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DIY Shuffleboard Table Plans

Updated on August 8, 2011

Build a Shuffleboard

If perhaps you’re interested in making an effort to make a shuffleboard table and possess simply no past wood construction knowledge, then we have a thing in common. I recently made a shuffleboard table in my home with virtually no equipment, materials or woodworking know-how going in. The mistakes occurred early and quite often. Nonetheless all in all the shuffleboard table turned out very well and I discovered an awful lot during the process. In the event that you are considering beginning on a Build-it-yourself shuffleboard project, the following is a breakdown of the most important steps that it took me to execute the development.

Timing / Expenditures:

Everyone ought to have an appreciation for the costs and time frame it will require to make a shuffleboard table. On the whole the project required 21 days (saturdays and sundays and also a couple nights throughout the week). This, nonetheless, may be a long estimate taking into consideration the array of slipups that I made and which I expect you can certainly evade.
As far as expenditures go, I’ve added up the real expenses I sustained and then the mandatory expenses (not really spending money on items that weren’t mandatory). I’ve in addition looked at project-specific materials and standard purpose stuff (ex. Tools) that could be used for not just this activity.

Entire expenses:

• Process-specific elements (required): $495
• All items & equipment (required): $837

Truthfully, I attempted to be as practical and price conscious as possible when summing up these amounts. This was in fact more costly than I’d hoped but I ended up with a terrific table, a good start to my tool bench and a bit of practical experience.


Before beginning the project, you’ll have to split it into reasonable segments. This can even help with expenses and visits to the home improvement center. I didn’t want to overspend and buy a pickup completely full of materials right out of the gate. Instead, I originated with the shuffleboard playing field. I thought the success or failure of the table really is dependent on a even and consistent playing surface for the shuffleboard pucks to move over. The 3 reasonable parts of my undertaking (in sequence) were:

1. The Playing Field
2. The Cradle
3. The Legs

Playing Surface (significant tasks):

• Draw out the dimensions (or reference my pictures)
• Acquire your initial group of supplies and tools at the home improvement store
• If the playing field is greater than 8 feet, you’ll have to bond two sections of MDF with epoxy or a amp-plate-join
• Sand down the join and make use of wood filler, if needed
• Paint the entire MDF (three - 4 coats)
• Delicately sand down the painted surface to remove defects
• Utilize polyurethane or polycrylic with a paint brush (at minimum 5 applications)
• Gently sand the polyurethane
• Utilize even more poly with a fine bristle brush (at minimum 3 applications)
• Finish the playing field with a spray bottle of polyurethane

The Box (major steps):

• Sketch out length and width for the cradle (or print out] my drawings)
• Get your next group of supplies and equipment at the home improvement store
• Attach the ends of the box to the sides of the cradle
• Screw supporting sections of wood, every couple of ft, along the bottom of the box
• Put down the base of box (OBF) on top of the supporting wood cross beams
• Place down carpet so that it covers the whole inside of the box (use staple gun)
• Install shelving rail and carriage bolt assemblies anywhere you’d like the playing court to be held up

The Legs (major steps):

• Sketch the measurements for the bottom of the cradle and legs (or refer to my drawings)
• Get your 3rd set of materials and tools at the hardware store
• Cut a portion of wood to the size of the breadth of the cradle, screw a leg post into either side
• Where the cross-beam of wood is affixed to the posts, screw in 2 metal, ninety degree mounting brackets
• In between the two posts, insert a support wood beam
• Repeat this for as many sets of legs that you need to support the box
• Screw in the leg sub-assemblies to the bottom of the box, with equivalent lengths between them to uniformly allocate the weight

For additional details, pictures, blueprints and a journal of expenditures for my DIY shuffleboard table process, please visit Build a Shuffleboard.


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    • billyaustindillon profile image


      7 years ago

      Have book marked this hub - I have a good friend who is shuffleboard fanatic!


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