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Cricket- A magnificent Win!! Laxman toys with Australian Boys

Updated on October 6, 2010

Winning in Dramatic Fashion

The Indian cricket team can be accused of many things (slothful, inconsistent, arrogant etc) but not being Boring! They have to make a song and dance about everything as if they have to justify the demi god status that Indians place on them, Their absolutely sensational win at chandigarh (mohali) by the the skin of their teeth and by the narrowest margin possible just goes to prove that fact.

In my previous articles(Wining and the Indian Cricket team  and Home series against Australia) I had brought out some probable reasons for this flair for the dramatic and brinkmanship behaviour of the Indian Cricket team and why it would be difficult to dislodge Cricket as the most popular and profitable game in India. The latest win just goes to prove that. In fact, unless the team comes up with some real motivation, they shall certainly loose the next test match (how does it matter-as they have already drawn the series!!!).

However, all credit to Laxman the way he toyed around with the Australian bowlers and even more credit to him for managing his own teammates with a firm hand. It all seemed doomed when Sachin Tendulkar got out cheaply and India looked with their backs to the wall at 120 odd runs for 8 wickets, but for the lone ranger. Laxman is proving to be the Nemesis of the Australian team. There is nothing they can or could do to stop him. One could sense the despair in the Australians when their worst nightmare was unfolding in front of their eyes. His past performances would have given Ricky ponting an indicator of what to expect however, in his mind, he would have been secretly hoping that Laxman would not be able to play as he had no weapon against him. But in true dramatic Indian style, Laxman, with a bad back and a runner, galvanised Ishan and Ojha, forced them to believe in themselves and steered India to Victory. I can imagine how the followers of the prophet would have felt when he took them to the promised land. Thats what dreams and nightmares are made of...(depending on the perspective.

All I can say is that there are reams and reams of newsprint available on this match. Some good online reports on the same can be found here and here. We msut not forget the contribution of our bowlers,  Zaheer, Harbhajan and Ojha for magnificient effort to restrict the aussies in the second innings. And for Sachin, he did his job. The Law of averages is bound to catch up with him but without him it would have been difficult to win. The final word- Without Laxman, against Australia- Almost impossible to win..!!!!!!


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