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Cricket Player Profiles: Bob Woolmer

Updated on April 24, 2017

Bob Woolmer contributed to the game of cricket as a player, coach and commentator. He played for England and after retirement coached the South African and the Pakistani international cricket teams. He was a right hand batsman and a right arm medium pace bowler. He was popular as Wollie among his friends and team mates.

Woolmer was born in Kanpur

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Bob Woolmer was born in Kanpur, India. His father Clarence Woolmer was also a cricketer. His played in Ranji Trophy matches in India. Woolmer moved to England for his education. He studied at the Yardley Court and at the Skinner's School. Woolmer started off by bowling off spin. His coach Colin Page suggested that he should be a medium pace bowler. Woolmer implemented this suggestion.


Bob Woolmer played his first test match for England in 1975. All his test centuries were scored against Australia. He made his ODI debut against Australia in 1972. Woolmer's decision to participate in the World Series run by Kerry Packer had a huge negative impact on his playing career. He retired from first class cricket in 1984.


Woolmer was a qualified coach. After retirement he moved to South Africa. There he coached several high school cricket and hockey teams. He played a major role in the success of the Avendale Cricket Club in Athlone, Cape Town. He relocated to England in the year 1987. He was very successful as a coach for the Warwickshire County Cricket Club. During his tenure the team won many tournaments.

Bob Woolmer

Image in public domain. Image from Wikimedia Commons.
Image in public domain. Image from Wikimedia Commons. | Source

His innovative coaching methods were appreciated worldwide. He made effective use of computers for analysis. He moved to South Africa in the year 1994. He was engaged to coach the South African cricket team. During his tenure as a coach the team won 10 out of 15 test tournaments. His success rate in the ODIs was an impressive 73 percent.

He coached the Pakistan cricket team from 2004 till the time he died. Under his guidance the team did well. They won the ODI series in India in 2005. In the same year they defeated the mighty English team in a test series.

Woolmer Death

Woolmer died on March 18 2007 in Jamaica. This was after the Pakistan team were defeated by Ireland in the 2007 Cricket World Cup. The team was eliminated from the tournament after the defeat. Woolmer was the team's coach. The Jamaican police suspected murder, but later announced that there was no sufficient evidence of any criminal act.

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Bob Woolmer may not be with us anymore. But he has left his mark in the cricketing world with his innovative coaching techniques.


  • Bob Woolmer was born in India.
  • He played for England.
  • He was a right hand batsman and a right hand medium pace bowler.
  • He coached South Africa and Pakistan.
  • Woolmer's innovative coaching methods were praised by many experts.
  • Woolmer died in Jamaica.

Career Statistics

Batting average

The whole irony and tragedy of this particular story is law 42.3. But law 42.3 is an ass.

— Bob Woolmer, while speaking about his opinion on the ball tampering law.


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