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Common Myths of SUP Yoga

Updated on March 14, 2016

We all know yoga is extremely relaxing and helpful, but just image that you are practicing it at the sea, or ocean, with waves and sand, the beautiful calming wind and seagulls flying over your head. You can hear and feel everything, and it all seem very soothing. You feel that you are connected with the nature, and that your body is at its best. SUP yoga, or the paddle board yoga or yoga boarding is just the right thing for you.

The balance

First of all, in the beginning many people who have tried the SUP yoga have said that it’s not a big deal. Most positions in the beginning are the ones where you are sitting on the board or you are on your knees so you think that the board will stand stable and you don’t even have to balance it. However, when you stand up and when you put your arms up, or you just move on the board, you would need more strength, balance and concentration. So, you will be trained to stay more focused on the water and achieve the balance that you need. There are different poses which you can try on your board, which are very good.

Water and us

Water can be very calming, especially when it is combined with yoga and you. It is different from the normal yoga - imagine that you are on that board, sitting with your legs crossed, with your eyes shut and just listening to the sea. The idea of you floating and crossing to another world, different than this one can help you feel more relaxed, like the burden you had on your shoulders has disappeared. While meditating, you can feel an extreme connection between you and the water. At moments, you will have a feeling like you are walking on the water and you will feel very powerful.

The breathing

Breathing is a special aspect of SUP yoga. You can learn it very well and it can help you in many ways. It can be also called “Ocean Breath”, because there is a belief that when you are inhaling the salt from the ocean or the sea and its sound when the waves are tapping on your board quietly, it helps you relax and learn how to breathe. After practicing it for a longer period, you will feel much healthier.

Is it scary?

Stand up paddleboard yoga should be fun and relaxing, not scary. It can help you to overcome a fear of falling, of any kind of injury, and it gives you enough adrenaline to be excited and to stay focused on what you are doing. You may fall down into the water, but you can climb back onto your board and not give up. When it happens to you couple of times, every other time it will be easier and you will feel more confident in yourself and in your strength.

After some time of practicing this kind of yoga, you will feel the difference in your body and in your state of mind. You might be more focused on some things, and even calmer, and stress relieved. So you can even become a master jedi at any kind of yoga if you want to try a yoga teacher training.

Yoga can help you to stay relaxed and happy, to be satisfied with your body and your mental health. SUP yoga is nicer that the regular yoga, because you will not be in some kind of a studio or gym, you will be in open space, breathing fresh air and you will be united with nature.


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