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Cycle in style with Peace bicycles Dutch Style city bikes

Updated on August 15, 2016

Features of Dutch Style city bikes

Those looking for a vintage look in their city ride should check out a Dutch Style city bike. This style of bike is designed for those who wish to cycle to work in their street clothes. One can easily dismount from this bike's unisex Dutch style step thru frame design without snagging one's skirt or dress pants.

Also, this bike is designed to help those with back pain as the handlebars cause one to sit in an
upright posture. When riding in a Dutch Style city bike, cyclists sit with their back perpendicular to the ground instead of hunched forward over the handlebars. It’s a far more comfortable and relaxed position especially for those long leisurely tours around town or along country roads. And in this position, cyclists can be seen much easier by ongoing motorists, and one can have a better vantage point for assessing traffic as well.

A Dutch Style city bike has large fenders to prevent any up-splash when ride into through puddles. Also fully chain guards keep the greasy metal links hidden out of view and tend to lend the bike a rather dignified appearance.

Peace bicycles
Peace bicycles | Source

Peace Bicycles

Those looking to order a Dutch Style city bike online might want to check out the offerings from Peace Bicycles. These unisex cycles get quite the look as one tours around town thanks to their unusual signature colors that set them apart from the black, gray and dark blue hues that define most cycles. Their bikes come with Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon tires made with reflective strips for a smooth ride similar to that found in a beach cruiser cycle.

The quality features of the Dreamer Step-Thru or Straight-Bar 7-speedD include 3-layer paint, polished quality frame welding, Shimano transmission, puncture proof Kevlar guard and a custom vintage spring-loaded saddle with an engraved logo that prevents one's buttocks from getting chaffed. Also, while most bikes require that cyclists purchase lights and bells separately, these cycles come with front and rear battery-powered lights and a golden bell with a engraved logo.

Other features include a 7-speed transmission that allows one to start without any delays, pick up speed and climb hills with ease. Brake quickly thanks to the cycle's dual action caliper brakes. Fenders, custom chain guard and a custom spoke-guard keep one's clothes clean while a rear rack wth a spring clip can transport a pannier bag and other light items around without the need for a bungee cord. Then when one wishes to take a break, the bike can be parked easily thanks to the included kickstand.

Peace bicycles
Peace bicycles | Source


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