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The Spectacular Madness of DTU Nuev9

Updated on December 16, 2016

I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s been a rough first half of December for lucha libre promotions not named Lucha Underground (and even LU hasn’t been immune to criticism). CMLL has devolved into myriad of poorly booked shows headlined by an out of shape 60 year old has been and a big money feud CMLL seems reluctant to do because reasons. Meanwhile AAA has continued on their quest to evidently put themselves out of business, with more stupid out of the ring decisions and now interesting in ring developments aside from the continued build to Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown, a match that may never arrive. Like I said, it’s been tough sledding. So when I learned yesterday that DTU (Desastre Total Ultraviolento), a lucha indie promotion based out of Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, was holding their DTU Nuev9 show on iPPV last night to the tune of $6, I was all over it. It didn’t matter that I had never seen a DTU show in my life; when a lucha show comes along that costs two 12 packs of Pepsi to watch and features Negro Casas against former Lucha Underground star Flamita (Night Claw) and WWE CWC participant Ronnie Mendoza in a triple threat, you take a chance. So I did and mother of puss bucket was it worth it.

There will be many achievements to break down from DTU Nuev9, but none may be bigger that the broadcast going off with no problems aside from a later start time and one or two bufferings. This is huge. Just last year AAA couldn’t broadcast Triplemania over regular PPV correctly, while CMLL’s 83rd Anniversary Show was released on demand a few days later for reasons I still don’t quite understand. That DTU, in their first ever iPPV, was able to get off a broadcast that showcased their talent without any major interruptions in audio or feed and one that didn’t make us wait several days is a massive achievement. It also should be a wakeup call to the other lucha indies that they too can do something like this with significant success and to the major promotions as well. Of course getting the stream off correctly is only half the battle and luckily DTU delivered on the other end too. Counting the pre-show (which may have been better than the actual show itself!), DTU delivered seven very good to great matches, numerous memorable moments and no duds (though there was one glaring disappointment). On top of that there was something for everyone; hardcore, high flying, technical, whatever you want this show had it. When you put the entire in ring and technical achievements together, I don’t see how you can claim any other lucha show was better this year than DTU Nuev9. It was that good sports fans. But don’t let me just briefly summarize it for you; let’s get into the meat. Moses, beware of barbed wire as you track down the meme.

Erwin, Luigi, Danuibi Jr. defeated Irwing, Maszito, Arkángel Negro

Lucha libre is a wacky world; we know this. And yet I’m not sure it gets much wackier than the DTU pre-show kicking off with TEN YEAR OLDS wrestling each other. That’s right; these were legit ten year old kids working the opener for a big show and KILLING IT. They did dives, they did classic lucha arm drags, they moved at a nice pace; clearly Arkángel de la Muerte isn’t training these young pups. I’m still not entirely sure what the point of it was but it was super fun, super brisk and instantly grabbed my attention, which is something considering Total Nonstop Deletion was going on at the exact same time as this. Hats off to all the kids and good Grodd, can you imagine if they all continue wrestling? All six were already better than numerous lucha veterans out there and, again, THEY’RE ONLY TEN YEARS OLD! If not a single one of them becomes a star, especially Irwing in the Orange Suspenders, then we have all truly failed this city.

Flyer Boy defeated Toto, Dragón Fly, Fandango, Fly Danger, X Boy, El Hijo del Mosco, Paradux and El Quimco Danubio Jr.

This was the first match with slightly older dudes and more dives, and unfortunately it was the one match on the card I couldn’t focus on because this was right when Total Nonstop Deletion went into overdrive. What I did see was pretty good though, especially the dive train from all nine guys that featured a Star Jr. 900 that would’ve made Star Jr. shit in his pants. Even with the distractions this match made an impression on me and served as another strong pre-show bout.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Exotico and Dr. Pollux Jr. defeated Vengador and Kastigador and Camuflaje and Tiburon

This may have been one of the five strongest matches on the card looking back, and that’s despite a couple moments of sloppy work from Tiburon. We got more dive trains, an Awful Waffle, Tiburon (who looks like Skándalo and moves like Fuego) doing a couple of highly impressive dives and Dr. Pollux Jr. looking like the future of lucha libre. That kid…it’s unfortunate that this match got lost in the shuffle of what happened on the main card because he was absolute money at every single point of this match. The other six guys were really good as well, but Pollux had that little bit extra; I’d be stunned if he isn’t a star at some point in the future for someone. This was a great introduction for him to those who caught the pre-show and a great match to end that and lead into the main show. Honestly DTU could’ve ended the show after these three matches and Nuev9 may have been the show of the year anyway; that’s how good the pre-show is. The lesson as always; young people are the key to everything and fat guy dives are a must.

Elimination Ten Man Tag

Aero Boy, Ángel o Demonio, Drastik Boy, Pesadilla, Crazy Boy defeated Corasario Negro Jr. Lokillo, Moria, Niño de Cobre, Tony Iron

If you put the first three matches together and added more star power you’d get this five on five, a battle between the first generation of DTU stars and the one to come. I’d say it worked, considering this exciting opener blows every CMLL opener I’ve seen this year out of the water. Hell DTU even gave us a nice little surprise return in former AAA star Crazy Boy and then didn’t have him overwhelm the match. He got his stuff in quite well (despite looking heavier than Kráneo) and, to my surprise, was eliminated mid way through the match. You read that right; a veteran luchador (and from what I understand a booker for DTU) put over a young talent MID WAY THROUGH A MATCH! Somewhere Último Guerrero was watching this and cursing Crazy Boy’s name, all while he was burning a pile of money and booking himself over Valiente yet again!

While everyone was good here and while, once more, everybody got involved in the dive train, there was a select group of dudes who I walked away highly impressed with. On the original DTU team’s side there was Drastik Boy, who I had vaguely heard of coming into this show. He lived up to the reputation he had, looking like a star and delivering several moves (such as a standing Spanish Fly that made Dragón Lee sad) that were only being done by the younger guys. Ditto for Aero Boy, who wasn’t given as much to do as Drastik but impressed anyway and ultimately got the big rub of winning the match. But as good as those two were they were just a notch below Lokillo, Moria, Tony Iron and especially Niño de Cobre. Looking like a cross between a gladiator and Connor McCloud, Lokillo actually got the rub of eliminating Crazy Boy and then proceeded to do a couple of Aerostar/Máscara Dorada esq dives like it was no big thing. He was tremendous. Tony Iron had the most eye rolling name and the most impressive moonsaults. He too was tremendous. Moria proved to be much smoother and much better than the other Lords of the Rings named luchador I know (hi Saurón!) and was my MVP of this match until Cobre wrestled it away with bizarre awesome move after bizarre awesome move. Like what you may ask? Try a Tornado Codebreaker; that’s right, a TORNADO CODEBREAKER! I may need to throw ice water on myself just thinking about it right now. I absolutely loved watching that kid and, like the other five guys and Dr. Pollux Jr., I can’t see how he’s not eventually huge for DTU or someone else down the road. What more can I say; it was a tremendously exciting opener that showcased the youngsters and gave us a bunch of dives. Perhaps the most interesting bit was that the high flying really toned down after this and gave way to something far more violent.

DTU Alto Impacto Championship Match

Black Fire (c) defeated Hormiga

I actually enjoyed this match quite a bit; the problem is the Arena Aficion crowd completely disagreed with me. I don’t know if it was the fast paced start or the fans craving the hardcore violence early but they never got into this no matter what Fire or Hormiga did. The effort was there though, with Hormiga trying to bring some high flying into the mix and Fire just throwing around power move after power move, though is selling admittedly did leave a lot to be desired (especially when Hormiga hit him with a suicide dive). Put a hot crowd in front of this match and I think it looks better; unfortunately no one cared and it merely ended up being a well worked, unspectacular bout where Fire retained after just wiping Hormiga off the face of the earth with Codebreakers and Piledrivers. That actually may have led to the best part of the match, where Hormiga was carried to the back on a folding chair. Highest of comedy that was.

DTU Tag Team Championship Match

Dragón Rojo Jr. and Pólvora (c) defeated El Junior and Gio

The crowd was back in full force for this next match, which in terms of work rate was the second best on the card and maybe the first if you’re feeling frisky. And that’s with Dragón Rojo Jr. slipping on the ropes going for his triangle dropkick, a botch that actually came off as a planned spot and didn’t detract from the match at all. Beyond that slip up everyone acquitted themselves marvelously. I’m as big a Pólvora fan as they come (he’s been sorely missed on CMLL ever since his classic with Dragón Lee) and he showed why here again. He even got the highlight of the night when he sent Junior to meet Cthulhu with, and this was real, a Death Valley Driver off the apron and onto a stack of chairs. Game over; BRUTALITY! Elsewhere Rojo recovered strongly from his lone mistake and did a nice job grounding the match even as everyone else (and even himself) descended into chaos from time to time. And unlike the homegrown DTU tag team that was showcased later I thought Gio and Junior came off tremendously. They took the violence to Rojo and Pólvora, they looked every bit their equals and even though they lost you got the sense they came out far more credible than they came in. By my count that’s now 9 young luchadors (not counting the ten year olds and the youngsters from the second pre-show match) who came out of this show looking better than they did coming in. Perhaps we need to get Soberano Jr. and Star Jr. to DTU post haste!

Triple Threat Match for the DTU Consgrado Championship

Ovett defeated Halloween

This was originally supposed to be a triple threat match for Sharlie Rockstar’ DTU Consgrado Championship, only Rockstar was on siesta so it got changed to your guardian variety over the top death match between Halloween and Ovett. I can’t say I’m that upset; I’ve been very impressed with Rockstar this year during his CMLL appearances, but this had the makings of being one of the weaker matches on the show regardless of his involvement, which would’ve just prolonged proceedings (it also would’ve added more violence, which would’ve detracted from the main event). With Rockstar absent DTU was able to make this match shorter, which made it less harmless and actually kind of fun for what it was. Hell I even was left somewhat impressed with Ovett, a guy who looks like he ate Kráneo two times over and still was able to hit a few convincing dives and a very convincing 619. I cannot explain why I loved this, just like I did. Must be the same reason John Madden loved it when a fat guy scored.

Hair vs. Hair Tag Team Match

Los Nerds (Kevin and Jimmy) defeated Los Diabolicos (Mr. Condor and Gallego), with Mr. Condor losing his hair

This is where we get to the part of the show that left me cold. I had high hopes for this match; Kevin and Jimmy of Los Nerds had been hyped up quite a bit going into this show and the Apuesta setting coupled with DTU’s hardcore sensibilities got me thinking this could be an exciting, emotional contest. Instead it was a hum drum, by the numbers hardcore match which saw both teams take turns beating the piss out of each other and little else. Even worse was that the beatings weren’t very good, save for whatever was done to Mr. Condor, who ended up looking like the hotel from The Shining after the blood poured out of the elevators. I wouldn’t go as far to say it was a bad match and, much like the rest of this show, the right team ultimately did win. But from what I was told about Los Nerds, two charismatic, likeable kids who could sell a beating and had some aerial ability, they came across as nothing like advertised and if anything were the worst of the youngsters I saw on the show. Perhaps I’m the only one but I just couldn’t get into this match as much as the rest and it was the only bout on the card where I was found wanting more.

Triple Threat Match

Ronnie Mendoza defeated Flamita and Negro Casas

Any concerns I had about the show veering off the rails after the disappoint Apuesta were quelled with this gem of a match. We all knew it would be good considering it featured one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever and two of the best young luchadors today, but it may have even surpassed the hype. Let’s start with Negro Casas in this match. At 56 years old Casas is older than Flamita and Ronnie Mendoza COMBINED by nearly a decade (Flamita is 22, Mendoza is 25). Yet not only did Casas keep up with both guys at all times, two of the fastest luchadors alive right now mind you, but he was actively out working them at certain stretches with the style that only Casas can pull off. I continue to just marvel at this man and it’s such a crime that most American audiences will never know how fucking great this man was/is and how generous he is. Not only did Casas put over Flamita during the match by letting Flamita pin him with his own finisher, but he also made sure to stay around after he was eliminated and raise both guys’ hands afterwards. It’s Negro Casas’ world folks; we just live in it.

Flamita, Casas and Mendoza pose together
Flamita, Casas and Mendoza pose together

Of course Casas was only one third of the engine that made this work and ultimately he gave way to the exceptional talents that are Flamita and Mendoza. Of the two I thought Ronnie was the better, though not by much. Flamita is tricky to judge because we know he’s capable of much more than he showed last night (remember that moonsault off Dario Cueto’s office?) but is so good at everything that to judge him based off that is taking him for granted. His greatness was more subtle last night, which was just fine because it allowed Mendoza to be showier. And man alive was he great; WWE fans will have to judge if it lived up to his match with Brian Kendrick (where Mendoza turned the entire Full Sail crowd against Kendrick with his work) but I have to imagine it’s at least a draw. He flew, he worked technical, he landed on his gorram feet when Flamita tried a Super Frankensteiner; he did it all as they say. This match was clearly a showcase performance for him and I don’t see how he could’ve done any better, especially with the men he was sharing the ring with. What more can I say? It was the best match of the night and everything we all hoped it would be. And yet, even though it was the best match, it wasn’t the most memorable.

Rancho de Texas (Barbed Wire) Match

Cíclople and Crazy King defeated Toxico and Paranoiko

In my notes for this match, I stated that there was a 50% chance someone may die in this bout. It never stopped feeling like it as it went along; if anything I think the percentage may have gone up. On a night where Total Nonstop Deletion featured everything from volcano eruptions to Disco Inferno cameos, this match somehow topped all of that in being the craziest wrestling related thing of the evening for better or worse. I say that because some people (looking at you Bryan Alvarez) would/will absolutely hate this match. This was the most violent match I’ve seen since Pentagon vs. Vampiro and it frankly made that match look tame with all the barbed wire, unprotected (and protected) chair shots to the head and of course light tubes of all shapes and sizes. We had seen stuff like that earlier in the show but not like this, and I wouldn’t blame someone for rolling their eyes at the mayhem or feeling uncomfortable. I was personally left in awe that these four men would go to these lengths to put on a show for these fans and, even though I don’t want to see this type of match all the time, I couldn’t help but admire them for the effort. And regardless of how you feel about this type of match it was a great effort from all four, especially Cíclople (not to be confused with the former WCW star). That guy, I’m pretty sure, would’ve killed himself if it was the only way to get this match over and I was near convinced he succeeded when he (all caps alert) FROG SPLASHED HIS OPPONENT (I can’t remember if it was Toxico or Paranoiko) WITH HELP FROM A LIGHT TUBE! That was as incredible a visual you can imagine and it was the only way this match could end. Thank Grodd it did end it because I’m not sure I could take much more of Cíclople and Crazy Kid’s (what an appropriate name) backs looking like Jackson Pollack paintings. It was as violent, breathtaking and disturbing a match I can remember and I won’t be soon forgetting it. In that sense, it was the perfect way for DTU to end this spectacular show.

That is a wrap sports fans and holy Grodd I spent a lot of words on this show! Believe me, it was worth it and I implore you to hold off on those two Pepsi twelve packs so you can spend your six dollars on this wonderful show (the pre-show is free and you can watch it here. I suggest you do that too!). For now I disappear until later tonight, if CMLL decides to give us a good show. Till whenever, let’s get a look at DUCHOVNY’S reaction to DTU Nuev9.

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