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Updated on July 10, 2016

Was there ever a play-off for 3rd place in the European Cup?

Yes, the match for third place used to be a regular in the European Championship.

When the European Cup's 3rd place?

Since the first edition in 1960 until the last in 1980.

Why is there no third-place playoff now?

UEFA abolish the format after the 1980 tournament in Italy.

This is due to the drop of the crowd at the stadium and spectators on the tv to watch the play-offs.

In 1980, the tournament format was changed and enlarged with 8 teams contesting the final for the first time.

Previously there were only four teams are competing.

8 teams split into two groups. 2 team winning the group will continue to the final.

While the runners-match group stage will play off for third.

In 1980, Czechoslovakia defeated host Italy 9-8 in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw.

1980 is the last edition of the European championships last year's third-place playoff.

The new format was introduced in 1984. The top two teams will advance to the semifinals.

There are 15 matches, including the semi-finals. The difference this time is not group winners will go straight to the final.

They have to play in the semi-final against the runner-up group.

This format was used until 1996 when the Euro 16 teams and 31 matches have been introduced.

The format was changed again in 2016 European Cup tournament with 24 teams qualified for the final.

Whether or not other tournaments have a third match?

European Cup is the only tournament that there is no third-place playoff.

World Cup, Copa America and Africa Cup of Nations all have third-place playoff.

Recently, the United States beat Colombia in the play-off for 3rd place in Copa America Centenario 2016.

What usually happens to the organization of the match for 3rd place?

It is generally regarded as low bsestatus resistance in terms of priorities by the organizers.

Usually the matches will be organized in smaller stadiums.

This is because the organizers are looking to the stadium around the main town but the organizers can not use the main stadium.

Does the losing team in the semifinals will be satisfied without the play-off for 3rd place?

For us, the team will be satisfied with the bronze medal status without Cover risky disappointed for a second time if he lost.

Strong team usually does not take seriously the play off this and often lose their second team.

However, UEFA is going back to the format of the play-off for 3rd place in the future? What is your view?


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