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Bicycling As A Hobby

Updated on March 28, 2019
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer who enjoys introducing people to outdoor hobby or leisure activities. Water sports anyone?

Welcome to Bicycling

A welcome sign for bicyclists.
A welcome sign for bicyclists. | Source

Bicycling is Fun

Bicycling which is riding on a cycle equipped with two tires; one in front and one in back has been an enjoyable hobby and mode of transportation for a few hundred years. One may think it old fashion to be riding a bicycle; however, it is still a favored mode of transportation around the world.

Bikes are used by:

  1. Policemen on patrol
  2. City dwellers use these wheels for transportation
  3. Children transport themselves to and from school
  4. Delivery services such as mail, pizzas, courier items, newspapers, and more

Hobbyists use bicycles for:

  1. Weekend touring through city streets, country parks, bicycle paths
  2. Bicycle clubs to meet new people, challenges, and to explore different options
  3. Racing meets and events
  4. Physical fitness program and weight loss

A Child's First Bike

A girl and her first bike.
A girl and her first bike. | Source

The First Bicycle

Do you remember the first year of your life when you received your first bicycle?

I do, and it was the most exciting gift I ever received on a Christmas Day.

For many of us who received a bicycle it represented our freedom for transportation. We could ride to our friend’s house, ride to school, or just get together with family or friends for a day’s outing.

It is still a great way in our modern world for many of us to enjoy an outdoor activity. There are no age barriers. There is a bike design to fit our needs.

One can bicycle alone or bicycle with another or in a group. Alone or together with others cycling is a great outdoor form of recreation, exercise, and outdoor entertainment.

Boy and Girl Bikes

Girl and boy bikes.
Girl and boy bikes. | Source

Girl Bike vs Boy Bike

Girls bikes are designed smaller to accommodate the female anatomy. Boy's bikes are bigger because males are larger.

The crossbar is missing or lower on a girl's bike because in the early days of biking girls and women wore skirts and dresses and the bar being lower or missing made for easier bike mounting.

Boy's bikes have the crossbar, but nowadays this bar is starting to disappear. It was once thought that the crossbar served to strengthen and stabilize the bike; not true.

But since the female gender does not wear skirts as they did in the earlier years it matters not about the crossbar. It is just a matter of personal preference and how the bike is to be used.

Cycle Rentals

A lineup of rental bikes at a resort.
A lineup of rental bikes at a resort. | Source

Bicycle Types

There are many types and models of bicycles. When shopping in a bicycle store the clerk will be able to show you the bikes which will fit your needs. Take a list of your biking intentions for casual, bike touring, racing, daily transportation, or greater challenges. This list will help to determine if gears are essential or not. If possible rent or borrow different types of bikes to gain some actual experience or familiarity.

The advantage of renting or borrowing a bike is a free sampling and knowing with certainty how the bike will be used for your hobby interest.

When visiting or vacationing rent a bike. Take a bike for a tour of a small town, a city bike path, a country path, or on a beach boardwalk.

Do you live in a mountainous area? The Mountain bike is a great choice. This bike style has gears which makes it easier to ride up and down steep inclines and assorted sizes of hills.

Leisure and recreation would be biking on easy terrain and short rides. For example, riding bicycle paths in a park or taking a leisure Sunday ride. No equipment is needed; no special clothing is necessary, and no need for gears. It is the basic traditional bike.

The utility bike or a hybrid is used for shopping, transportation to and from work, and running assorted errands. It is a sturdy bike for everyday use. The hybrid bike also has more speed on city streets.

Maintenance and Repair

A young man making minor repairs on is bike.
A young man making minor repairs on is bike. | Source

Did you receive a bike as a gift, hand-me-down, or find a throw-away that you are willing to fix? These are three ways of the most economical methods of acquiring a bike. Free is always great!

However, you may be able to find a used bike for $25 or more.

New purchases:

  • Low end pricing - $80 - $300
  • Mid range pricing - $300 - $1000
  • High range pricing - $1000 plus
  • Helmets $30-$40


  • DIY - Cost of parts
  • Repair shops $50 - $100 plus the cost of parts

Bicycle Club Programs


Bicycle Club Benefits

As a hobby you may choose to wheel alone, with a buddy, or join a bicycle club. There are many activities for any situation you choose.

Many cyclists enjoy joining a club. There are many benefits which are not available to solo or dual traveling.

  1. Traveling with a group of people
  2. Acquiring new friends
  3. Traveling to other destinations on planned rides
  4. Acquiring basic bicycling language
  5. Learning how to pace
  6. Gaining knowledge as to how to maintain and repair your bike
  7. Learning safety issues
  8. Being informed of bicycle updates

A couple cycling on Sandy Shore

A couple taking a relaxing ride on their bikes.
A couple taking a relaxing ride on their bikes. | Source

Health Benefits

Riding a bike on a quiet road doesn’t seem like much, but there are many health benefits occurring as we pedal at slow, medium, or fast speeds.

It is an excellent method for exercising our physical, mental, and spiritual self.

  1. Aerobic exercise
  2. Cardio fitness
  3. Build muscle strength and muscle toning
  4. improve abdominal muscle strength and endurance
  5. Improves brain function
  6. Improved length of sleeping
  7. Feel better, more relaxed, and happy
  8. Low impact workout

Bicycle Enthusiasts

Where do you like to cycle?

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Cycling Across America from Boston to Seattle


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