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Creature Baits

Updated on June 19, 2013

Most Popular Lure

Baby Brush Hog and Regular Brush Hog Peanut Butter and Jelly Color
Baby Brush Hog and Regular Brush Hog Peanut Butter and Jelly Color | Source

Crawdad Imitators

The creature baits genre of soft plastic lures is the second most popular option for anglers after the tried and true worm. These are so effective because of they mimic the look, action, and characteristics of the crawdad or crayfish. Also known, affectionately as the mud bug, craws are full of protein and essential nutrition that spawning fish seek out. Crayfish are located in almost every single body of water in the country and they can vary in numerous range of colors and sizes.

The best creature style baits for pitching and flipping into cover include: Zoom Brush Hog, Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver, Yamamoto Kreature, and the Jackall Lures Cover Craw.

There are other representations of this bait made by other companies and if you are serious about fishing for large mouth bass it would be wise to keep an open mind and try other shapes, sizes and colors then just what is represented in the information below. One thing is for certain with fishing lures, there is never just one specific lure that will perform, experiment often, and frequently to be happily rewarded.

Perfect Flipping Bait

Small Sweet Beaver
Small Sweet Beaver | Source
Regular Sweet Beaver
Regular Sweet Beaver | Source

Flipping The Beaver Works

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver

The Sweet Beaver made in a small, regular, and double wide variety has proven itself as one of the premier flipping and pitching creature baits. This lure has a very compact and hydrodynamic shape that allows it to slip through the heaviest of aquatic cover to get to where the fish live. This lure is best fished with a Texas Rig or Carolina Rig, but also excels as a jig trailer. The Reaction Innovations line up of products come in a wide array of different colors and regardless of what favorite color fish in a specific pond prefer there will be one that matches the local forage that bass are preying on.

  1. The Smallie Beaver 3.50 is perfect for using on a drop shot or with a light line T-rig presentation. This bait is deadly on the back of a football jig with or without a skirt and used for targeting deeper ledges and rocky structure that is often the home of small mouth bass or spotted bass.

  2. The regular Sweet Beaver 4.20 is the perfect size for most applications. This bait is perfectly matched with a 3/0 or 4/0 sized EWG hook and a 3/8 oz sinker. It is also perfect for using in the heavy flipping technique known as punching and can will sit well on a standard large straight shank hook.

  3. The Double Wide Beaver is a very large bait that provides a very big presence in the water and is the best solution for flipping in locations that big bass call home. If you believe in the fishing philosophy that big baits equal big fish than make sure that a few packs of double wide beavers are in the tackle box at all times.

Brush Hog Action

Zoom Brush Hogs

The quintessential creature lure is the Zoom Bait Company Brush Hog and Baby Brush Hogs. Zoom has been producing some of the most popular soft plastic fishing lures for the past 33 years and really helped to establish this genre of baits. Other popular lures by zoom that are classified in this style include their lizards & Z hogs. The Brush Hog comes in 4 different sizes from the tiny, baby, regular, and super, each with the same body shape, just different overall size aside from the super which has unique flappers. The most popular being the baby and regular.

As with all baits in this style the hogs are perfect for flipping and pitching around cover, however they do not excel in very dense cover as the long appendages can get hung up on the grass and impede it from getting down to where the fish live. However, these life like legs make the bait come alive under the water and really entice the fish to strike making it an excellent lure for swimming along the bottom, dragging behind a Carolina rig set up, or putting on the back of a jig as a trailer.

There are a lot of independent lure makers that have copied the shape and action of the hog series of baits and so if you can't find a lure that matches the color you want then check out some of the options available from these makers. These are often also made with a softer version of plastic meaning that they tear a little easier, but also give the fish a softer more realistic feel that keeps them holding onto the bait thinking it is a real meal.

The Kreature Excellent Flipping and Pitching Lure
The Kreature Excellent Flipping and Pitching Lure | Source

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Kreature

The Kreature is a unique flipping and pitching bait that is small and compact compare to the size of a full size brush hog, yet has several moving arms and skirt that flares upon being twitched and popped to trigger a fish to strike. The curly tailed arms that are similar to a double tail swimming grub and the skirt more akin to a tube lure make this a real Kreature that incorporates a variety of popular fish catching components. GYCB are known for being heavy and compact with salt that makes fish hold onto lure longer allowing the angler time to feel the strike and set the hook before the fish has time to realize the offering is a fake.

This bait is an exceptional football jig trailer. The GYCB spider grub is a well known spotted bass and small mouth killer, but the Kreature can be an excellent substitute to change it up and present the fish an alternative look underwater. When the fish stop biting the spider grub, exchange it for one of these and see what happens, it just might produce the biggest fish of the day.

Compact Craw Lures

Jackal Lures Cover Craw
Jackal Lures Cover Craw | Source

Jackall Lures Cover Craws

The Jackall Lures Cover Craw lures are a specialized craw imitator fishing lure that is exception in fishing around heavy cover and through aquatic grasses. This bait has several characteristics similar to a flipping tube, but a more solid bait and small compact appendages similar to little craws that are the favorites of bass. Most bass do not want to target large crayfish with large pincers, they prefer the smaller ones that have mini claws and do not have the same defensive mechanisms of a full sized adult. The cover craw imitates this perfectly The bait comes in both a 3 inch and a 4 inch version. When fished weightless this lure is designed to fly under water away from the angler making it perfect for pitching underneath docks, boats, overhanging tree branches and other surface cover. This allows an angler to present a lure in a soft and quiet approach to areas that often are hard to reach without causing a commotion on the surface of the water or use a heavy weight. This gliding action gives this creature a feature that none of the other baits in the genre have and make it a lure that all serious anglers should consider including in their arsenal.

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