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Cormorant fishing and Dubai fishing

Updated on May 9, 2013

Ukai or Cormorant fishing

As we know fishing is very very interesting. Some people are too much interested in fishing. They will find time for this interesting and unique entertainment. They mainly make on holidays for this.Cormorant fishing is one of the best fishing methods with different interesting features. The main peculiarity of fishing is by trained cormorant birds to catch river fish such as sweet fish or ayu. So watching of this is very interesting.

Cormorant birds-: Comorant birds are dark coloured, green eyed birds. The bill is long and feet are webed. They are used for fishing with its swimming ability .The fisherman giving training to the fully grown feathered young birds. The fishing boats are flat with 5 or 6 large narrow rafs of bamboo trunks.The fisherman sails on a small boat with trained cormorant birds which will swim around the boat. Normally fishing will start in the evening and may be it will continue in night also. The cormorant birds swims and catches fish and store inside their mouth. The fishermen light the lantern inside the boat for this.They cannot swallow the large fish due to its metal string tied around the birds neck and connected to the boat. The fishermen will collect the fish one by one and again sending them to waters for fishing. This is the unique and interesting fishing method. After fishing metal strings are removing and they start eating fish. Good cormorant can catch enough fish. This type of Fishing bird show done on Li River in China. Traditional fishing method by using trained cormorants in Japan and China starts from AD 960. Cormorants may vary according to location. P. Capillatus are Japanese cormorants and P. Carbo are chinese cormorants.In Japan Gifu is the most famous location. Other 13 cities in Japan also doing this.Now it is a source of promoting tourism industry.

Enjoy the video of cormorant fishing in guilin china

Dubai Fishing

Group fishing trips available in Dubai. Spending Great time with family and friends special fishingtechniques and equipments. There is shore fishing five km from the shore and the other is forty km from the shore. Deep sea fishing from morning till night available in Umm Al Suqim near Burj Al Arba is the best place. 35 ft longboats are available with latest technolgy like depth finder, fish finder, GPS navigation system, sonar system. It also has a shower , sink, shade, swimming ladder, sound system, safety equipments like life jackets, first aid equipment etc and will provide latest fishing equipment including phone booking available.

70 ft 25 people, 85ft 35 people, 52 ft 16 people capacity boats are available

Yachts are available in various sizes from the 85 ft can host 30 people with master bed rooms, huge dance floor, BBQ area etc.

Airconditioned Yachts with great food and refreshing food etc are available.


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