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Curtis Painter Refuses Haircut Till He Meets Andrew Luck

Updated on October 27, 2011
Curtis P: Surfing the White River
Curtis P: Surfing the White River

Winless Suitors Pursue #12: Week 7 Recap

The Dolphins collapsed, the Colts were Ruffied, and the Rams rolled over, as the chase for Andrew Luck intensified in week seven. Everybody's wrong sometime: A couple of weeks ago I proposed that none of these winless teams were that bad. Oops. These three teams, in their current incarnations, are wretched. Anyone who follows the NFL knows the Colts are minus Manning, but the Dolphins and Rams are also without their starting QBs, leaving the likes of Matt Moore (Mia) and AJ Freeley (St. L) guiding their respective offenses. All three teams plainly need and want Andrew Luck at this point.

Recapping the winless three's most recent exploits: Miami had shutout Denver for 57 minutes, leading 15-0, and seemingly heading to victory number one for 2011 when Tim Tebow morphed into Superman mode. Tebow passed for a TD, Denver recovered the on-side kick, Tebow passed for another TD and then ran in a two point conversion in the blink of an eye, sending the game into overtime, where the Broncos won on a 50-something yard field goal kick. The Dolphins epic collapse has their coach, Tony Sparano, tenuously holding onto his job. He is now the odds-on favorite to be the first NFL coach thrown under the bus this season.

Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell can't feel much more secure in his predicament. The Colts drank all night on the French Quarter, loaded up on Ruffies supplied by punter Pat McAfee before the game (see related piece at right), and then got blown out by the Saints, 62-7. Perhaps the Colts only appeared to have undergone said activities before their publicly televised debacle at the hands of Drew Brees & co. The notion that even Peyton Manning couldn't have saved this hapless bunch from a horrid record this season is beginning to dawn on the Colt nation and a sieve defense that gave up eight touchdowns against the Saints can't inspire much confidence that simply adding Andrew Luck will solve all the Colts woes.
Replacement quarterback Curtis Painter asserted his right to sport a greasy blond Prince Valient haircut after the record-setting loss. "I won't have my locks shorn until we are assured an 0-16 season."

The St. Louis Rams, meanwhile, provided ameba-like resistance to the Dallas Cowboys, losing 34-7. Heretofore little heard of back, DeMarco Murray of the Cowboys romped all over St. Louis for 253 yards. Prognosis: Indy may have the best chance of winning this week on the road vs. the Titans. St. Louis hosts the Saints and Miami hits the Meadowlands to face the Giants. Prediction: all three lose again. Stanford and prized asset QB meanwhile put their 7-0 record on the line against USC in the LA Coliseum Saturday night.


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    • keithmitchell5 profile image

      keithmitchell5 5 years ago from Indianapolis

      Kims: What do you propose instead? I'd like to see Luck here and think if anyone is "the next Manning," he's it. No disrespect to PM, but I think Luck can win more than one Super Bowl in a career. If PM wants to re-work his contract and can actually play again (big ifs given that he's 36 and has had some major neck surgeries and apparently has little velocity on his throws currently), then I'd be thrilled to see it. Meanwhile, the Colts have said retaining Garcon & Mathis are priorities. Means Reggie Wayne is gone. New coaching staff and GM are positives, Luck would be too and maybe it's just time to move on, and see where the chips fall. Neither Manning nor Irsay have been up front/ honest during this period and now the cards all seem to be coming out on the table at once. It's a business - a lot of us have been fired/ let go in this economy.

    • profile image

      kimberly 5 years ago

      . Drafting andrew luck is not going to get us anywhere. Feb.9th