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Crappie Fishing 101 – Black VS White

Updated on August 11, 2010

Crappie Fishing 101 – Black VS White

The crappie is a really popular gamefish. It is hard to understand why if you haven’t fished him before. It is really quick to hook and one weighing more than 1 pound is rarely caught. Fishermen of every age will agree that the crappie stands out as a fish that you will have fun catching. Crappie fishing is really popular mainly because of a lack of need in sophisticated equipment to catch many fish. Crappie can be found in thousands of different lakes in basically all seasons. All gets even better when we taste the crappie as it is really tasty. You can use it in a lot of recipes and the crappie fillets are really a delight. One very interesting fact you might not have known is that there are 2 crappie species that can be caught. We are faced with white crappie and black crappie and only some people can accurately differentiate one from the other.

Both white and black crappie will be caught with the use of the same technique. No real difference can be found in equipment needed. The one problem that we have to deal with is catching a big crappie. In this circumstance there is a need to know how to differentiate between the two. You need to look at the fish's dorsal fin spines in order to basically know what is caught. Black crappie usually has 7 or 8 while the white crappie has just 6. As you surely imagined the name of these two species is conclusive as the black crappie is darker than the white one and the white crappie has its dark spots arranged in a vertical manner along sides. On the black crappie you are to find irregular spotting and the fish is actually darker. Sometimes this fact is not all that you need to actually differentiate the two. You will need to also think about the water you are fishing in to realize what type of crappie is hooked. Black crappie will be found in cooler and clearer lakes. White crappie usually appears in warmer lakes with siltier waters. Although most fishermen do not really care what type of crappie they catch, it is important to be able to see what you actually caught. This is one of crappie fishing 101 basics that you need to know if you want to consider yourself a good crappie fisher.

To put it simple, there is no real difficulty in being able to properly differentiate between the white crappie and the black crappie. Remember that this particular fish is one that has a lot of popularity and is easy to catch. There is a tremendous delight in fishing for crappie as you will not have to wait for ages to actually catch one. You will find them in schools located near a woody cover. If insects are your preferred lure you are to mostly end up catching crappie that is younger because baitfish is the best for adults. We are sure that you will love crappie fishing and you will surprise your friends when you will be able to differentiate between the two species.


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