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Comfort on the Run: 5 Ways to Keep Your Clothes from Chafing

Updated on November 4, 2013

Chafing, blisters, muscle injuries, minor aches and pains are just a few inconveniences you experience when running long, or even short, trails. Running in extreme conditions may also result in more severe risks, but try not to let these disadvantages keep you from finishing your first marathon or succeeding in making running a daily habit.

For a more comfortable run, you should also apply these 5 helpful tips.

1. Wear running socks and not cotton socks.

Cotton socks are commonly worn underneath trousers, but for running and extreme sports, running or sports socks may be more appropriate. The material and design of running socks are different from the textile used on your usual, casual socks. Normally, running socks are made of a combination of cotton and spandex materials while casual socks were made of cotton, which can chafe.

2. If your regular running shorts are made of nylon or cotton, wear spandex beneath them.

Spandex has been the material of choice for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Not only is spandex lightweight and easy to clean, it also glides along the skin when worn and does not cause rubbing, blisters, or chaffing. In case your running gear is made of mostly cotton fiber, wear spandex shorts or technical gear under your usual cotton sports clothes for a more comfortable running experience.

3. Apply Neosporin or Vaseline on places where rubbing occurs.

Basically any anti-bacterial cream which may be applied directly on skin can effectively lessen instances of chaffing. Apply Neosporin or Vaseline wherever clothes rub so as it minimize blisters, and of course, chaffing.

4. Cut your toenails so they do not jam into the end of your running shoes.

What’s more painful than a stubbed toe or an ingrown nail? Jammed toenails in your shoes, of course! Cut your toenails short before running. Not only is it a good grooming practice, it also keeps you from getting ingrown toenails and makes the whole running experience more comfortable.

5. Wear cooling collars around your neck to keep cool and to keep your top from rubbing against your neck.

Some textiles, like cotton, can rub against skin and cause chafing. If you want to keep cool and at the same time, lessen instances of chafing, wear a cooling collar around your neck when running long distances.


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