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Complaints About The Patriotism At Our Recent Super-Bowl....

Updated on February 5, 2013

Complaints About The Patriotism At Our Recent Super-Bowl….

I must be careful to distinguish between the Far-Left and those like my father who is a traditional Liberal; I have to make this distinction because it is only the Far-Left, in my humble opinion, who would complain about the Patriotism displayed at the recent Super Bowl or other sports events. Apparently, in gauging the meaning of the Washington Post article criticizing the overt Patriotism displayed at the recent Super Bowl, those who do not share such overt Patriotism are akin to those children in our schools who have to listen to religious zealots give formal shout-outs to God… with said children feeling ostracized and feeling the ire of those who pray. It is true that I am biased, be it from my being a former soldier or the fact that I see nothing wrong in our F-15s and military gun-salutes being part of the game... but there are times when some of us write just for the sake of writing or it is, perhaps, we have no longer have any semblance of objectivity.

The question that begs itself is why anyone would write about this issue… it is another area by way for the Far-Left to hate their country. The implication is that those who do not believe in such conspicuous patriotism are secretly ‘suffering’ and that said blatant display should stop. I wonder if we could provide earphones or some sort of goggles to prevent those who are bothered by such patriotism at our sporting events; of course, we know where the Fart-Left wants to take this debate and its remedy, which, in no doubt, would result in adding to the victories to the tyranny of the majority (Far-Left). Now I would like to ask the author of the Washington Post why is it that if one is offended by the patriotism at the game… why cannot one excuses one self for the duration of the game or simply do not go to the game and watch it from the confines of one’s home and simply turn off the TV during the fly over of the fighter jets - you know, just like I choose not to watch Modern Family or any of those shows that push the gay theme. But no - once again, the vast majority must forego an aspect of life that it likes to assuage the minority when there are alternatives where all can be satisfied.

There is nothing more grating than the hypocrisy of the Far-Left… it is why I have coined the phrase “Hypocrats” in past blogs and in the vein of this thinking… I must be conscious of the fact that the Washington Post did not recognize or chose to down-play the Patriotism that was valiantly fought, incidentally by many soldiers, for the media to have their First-Amendment-Right to opine… ironically, so that some of them could write about curtailing or preventing the display of Patriotism at our sporting events. Permit me to go off on a little tangent, but, yet it is within the same theme where one of the Hypocrats loudest complaint is about the pay of Wall Street bankers (The One Percenters), yet many who are the Far-Left denizens of Hollywood and make much loot from their respective professions, zealously negotiate - as they should - to get the best deals, but do not give back the money when their movies or other ventures flopped.

Anytime now, I am expecting to hear that there is a Class-Action law suit for those in the past who have suffered and were subjected to Conspicuous Patriotism at our sporting events and elsewhere… moreover, one would be a better claimant to this law suit if one had been part of and had witnessed a NASCAR race, not only for its over-the-top display of Patriotism, but moreover, for having a pastor who prayed and invoked that hurtful name to many members of the Far-Left, Jesus. In addition, I wonder if I should ask for forgiveness because I remembered when I was in the Army I used to travel on the planes, among many civilians, in my military uniform and what of the civilians that I came across at the airports… my God… think of the trauma the Washington Post article writer and those of the same ilk must go through annually during the celebration for our Memorial Day.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York


    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      I hadn't heard about the outcry from the Left during the big game, but I would like to say thanks for the hub and info!

      And I'd like to be conspicuously patriotic and say GOD HELP AND BLESS OUR TROOPS!! And to whoever wants to claim that that causes some kind of trauma to them----------GO FLY A KITE!

      God bless you Verily Prime!