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Custom Camo Hydrographic Dipped Gun Stocks

Updated on May 14, 2012

Camouflage covered gunstocks called "Camo" for short are gaining in popularity

Sharp graphics and hydrographic dipping is making the camouflage process for guns a highly sought after conversion by both novice and the most experienced hunter.

Many hunters now prefer camouflage over a traditional wood finished stock especially those who hunt the elusive and smart wild turkey.

In the past camouflage meant someone just took and dabbed different color paints such as used on military vehicles.

At one time you might have even been called a redneck painting a truck or painting up an old gun stock with camouflage paint to hide the scratches and dings.

Today’s camouflage graphics look more like a wall mural with images so sharp you think you can just reach out and pickup a leaf or touch the bark on a tree. Hunters are taking even brand new and very expensive guns and having them transformed over to Camouflage.

Prices range from upward of $200 for a basic stock and forend to well over $200 for a shot gun, and then pay extra for the barrel, and scope.

Cottage Craft Works has a special introductory price for only $99.95 for any single or two piece stock including shotguns. Gun owners can choose from six of the most popular colors and even select a semi-gloss or matte flat finish.

This is not a discount shop, Cottage Craft Works is well known for their high end custom gun stocks and Amish hand carved gun stocks. In fact they were featured in March 2011 Outdoor Life Magazine.

Hydrographics is a process where a stock is dipped in a water based film image which transfers the high definition camo pattern onto the stock. The result is a durable long lasting finish that enhances a wooden stock or upgrades a synthetic stock.

The process can also be completed on bows, other hunting gear and equipment. Beyond hunting camo using the hydrographics process is being used on almost any solid surface. Motor cycle parts, helmets, car dashboards, and even cell phones are being transformed into camo covered objects.

Cottage Craft Works even has a camo covered turkey box call amongst there large and popular selection of hunting calls. They also go under the subsidiary name of CCW Hunting and Game Calls for their hunting calls.

Camo scenes are chosen for the type of hunting back ground that the gun will be used for, browns for fall colors, greens for spring hunting and there is even a white camo for hunting with a snow backdrop.

You can just Google in Camo Dipping and find all sorts of places doing the Camo Hydrographics process.

Click Here to go directly to the Cottage Craft Works direct link.


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