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Cricket- The Home series against Australia 2010

Updated on October 3, 2010

Home Series against Australia

Hooray!! The home series against Australia has commenced and the Indian Teams performance is along expected lines. My previous article on the pysche of the Indian team brought out the peculiar state of mind of the Indians.

I mean, how difficult is it to be consistent if you are getting paid in millions, have people worshipping the ground you walk on and in general have the power to increase the TRP's of any television show and ad? Pretty difficult going by the Indian teams performance. How can the team just collapse after Sachin Tendulkars magnificient knock (by the way, he is the GOD of Cricket, what ever anyone might say). Just because the team has God on its side does not mean that the others shall not perform. Sehwag is our Joker in the PAck. the day he clicks, even God does not have the heart to get him out...he is that good and on other days like yesterday..he got out cheaply, though he made a swashbuckling 59 odd runs....when we needed him the most. Good ol' Dravid and the Master, steadied the ship(yet again...Yawn) and got india to a respectable score, before bad luck struck and Sachin had to leave. Guys, Sachin was out and that did not mean that the others got clearance to get out and hand over a lead(however slender) to the Aussies.

Guys, the aussies have always faltered in the sub continent. They have been unable to fathom the reason for their failure to conquer this last bastion. They are running out of superstars and the current lot seems OK enough but not invincible. They believe winning in cricket is more about mind games than actual performance. Being the emotional guys, the indian team often falls for this and hey..before we know, we have our backs to the wall..

Enough said. I think I can safely predict another cliffhanger of a test match at Chandigarh, where the Indians shall once again try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, before a valiant attempt by one of the team members shall save them the blushes. The aussies are going to go Hammer and Tongs at us tomorrow and try to bat india out of the match. Whatever be the outcome, team India has ensured that they are the ultimate showmen....setting up another cliffhanger from the looks of it....Come on Team India - Do us Proud...


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