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Concerned About Clean Water? Consider a Filtered Water Bottle

Updated on June 4, 2011
Is your drinking water clean?
Is your drinking water clean? | Source

Are you looking for a way to make sure that your family members are drinking only the cleanest possible water? While you could get in the habit of purchasing only bottled water for your family to drink, doing so could quickly become very expensive. Relying solely on bottle water also isn’t the most environmentally responsible option for providing safe drinking water for your family. Using a filtered water bottle, however, just might be the ideal solution.

What Is a Filtered Water Bottle?

A filtered water bottle is exactly what the name sounds like. It is a water bottle that contains a filter. Rather than opening a new bottle of water every time you are thirsty – or just taking your chances with whatever water sources is nearby – using a filtered water bottle allows you to be sure that what you are drinking is clean and safe.

Two Filtered Water Bottle Options: Bobble and Gottawatta

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle for Tap Water

The Bobble water bottle is a good filtered water bottle option if you are primarily interested in making sure that the water you drink at home or at work is as clean as possible. It has an activated carbon filter that can remove organic contaminants from tap water available through municipal water sources. Note that the company’s site includes a disclaimer specifying that the bottle should not be used for water that is of unknown quality or that is microbiologically unsafe.

The Bobble bottle is available in several sizes ranging from 13 ounces to 34 ounces, with prices ranging from $8.95 to $12.95 and replacement filters cost $7.95.

Gottawatta Filtered Water Bottle for All Water Filtration

The Gottawatta filtered water bottle can be used to filter virtually any water to make it safe for drinking. Whether you want to use it for tap water from your home or office sink or if you are looking for a way to have quick access to clean drinking water when you are camping, hiking, fishing or engaging in other outdoor activities, this bottle may be your best option. In addition to removing potentially harmful chemicals from water, the Gottawatta filter is unique in that it also removes bacteria. It’s so powerful that it was used in Haiti after the earthquake as a way of providing safe drinking water.

Gottawatta filtered water bottles cost $19.99 and replacement filters are $14.99 and each bottle comes with a free carabiner that makes it easy to carry along for use during outdoor activities. Discounts are available if you purchase several at one time. The filter will need to be replaced after using it 500 times with tap water or 160 times with raw, unfiltered water.

Is a Filtered Water Bottle Right for You?

It’s up to you to decide if a filtered water bottle is a good option for you and your family. If you’re looking for a way to improve the safety of your tap water or if you want a way to enjoy safe drinking water when you’re enjoying outdoor activities, a filtered water bottle might be just what you need.


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