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Could These Ideas Help Improve WWE's Product?

Updated on January 3, 2019
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In my Writings I am known as The Ancient Grumbler. In my Songwriting I am known as Lee Bones.

WWE's Paul Heyman
WWE's Paul Heyman

WWE Ratings have officially hit rock bottom. RAW and Smackdown Live have the least amount of viewers in the companies history. It is hard for a company like WWE to remain consistent with the amount of content they need to pump out for the fans. The wrestling/entertainment remains predictable and rarely soars to any great heights. One of it's best Pay Per View's of the year 2017, 'TLC' was exciting and unpredictable because a handful of top talent was sidelined through illness. This gave us Kurt Angle's impromptu ring return after eleven years and a 'match of the year' contender in AJ Styles versus Finn Balor that was thrown together last minute.

The companies share price has skyrocketed in 2018 jumping from twenty dollars a share to over 70. To continue to trade at this price the WWE must not be as predictable as it has been in the 'John Cena Era'.

So we share some of our ideas that we think would definitely return World Wrestling Entertainment to it's glory days of the late 90's and early 2000's.

More Mystery Matches And Suprise Appearances

Why advertise every match that's going to be on the card in advance. Sure there are alot of matches and superstar appearances that require advanced advertising but why not travel back to the late 90's where WWF and WCW was fresh and unpredictable.

A WCW pay per view or episode of Nitro in the late 90's hardly ever finished a main event with a clean finish but it sure as hell wasn't as predictable as todays WWE. You never quite knew who would come out to ruin the end of a match or make a suprise return. There was alot of "jumping ship" from WCW and WWF wrestlers because of the big money contracts and the legitimate competition WCW gave to the World Wrestling Federation.

Imagine how good it would be to see Brock Lesnar actually show up and wrestle unannounced once or twice.

A 'Stable' Championship

A Stable in wrestling is usually used as a way to help up and coming superstars get their characters "over". Stables usually have at least 3 performers. By teaming a newbie with an already established icon the young wrestler gets a guaranteed push through the "glass ceiling".

Some of the most successful stables in WWE history are DX, the NWO (actually created by WCW but joined WWE in 2002) and Evolution. All these groups have one thing in common, on formation they contained at least one former or current World Champion. You add a few young, hungry rising stars to the mix and you have an unbeatable force within a wrestling company. At the moment the New Japan company has the successful Bullet Club which is a modern day NWO.

If WWE where to add a "Stable Championship" to Raw, Smackdown or NXT it could add an extra dimension to the Tag Division and could feature five star matches between modern day teams like New Day, Undisputed, The Wyatts and Sanity. It is unlikely but WWE could even make an invasion style storyline with a team of former Impact Wrestling guys like Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Samoa Joe, EC3, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre and Kurt Angle.

The Logo of WWE Stable "Evolution"
The Logo of WWE Stable "Evolution"

A New Survivor Series Concept

The Survivor Series Tag Matches have become hard to invest in. The modern day match consists of a month long build up in where teams are thrown together, made to compete against the following brands group and pretend they are loyal to a brand that may not even exist when ratings drop.

How about instead of Raw versus Smackdown introduce WWE versus NXT. Another concept that could add some unpredictability to the pay per view is a random "guantlet match" like scenario. Have a series of matches where the winner continues on and gets a Universal Title match at the end of the night. You could add triple threats, fatal four ways and even random tag matches and have the winners face each other for a chance to continue on to the next match.

The possibilities of this concept are endless.

Get Rid Of The Championship Rematch Clause

There is one thing that you can always depend on in modern day feuds. If the number one contender wins the belt you can damn sure expect a rematch. WWE has the "rematch clause" for all champions which is an automatic return match when defeated for the championship.

Why not make storylines more interesting by scrapping this clause and making the ex-champion have to earn back a title shot. If it is a Wrestlemania main event why not have the stipulation that if the champ loses he/she can't have a rematch until the following Summerslam. This prolongs the rivalry without all the filler no-contest, D.Q and count-out matches in between.

WWE Rematch Promo
WWE Rematch Promo

Bring Back An ECW Style Show For Adults

Although many kids that watched the World Wrestling Federation grew out of the "wrestling phase" some adults find it hard to "kick" their addiction. The WWE Network is a perfect place to relive the golden days of WWF, WCW and ECW. This unfortunately does not fulfill the craving for a weekly modern fix of adult wrestling entertainment.

The WWE has introduced a plethora of new brands and content over the last few years including NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live, The Mae Young Challenge and The Mixed Tag Match Challenge on Facebook. Why not add a late night Extreme Adult Wrestling show or bring back ECW. Appoint Paul Heyman as the Head Writer and even make him Commisioner and on-air talent. Guys like Brock Lesnar would thrive on the mic without limitations. Being able to swear and write their own promos would add a new dimension to stale characters.

Former WWE Talent and Former WCW Booker Eric Bischoff
Former WWE Talent and Former WCW Booker Eric Bischoff

No More McMahons On TV

There needs to be no more McMahons on WWE TV. They have remained a constant since Vince turned heel in 1997. As seen recently Vince and family return when ratings are low. The main problem is that they blame the talent and the GM's for the stale product on air. The same "product" that the McMahons themselves write, approve and star in. Even now on television they are holding authority talent like Baron Corbin, Paige and Kurt Angle responsible for poor ratings. Vince and Triple H have asked to see the "real" Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. Are WWE not booking and writing storylines for the "real" AJ and Seth?.

We know the McMahons own WWE and book this crap so they need to be held responsible and remove themselves from the shows for good. Vince is to old to be intimidating. Stephanie treats the woman wrestlers like her own slaves. Shane is the "best in the world" tournament champion and wasn't even officially in it. The corporate Triple H character needs to be buried. The time has come to say goodbye.

Surely Paul Heyman or Eric Bischoff could shake things up more than the stale McMahon faction. Bring back more living legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin even if it's for one night only. Maybe even rumours of a powerhouse company like Disney purchasing WWE would be good for ratings and storylines. The WWE has not been cutting edge and unpredictable since 2002.

The McMahon Family- Shane, Triple H, Stephanie and CEO Vince.
The McMahon Family- Shane, Triple H, Stephanie and CEO Vince.


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