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Help save cormorant fishing in China as a world heritage

Updated on January 13, 2014
cormorant bird with fish in beak
cormorant bird with fish in beak

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Cormorant fishing as a tourist attraction is a big help to fishermen

CORMORANT fishing in China is on the verge of collapse. Fishing with the help of cormorant birds was once upon a time a stable industry for the Chinese fishermen. It was told that a good cormorant was enough pet to provide food for a Chinese family.

It used to be one of the major dollar-earning industries in China. Foreigners and tourists from far places would come just to see and observe before their very eyes how birds catch fish. They spent dollars in hotels and restaurants for their lodging and dining accomodations. They rent viewing boats and pay the fishermen just to see how Chinese fishermen manage the cormorant birds to catch fish for them.

Indeed cormorant fishing as a tourist attraction is a big help especially to the lowly fishermen.

But it is commonly observed that the situation of today's cormorant fishing industry leaves much to be desired. The industry is plagued with problems. Tourists themselves can see that the rivers and fishing waters are not safe from pollutants. Reports have it that towns are making use of rivers as dumping grounds of garbage and the tourist industry as well is adding sewage.

Urbanization and industrialization are signs of progress and modernization. They aren't objectionable but they should be pursued not to the extent of turning rivers into receptacles for waste. In short, to preserve the industry for the benefit especially of the fishermen and for its universal value as a cultural heritage, it is suggested that rivers in China be declared garbage-free, to include the perpetual ban of factory and industry chemical waste from being drained into rivers. Tourists themselves should help preserve the industry but not throwing waste into the river but into a waste can be provided by operators in their viewing boats'

Pollutants from garbage and chemicals kill fish and other marine life.

After a year's time- if these suggestions are taken into consideration- fish will surely grow in number.

Read the following view from the tourists side:

ONE of the main tourist attractions in China is cormorant fishing. It's a unique dollar-earning spectacle and a main itinerary for tourists to attend to and witness when they visit China. That's why tourist viewing boats day in day out ply their way up and down the river to and from the actual cormorant fishing ground. Tourists actually come to China to see how cormorants catch fish. This brings money to China, most especially to cormorant fishermen.

However- cormorant fishermen are now facing a big mountain of problems. Rubbish thrown by people and garbage dump by towns into the river, population stress caused by rapid growth and the tourist Industry itself adding in sewage. These problems especially the dumping of garbage cause bad effect to the river and the cormorant fishermen, resulting in fewer fish left. Present-day cormorant fishing can no longer sustain a living. If they do fish with cormorants-it's mainly to show tourists how it was done in the past.

If authorities concerned will not do steps to solve the problems mentioned above, very soon cormorant fishing as a major tourist attraction in China will fade away (Gist taken from Bruce Thorson reporting in Living on Earth from the Li River in southern China).

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      Palomitos 2 years ago

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      I am unable to read aricelts online very often, but I'm glad I did today. This is very well written and your points are well-expressed. Please, don't ever stop writing.

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