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Coyote Calling 101

Updated on August 5, 2009

When the time has come to perform, the time to prepare has ended.

Just like in any sport, the most important things you will do when hunting coyotes comes before you start calling. A key part of the each call comes as you drive or hike into an area to make your call. After all, coyotes are known in the animal kingdom for their sense of sight and smell.

Before the call

1. An important thing to do is park your vehicle in a place where it is completely out of sight for any coyotes coming into your call.
2. You need to remember the small things as you exit your vehicle. Take the keys out of the ignition so the door chime does not sound.
3. You also need to shut your doors as quietly as possibly and using your remote to lock the vehicle, sounding the confirming horn signal is certain failure.
4. When you get out of the truck make sure and put a bullet in the chamber quietly. The closer you get to your calling spot the more stealth you need to use.
5. You need to know the direction of the wind and make sure you call facing the wind.
6. The last tip for getting to the call is having a scent-blocker. Purchase a scent-blocker and soak a cotton swab in it then place it in a 3mm camera film case. when you get to your calling spot take out the case pop off the lid and sit it next to you as you call.

Remember you can never be too quiet or too prepared but it is easy to be too loud or unprepared. I have been calling with a very experienced caller who have tripped in the brush and made some noise, he immediately turned around and headed back to the truck. He knew that he had been heard and spoiled that area. Here are just a few tips to consider as you prepare to call if anyone has any to add just throw it in the comments.


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