of the Elk. The antlers of the elk can be taken and constructed to make chandeliers, buckles, knife handles, rings, key chains, bracelets, artwork, furniture, and more. Others would hang the antlers to their walls as a reminder of the hunting experience or as a symbol of pride.

* Ivories – The 2 top canine teeth of the Elk are called ivories. These are usually taken to be another decoration or material for other accessories. Most hunters however, merely take the ivories as a keepsakes or even remembrance of their experience.

Colorado Elk hunting is a fantastic experience. While immersed in the natural habitat of the Elk, you get the rush of the hunt all the more. It is as though it is going to be solely you and the Elk. In Elk hunting, you will need the appropriate equipment and a whole lot of focus or concentration. It would also help a lot if you first learn more about the nature and behavior of the Elk. Take note of the sense of smell. As soon as they smell you thrice, then they are going to be gone. Elk have a strong sense of smell so you better be mindful. Then, get yourself the correct equipment such as rifles and guns with the right caliber and power such as the 7 mm and 300 magnums. A 30/06 or larger with a 180 grain bullet is also ideal. Additionally it is important that before going Elk hunting, you practice a lot so that you can do it right the actual time. If you are seeking for a thrill, Elk hunting may be the right activity for you.


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    • mquee profile image

      mquee 6 years ago from Columbia, SC

      Although I am not a hunter, I have had quite a bit of venison and wild hog here in South Carolina. The meat is very lean and quite tasty. Thanks for a very informative and entertaining article.