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Craig Sager's Last Will Wishes Shouldn't Be a Surprise to Anyone!

Updated on January 11, 2018
Craig Sagers, one of the most iconic reporters in NBA history that we as fans of the sport truly miss. He was a good sport for the career of disrespect that makes him famous
Craig Sagers, one of the most iconic reporters in NBA history that we as fans of the sport truly miss. He was a good sport for the career of disrespect that makes him famous
Look at the look on the players face
Look at the look on the players face

The word, "Roots" will be used frequently here...

Sports reporter, Craig Sager, was a legend till his very untimely death. Even in death he continued to become a legend with many entertainers and athletes all taking the time to shoot for half court shots in his honor for, "Sager Strong" foundation. 10k for each shot made for the legend Craig Sager. Heart warming right?

The Interesting part about all this is

The NBA making this possible for the lost of our beloved Craig was probably the best thing to ever happen to him as far as pure respect for who he was to us as a person. Craig's whole career in the NBA was centered around disrespect. The man literally spent thousands on expensive suits to stand out from competitors to only become the butt of every joke from the players and coaches and staff. This is a man who genuine loved the decisions he made in life to get it pushed back in his face religiously. Honestly, I'm sure people didn't mean any harm by joking around with him but this man has been doing his job since the 80's it's almost as if he got a sick pleasure in being disrespected. Someone who has been used and abused on live TV for our entertainment. It started to become a thrill for him to even get acknowledge by people the way he did I'm assuming. Self respect never played a role in Craig's life. I do not have any knowledge on Craig's childhood upbringing but I'm sure this comes from how he grew up to be so humble while being bullied in some form or fashion.

Now to the recent times

Craig was diagnosed with Leukemia, and players became more friendlier to our beloved Craig Sager. He still wore his suits, he still had his awkward smile, he still carried himself as if he was going to win the strong fight but you more saw the change in the NBA towards him. So many years disrespecting Craig was the norm to me as a kid. Seeing how serious everyone changed was noticeable. The NBA allowed Craig to be a reporter in the 2016 NBA finals. The first time he has ever hosted the finals since working for the NBA in the 80's. Wow...this man is one of the most entertaining from all reporters due to his flamboyant suit choices and when we realized he was losing his battle to leukemia he is allowed to work on the biggest stage at his dream job. Career full of being under looked, and unappreciated. Being used day in and day out yet still comes back with a smile of pleasure. Idol man if you look at it from a, "glass half full" point of view. The weird thing is, he comes off as someone who loves this type of disrespect towards him. Self respect doesn't seem to be a role in the life Craig lived. Again I do not know the background story of his life, but I wouldn't be surprise the pleasure that he gets from being treated unfairly may have rooted back then.

After death...The Dark era

Craig ended up losing his battle to Leukemia. His son has gave two bone morrow transplants to attempt to keep his father alive longer. He went through visual and physical trauma of watching needles the size of ball point pens enter his skin and for hours watching his blood leave his body and into a tube. Family oriented, love for his father who helped make his dreams possible it's a beautiful story. Craig has also split up there family and found love with a woman who was close to 20 years younger. The lady who he found love with was around while Craig was married to Craig Jr's mother who was married to Craig around the time he started in the reporting business. His first wife is the definition of "ride or die" or what we like to call "day 1" supporting him throughout his career as he grew to be a successful reporter. Leaving her for a woman who clearly see's him for the money and use and abuse him relates to Craig's career. Craig had condo's for this woman, jewelry, gifts, homes, the world on a platter. Craig's kids from his first wife knew well what the outcome would be during his passing. They knew his world revolved around making others happy no matter how unsatisfying it has to be to pretend to be happy with this life. Again, I'm not sure how Craig grew up but this may have roots to his child hood.

He left the kids off the will

And his young, 2nd wife gets everything. This technically isn't none of any of our business how this fell apart but it gets so much attention and I'm not suprised! This is a guy who literally found happiness with being unhappy. The relationship of giving his all to someone he thought was beautiful was the most Craigest thing in the world to me. Not viewing his kids first, making sure they are well taking care of for their family which is his legacy. It's all about the lady who saw him for his money. Manipulating him and making him spend money on things that he probably didn't care about. She is also taking the kids to court so they can never dispute the decision Craig apparently claimed. To be so heartless, to dispute such things when Craig's worth maybe good enough to benefit his kids and his recent wife paints a picture on what his relationship with her was like. Being such a tormented soul, he may have enjoyed it and found pleasure in what's taking place.

I do not know Craig's family background, just the facts that is given to us from his family and an Ex girlfriend of Craig the 2nd. When you equal in his career in the NBA you can see exactly why his this happened the way he did. He finds pleasure in being misused and unappreciated. His kids and first wife where people who genuinely loved him. Opposites attract.

Craig Sager's entire career wrapped up in this one video


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