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Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow Mania Heads out of the Rockies with the Melting Snow

Updated on February 9, 2017


The large question remains, will $96 million dollars win a super bowl for the Denver Broncos? In the age when major professional sports championships have been bought for years, will Peyton Manning be able to turn around a mediocre team at best? Tim Tebow, turned around a 1-4 season last fall, even though the weaknesses on the Broncos were clear as a missed field goal.

Tebow, in spite of having to face a huge rush of defensive backs and lineman, due to a weak offensive line, still won some amazing games and brought the Broncos to the playoffs for the first time in several years. These weaknesses include offensive linemen who cannot form a steel pocket for the quarterback, like Tom Brady enjoys, as well as defensive backs who arm tackle and seem to be confused on their assignments half the time. Also, the Broncos do not have a marquee running back like Terrell Davis, who assisted Elway to two super bowl wins.

Tebow also brought a huge sense of excitement and hope to the town of Denver, a town that has been in sports sleep mode in every sport for many years since the John Elway era. His amazing pass to Demaryius Thomas in the shortest overtime in history, at the end of the Pittsburgh game, in the AFC wild-card playoff game, had to be one of the most amazing plays of the professional football season. The roar from the crowd echoed up to the Rocky Mountains. People came out of their homes and condos around the city of Denver and screamed at will, in a deafening roar. Tebow mania was the closest thing in Colorado to skier madness, that takes over the talk in late October, each year. Also, Tebow's 20 yard run to clinch the game against the New York Jets, had a lot of people stand up and pay attention to the young quarterbacks physical as well as spiritual powers. There was hope in the air.

The problem is, Manning will be up against the same weak team that Denver has displayed for several years. Can one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game, lift this team to another level, or will all the problems that Tim Tebow faced, haunt Manning to his final days of an amazing career?.

The jury is out, the new fans are waiting, there is a new hope in the air, in Denver. Manning will have to act and perform like the Walt Whitman character in his poem, "Stand cool and composed in the face of a million universes."


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    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 5 years ago

      I was furious when the Broncos traded Tebow for Manning! I remember the early years of Sir John Elway when his passing was considered bullet like and too hard to catch. The Denver fans were shouting "Off with his head" but the coaching staff stood by him, mentored, and worked with him and "POW" we had a Super Bowl winning quarterback!

      I truly thought Sir John would remember those days and stand by his quarterback. After all, Tebow didn't get a full spring practice with his new team so they could work out those weak areas. He was thrown in the lion's den with little more than a wish and a prayer, and quite frankly I think he did a wonderful job with what he had to work with.

      But in true Denver fashion, the sports hero dujour is either in the penthouse or the outhouse, and they all screamed for the young champs head.

      What they may get in the end, is a very expensive name on the injured list while they watch the Bronco legacy crash and burn once again.

      I love and will always be a Bronco fan, but I think they did Tim a grave injustice and I hope he will be the shining star of football history he deserves to be!