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Concealed Carry License Information for the United States

Updated on January 4, 2015

Number of Women with Concealed Carry License on the Rise

According to experts, the number of women taking gun training courses and getting a concealed carry license is growing steadily across the country. Not only are more women packing, they are carrying larger weapons and they are using their firearms for pleasure as well as self-defense.

The thought has always been that women only carry for self-protection and indeed, personal safety is still the number one reason women give for wanting to have a gun. The main idea behind this is that a gun helps put the woman on an even field with an attacker, who typically is male and therefore larger and stronger.

One thing that has changed today is that many women are getting guns completely on their own. This is definitely a shift from the not-so-distant-past when women would be brought in by their husbands or boyfriends. As women grow in independence in other areas of their lives, being able to protect herself and not have to rely on a man for protection seems to be a natural progression.

While personal protection is the reason that most women first pick up a gun, more and more of them are finding that they enjoy sporting events that involve guns. Many gun shops have noticed the increase in female gun ownership and are carrying more products that are specifically made for a woman’s smaller frame. More women-only gun education courses are being offered which provides a more comfortable learning environment for many women as they are first entering the world of firearms.

As more women discover that guns are not something to be feared, but are an important part of their self-defense strategy and can be fun, they will surely spread the word. Gun shops and instructors who have not already started to adapt will need to soon as these happy female gun owners tell their friends and the number of women applying for a concealed carry licenseskyrockets.

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Concealed Carry License Requires Lifestyle Choice

Getting your concealed carry license is just the first step in making a lifestyle choice. You have decided to own a firearm for your own safety. You have further decided that you are going to conceal and carry guns so that you can be responsible for your self-defense even when you are away from home. This is more than a passing fancy. It is not something to be taken lightly. To live the armed lifestyle is a choice that takes serious commitment on your part.

If you have already decided to get your concealed carry license, then you have already accepted the fact that there are bad people around us. It doesn’t matter if we live in a “good” neighborhood and have a “safe” job. There are people who are willing to take advantage of you no matter where you live or work, for no other reason than they can. It is up to you to not become their next victim.

Committing to being a survivor rather than a victim requires that you make some choices. You must choose to get your concealed carry license of course, but beyond that you must be prepared to use your weapon. That requires a commitment of time, money, and energy. Fortunately a lot of it is fun, but you must prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to fire your weapon, as well as train your body so you have the physical skills to hit what you are aiming at.

One aspect of the lifestyle that many people don’t think about is actually deciding where you are going to carry. Just because you have your concealed carry license doesn’t mean that you can legally carry every place you want to go. You even have to think about your job! Are you going to be comfortable working for a company if they do not allow you to carry your weapon at the office? What if you can’t even leave your gun locked in the trunk of your vehicle if it is in the company parking lot? What if your favorite lunch spot posts a “No Guns Allowed” sign? And what about after work if the gang wants to go to the nearest pub to toss back a few and shoot some pool? In some states your concealed carry license will let you enter a bar as long as you don’t drink, in other states you can’t even go inside.

This brings up another possible point of contention over this decision—the people in your life may not be happy about it. It is your decision, right? So what do you care if other people don’t like that you have a concealed carry license? Well, it doesn’t much matter when it comes to strangers, but some of the people you know and respect, or at least have to tolerate because they are family, may be completely anti-gun. How are you going to handle your decision to carry around them? Will you try to keep it a secret? How will your concealed carry license affect your neighborhood picnics, family reunions, holidays, and vacations? Will you decide you are not going to go to any place that doesn’t allow you to carry your weapon? Or are you going to carry as often as possible, but not alter where you go based on gun politics?

There is not one ‘right’ answer that fits every person who makes the decision to get a concealed carry license. It is important that you think of as many of the ramifications to your decision as possible, before they come up. Deciding ahead of time how you will act, or react, in various circumstances will help you to feel more confident in your decision. Not only will you feel more confident, that assurance will be evident to others and they will be much less apt to challenge you on making the lifestyle choice to use your concealed carry license on a daily basis.

Concealed Carry License Laws

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