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Confederations Cup Cameroon vs Australia

Updated on June 22, 2017

Cameroon Line-up

Cameroon started with the same line up as their previous match, in the 2-0 defeat to Chile - a simple 4-3-3 formation with Aboubakar (CF), Moukandjo (LF), Bassogog (RF), Anguissa, Siani and Djoum all playing (CM), Fai (LB), Teikeu (CB), Ngadjui (CB), Mabouka (RB) and Onda in goal (GK) This formation seemed to work as Australia only managed to have 2 on-goal shots and scoring only 1 of them.

Cameroon Line-up

Australia Line-up

The Australian side played in a strange 3-6-1 formation which was tight enough to only concede 1 goal. Juric (ST), Kruse (CAM), Rogic (CAM), Gersbach (CM), Mooy (CM), Milligan (CM), Leckie (CM), Wright (CB), Sainsbury (CB), Degenek (CB) and Ryan in goal (GK) the team managed to bring the game back to 1-1 and took the 1pt to put them third in their group by goal difference.

Australia Line-up


Although Australia had the majority of possession (43%-57%), they were not able to convert their chances. They had 5 all-together but only 2 were on target whereas Cameroon had a huge, 18 shots but only 3 on target. There should have been a lot more goals this match however the team were not able to make this happen unfortunately.

The Aussies made us wait almost 70 minutes until they managed to bring back the game and secure a point with a power-penalty towards the bottom left from Milligan to equalise the game.

Personally I believe that Cameroon should have came out victorious this game it was all because of a silly defensive move from Australia which denied their hopes of becoming third place in their table. Australia did play well however, Cameroon managed to outplay them in basically everything but keeping possession which the Aussies managed to handle quite well.

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