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DWO "Day of Destiny VIII" Aftermath

Updated on October 22, 2015

Ms. Candace Morales sings our National Anthem to open the show.

This is DWO, this is the major leagues.

The Past
The Past
The Present
The Present
The Past w/ Adam Merrick
The Past w/ Adam Merrick
The Present
The Present

8 Years of Destiny Wrestling

It began as a dream, from it's humble beginnings, to it's huge following. Destiny Wrestling has had eight years of joy, laughter, violence, bloodshed, hardcore, in your face wrestling. The past met the present. From it's beginnings of a cloth draped and some lighting to an advanced stage, lighting and entrance way; Destiny Wrestling has evolved into a wrestling juggernaut. A recent source told us that he remembers, "the days of 30, yes 30 fans, all front or second row and today those same 30 fans are still here plus an added 400 or 500 fans. Every time I walk out to the ring and I see how far Destiny Wrestling has come I get goosebumps because I know I helped build this. The best part about it, we're still growing, we're getting bigger and better every show. This is a team effort, this is a family effort." Saturday night, legends united, partnerships were tested and careers were altered. This was the night where men met their day of destiny, this was the night that would prove to be no holds barred. So many changes had happened to the Albuquerque promotion. This was the day where we would celebrate the best of the best and showcase pure raw athletic ability at it's finest. It was a long road, a road not often traveled but the vision was kept alive and the passion burning.

Ball & Chain Match for the DWO Softcore Championship

The Josh Carey VS Joe Quesada

The first bout of the night promised to be extreme. Alright bad pun but you get the idea. When it comes to Joe Quesada and his quest for the Extreme Championship, nothing will get in his way. Ever since Mr. Carey re-christened the former Extreme Championship into the Softcore Championship he has come under heavy heat from fans. On October 10th, Joe Quesada challenged The Josh Carey for the very championship he covets. We go to the ring, the bell rings and this one is sure to be a barn burner.

The Josh Carey and fellow fitness follower, the Yoda of Yoga, Tony Fletcher carry out a very heavy bin. Both men appear to be straining to carry the tub to ringside; no doubt the metal chain and ball are inside and ready for use. Mr. Fletcher cheers his mentor on as Joe and The Josh Carey lock up in center of the ring. Classic collar and elbow lock up which forces Mr. Carey to the corner.The Josh Carey reverses with an arm drag, followed by a double bicep pose for the crowd. No one can ever accuse The Josh Carey of having an ego. Joe Quesada lays waiting with a closed right fist, an Irish whip and a sidewalk slam. You can never take away from Joe Quesada, he can practically taste the championship gold but the devious Tony Fletcher is the wild card in the whole equation. Post side walk slam, Joe decided to dish out more pain but nailing The Josh Carey with a leg drop. Joe now has his sights set on the plastic tub. To maximize the pain on The Josh Carey or not to? Simple, let's open that tub. Joe taunts Tony with putting his hands on the Fitness Bible but Tony takes it away. Joe lifts the lid but his grin turns to horror and disdain when inside the tub he finds a plastic ice cream cone? Quickly disposing of the cone Joe finds that which the whole match revolves around, that which is expected to cause pain and agony....the ball and chain. Joe is visibly shocked when the ball and chain turns out to be a plastic beach ball hooked with paper rings connected together. Did The Josh Carey raid a kindergarten classroom prior? Joe throws in the "ball and chain" into the ring. Tony grabs left over "chain" and tried to choke Joe with it, seriously? The worst Joe expected to come from this was a paper cut, now that's hardcore. Joe won;t have any more antics and prepares Tony for a hard shot with a right handed closed fist but is interrupted by Mr. Carey who dropkicks Joe in the back. Joe inadvertently headbutts Tony Fletcher and it appears Joe has been cut open near his left eye. The referee asking Joe if he can continue the match. No one should ever count out the tenacity of Joe Quesada, he was born and bred a fighter. The Josh Carey continuing his assault on the brand new bullseye above Joe's eye with right hands. right fore arm shots and even....the beach ball. The Josh Carey is a fighting champion no question, he is even craft and wile but he will need to take things up a notch if he hopes to have any shot at the local Albuquerque native, Joe Quesada. The Josh Carey sends Joe the corner and stomps away with right feet. Mr. Carey goes to the opposing corner and gets a head full of steam, he runs toward Joe. The Josh Carey attempts to connect with a high knee to Joe Quesada's chest but Joe moves at the last minute. Joe has now taken the kid gloves off and hits a belly to belly suplex on The Josh Carey with authority. On the Richter Scale I'm sure that suplex registered a 7.0. Joe is sent to the outside of the ring and Mr. Carey will resume his onslaught of Joe's right eye. The action goes back into the ring and The Josh Carey dishes out more pain with right stomps to Joe's chest including some stomps off of the ropes for added height. Mr. Carey not decided to up the ante and work on another crucial part of Joe's assault on the champion, his left arm. The Josh Carey locks an arm-bar to try and weaken it as much as possible. Joe won't say die and reverses the attack with a suplex, a pair of atomic drops to Mr. Carey's southern polarity. It's now time for Joe to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf finishing maneuver, Joe sets Carey up and locks it in. The Josh Carey is writhing in pain and the fans in attendance come unglued. They salivate over the fact their hometown hero is mere moments away from starting this night of glory on the right track. Tony Fletcher is up on the apron distracting the referee. The Josh Carey is tapping out, the crowd yelling at the referee to turn around! Joe releases the submission to give Mr. Fletcher five reasons why you do not interfere in his championship match right to the side of the face. Josh is reaching in his tights, what he be pulling out? Josh wraps a real chain around his fist, he stalks Joe, waiting for him to turn around. Joe turns around and gets his clock cleaned courtesy of The Josh Carey. He hides the evidence and covers a prone Joe Quesada. Joe is knocked out cold the referee could count to a million this one is over.

Winner and STILL Softcore Champion - The Josh Carey

Grudge Match

Fabian Fury VS Pinky

How close do two friends come when they travel together? Lodge together? Share meals, stories, train, and work together? They become more than friends, they become brothers. At the Trail of Perdition event last September there was tension in the tag team match between the now former Freedom Avengers. Pinky left the event a different man, a darker more sinister competitor. Fabian was left with more answers than questions. Fast forward to Day of Destiny and these two California natives were set to do battle. Pink was out first and right away the ominous and malevolent feeling of an apocalyptic Pinky was visible. The old Pinky was cheerful and a fan loving athlete. This Pinky walked very slowly and predominant to ensue in the maiming of Fabian Fury. Out next was the loving, fan favorite Fabian Fury. He walked the ringside area giving high fives to the men, women and children. Both men are in the ring, the bell tolls and this match is now underway.

The match starts off with a shoving match. Both men jock for position, both men trying to show they are the top dog. Pinky gets pushed and before pushing back he has a sly smile on his face. Ultimately Pinky slaps Fabian in the side of the face, Fabian can't believe what has just happened. Fabian surprises Pinky with a classic wrestling take down, float over and a few childish slaps to the back of Pinky's head. Pinky is seething, he rushed Fabian but gets taken down and suffers from two drop kicks which take him to the outside. Pinky isn't the only one who can engage in psychological warfare and Fabian has clearly shown that to him. On the flip side don't take Pinky lightly; his massive strength and wrestling knowledge can prove to be a lethal combination. Back at ringside, it doesn't appear as Pinky wants any part of Fabian and heads back to the locker room early. Fans in attendance are upset that Pinky of all people would leave in the middle of a highly anticipate match. The referee starts the count and at 8 Pinky makes his way back to the ring and decided that this match will continue, until Pinky takes yet another breather. Pinky is back in the ring and Fabian goes for a shoulder tackle but proves that matching power with Pinky may not be a good idea. Pinky gloats in the ring and goes in for the offense. Fabian has it well scouted and lands a head scissors take down sending Pinky to the outside. Fabian still has some tricks up his sleeve, that said Pinky is red hot once again. Pinky walks the ringside area and Fabian runs at him for a dropkick but this time the wrestling veteran has it well scouted and grabs Fabian. The fans in attendance are in shock as Pinky sends Fabian into the exposed steel guard rail shoulder first. Pinky will now use this opportunity to go on a massive incursion of the prone almost comatose body of Fabian Fury. Pinky picks him up and lands some mean right hooks to his face, Fabian is hurting bad. Pinky gloats and it winds up costing him a little bit when Fabian lands a super kick right to the jaw of Pinky. Fabian breaks the count by the referee to avoid being counted out but in doing so he is caught in more right handed punches to the chest by his opponent. Both men brawl at the ringside area; the referee is forced to go and get the duo to try and come back into the ring. Pinky is annoyed with the referee's plea to get back into the ring and proceeds to shove the DWO official. Destiny Wrestling referee's do no tolerate such action and as seen Saturday night will retaliate. Fabian ensnares Pinky and allows the referee to take a free shot at Pinky. The referee agrees and chops Pinky right in the chest; you won't find wimps in Destiny Wrestling rings. Both combatants continue to brawl at ringside, neither will say die anytime soon. Fabian is once against sent to the steel guard rail. Pinky signals the referee to come closer and removes his leather belt. He walks over to a visibly hurt Fabian and with all his strength whips Fabian in the back not once but twice. The sound of the whipping can only be recreated by a loud firecracker inches away from ones ear, (not that we recommend trying it). I said it before and I will say it again, that action proves this is a new Pinky, a much darker and maniacal Pinky. He drops the referee's belt and gloats about the heinous attack on Fabian, rookie mistake. Fabian sees his opening and whips Pinky back, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Both men are back in the ring now and Pinky is hurting. Fabian can see the pain on his former brother and offers an olive branch of forgiveness. Pinky has clearly had enough and the two embrace in a hug, the Freedom Avengers have reunited, until; a belly to belly suplex catches Fabian off guard by the powerful Pinky. After a failed pin cover, Pinky props up Fabian atop of the turnbuckle and signals that the end is near. Fabian reverses and hits a top rope stunner on Pinky. Fabian didn't catch all of that maneuver and went for a school boy pin attempt but is only rewarded with a two count. Fabian needs to hurry and capitalze on a dazed Pinky; he climbs the turn buckle and hits another top rope stunner. Fabian crawls for the three count and we have our winner.

Winner - Fabian Fury

After the match Pinky takes the microphone and announces that it was an honor to have fought at the biggest show of the year Destiny Wreslting has against Fabian. Pinky has had enough and both men hug out their issues in the middle of the ring. But there's a reason why you never trust a snake in the grass. Pinky picks Fabian up and drives his knee right in the face of Fabian knocking him out cold. Pinky leaves the ring with a smile only DC comics Joker could be proud of. Post match we caught up with Pinky to ask him why he betrayed his long time tag team partner and why had he committed such heinous actions after what many believed was a rare moment of respect between two? Pinky stated:

"I did what was right, I was wronged by him and the rest of New Mexico, and I will continue to make them pay for it"

A cold stare took over and then that evil smile came about, Pinky walked into the darkness where he sat, contemplating, planning and waiting.

Tag Team Grudge Match

PPRay VS The Fox Stars

What a way to kick off the first tag team bout than to go PPrAy, all the way, everyday. The two brazen young athletes have had their eyes set on The Fox Stars for a while now. On this night they looked to do in Albuquerque what they do best in Hollywood, showcase their athletic ability and steal the show. The Foxstars not to be taken out of the lightly as they will be relentless in their tag team match against the Hollywood A-Listers and have been known to be tough competitors to catch in and out of the ring. The bell rings and this tag team battle will now commence.

PPrAy out first to the ring girating for the female fans in attendance. Out next the masked warriors known as The Fox Stars. Fox Stars get an early lead which eventually leads to PPrAy sent to the outside and the Fox Star fly over the top rope and land on both Ray and Peter of PPrAy. Peter is sent back into the ring, over to the turnbuckle and takes 10 right handed closed fists by Shadow Fox to the skull. Dazed Peter retreats to another corner where he is chopped in the chest. The look of horror on his face you'd think he was just slashed by Freddy Kruger. A red chested Peter attempts to make a comeback by sending Shadow Fox to the opposite corner. Shadow attempts a reversal but gets caught coming down from the turnbuckle. Shadow has it well scouted and hits two arm drags on Peter. Shadow capitalizes with a headlock and then bridges over to apply a different version of a headlock exposing Peter's face. Lucha Star see's this opportunity and connects with a dropkick to Pretty Peter Avalon's face. Let's hope that move doesn't cost him any endorsement deals or movie roles. Peter Avalon back up somehow, Lucha Star Irish whips him, Peter reverses but Lucha Star has is it well scouted and missle drop kicks Peter right in the chest. After a failed pin attempt, Shadow Fox tags back in and chops Peter in the same pectoral region; Peter and the look on his face again from the pain has his jaw dropped. Peter now tied up in the ropes and gets chopped once again in the pectoral area. Ray Rosas is aching to get in and needs to save his partner. At this point Peter knows he needs to pull a comeback and make something happen. Shadow Fox attempts to drive Peter's head but the move is reversed; Peter tries the same move but Shadow reverses. Peter then sends Shadow's head to a waiting Ray Rosas who nails Shadow right in the head with a loud cracking super kick. Ray sends Shadow back in the ring where a waiting Peter Avalon begins his offense with a....pelvic bump. The move proves to be enough to send Shadow into the corner where he choked by the bottom of Peter's foot. Peter tags in, Ray will now have a chance to inflict punishment on his masked foe. Ray gets a head of steam and runs toward the prone Shadow Fox. Ray hit's Shadow with a running....booty bump, innovative offense. Ray continues his attack on Shadow by choking him with the ring rope. Lucha Star tries to warn the referee but it does no good as he tries to restore order in this tag team bout. Ray tags Peter in and the two continue their skirmish on Shadow Fox. Both men double team Shadow, they wear him down, they have him right where they want him. Lucha Star needs to get in this match desperately, his partner in pain. PPrAy takes down Shadow Fox and they go for the patented wishbone leg split; if Shadow wasn't in pain before he sure is now. Peter Avalon gloats at his most recent maneuver even as far as posing for the camera our local photographer brought with him to the show and strutting like the legendary Ric Flair. He takes too much time to strut as Shadow tries to go for the cover but only gets a two. Both teams at the peak of their success, both teams in their prime giving this match their all. After a stalemate, Lucha Star is finally tagged into the match, he proceeds to clean house of Ray and then Peter. Lucha Star is so athletic and so good in his craft he even manages to send Peter into Ray, kick Ray and have Ray DDT his own partner. As both teams brawl they continue to pull new moves out their arsenal that wow and amaze the red hot New Mexico crowd. Back in the ring, Peter holds Lucha Star, Ray grabs his trusted fanny pack; to this day only two people know what the contents of the fanny pack are. Ray gets some steam, but hits his own partner. Lucha Star rolls Ray for the school boy pin cover but the referee isn't looking, he's checking on Peter. Ray gets out before the referee can look and gets a fanny pack to the side of the head for his troubles. Lucha Star is out cold and Ray covers him, the referee turns around, he counts and this one is one and done.

Winners: PPrAy ("Pretty" Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas)

The Rematch

Marty "The Moth" Casaus VS Chad Thomas

It pays to be the Ace up the sleeve of the most powerful man in Destiny Wrestling, remember that.

If you recall back in June these two men met for the first time ever. Fans salivated for months as to what would happen when Chad Thomas would come across a man with equal strength, wrestling knowledge and in ring ability. June 20th, fans got their answer with Marty the Moth coming out ahead. Fast forward to October 10th and the rematch was set; Chad Thomas would not be denied this rematch. It was literally the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, something had to give.

The bell rings and Chad Thomas is sizing up the Lucha Underground sensation. Marty The Moth takes his shirt of to the delight of the ladies in attendance. Chad takes the towel from his hands and proceeds to wipe himself down with it. While Marty is distracted Chad lays into Marty with some thunderous right handed fists and chops to the chest. Chad is signaling for a big time chop to the chest but it is reversed and Marty gives Chad a taste of his own medicine with a chop of his own. To truly understand the magnitude of these chops you have to realize these men developed welts in the opening minutes of this match, they didn't come here to play, they came here to fight. Chad Thomas has he head smashed in with 10 right handed fists from Marty The Moth and is sent packing to the ringside area. Chad Thomas takes time to recover and getting his bearings back in order. Marty has other plans as The Moth takes to the skies and lands on the Texas sized power house sending both me to the floor. Both men take the fight to the steel barricades as Chad Thomas is sent shoulder first into one. Chad receives another set of 10 hard fists to the side of the head. Marty picks up Chad and attempts to Irish whip him into the barricade again but the survival instincts of Chad are on high alert and he reverses; a loud smack echoes the arena and Marty is down. Chad regains control of the match and proceeds to pick Marty only to drop him down on the steel barricade with his testicular fortitude cushioning the blow. Hoping to capitalize in the pain, Chad rolls Marty into the ring but only gets a two count from the referee. Chad positions Marty in the corer and the Lone Star Locomotive is picking up steam, Chad runs for Marty but is caught at the pass only to get an elbow to the face and a belly to belly suplex into the corner. Marty won't be ending the suplex parade just yet as he hits two German suplex's and a fisherman's hook suplex for a two count pin attempt. Chad is feeling the pressure so as an attempt to turn the match in his favor he reverses an Irish whip into a modified sit up power bomb but only gets a two count. Chad has a conniving plan; he drills his knee into Marty's neck while pulling his head back. If you've seen the impressive size of Chad Thomas you know any average man would have been broken long ago. The fight in Marty The Moth will not allow him to quit, he is in this for the long haul. Marty is placed on the top turnbuckle, Chad is sent reeling to ring mat after Marty fights a potential top rope back body drop. Chad is laying motionless, The Moth is signaling he is going to fly. When Marty flies in the air, time seems to stand still. Nothing can stop Marty now, this is going to be a top rope move for the ages, until....
The MK Bandit, Matthew Roblez makes his first appearance of the night. He pushes Marty The Moth off of the top turnbuckle and onto an oncoming Texas sized clothesline from CHad Thomas. The referee counts to three and this one is done. It pays to be the Ace up the sleeve of the most powerful man in Destiny Wrestling.

Winner - Chad Thomas

DWO World Tag Team Championship

Brute 66 (Challengers) VS The Death Rage Cartel (Champions)

Brute 66, Mosh Pit Mike and Ray Basura, for as long as anyone can remember these men have captivated the New Mexico fan base with their charisma and charm. They have defended the honor of the Albuquerque fan base and fought for justice. This tag team has been relentless in it's pursue of the DWO World Tag Team Championship only to have that which they covet most taken away from them. At Trail of Perdition, "they faced the wrong set of champions". This time the stage is set for what is sure to be an instant classic.

The Death Rage Cartel, Dextor and Josh Pain, two thirds of the most vile stable in independent wrestling today. Their wrestling prowess along with their physical intimidation have made them World Tag Team Champions for almost a full calendar year; the third longest reign in Destiny Wrestling history. The bell rings and we are now underway.

Ray Basura and Dextor start this match with Ray getting the upper hand early in the match. Both he and his tag team partner Mosh Pit Mike target the head of Dex early on. They ram his head into the middle and bottom turnbuckle and Mosh Pit drills the back of his neck while pulling back on his head. This is another classic example of a very powerful human being putting another man in a painful submission. The mega stars of DWO aren't bred quitters so any average man would have been done in an instant. Dex hangs on, he knows his tag team belts are on the line. Dex is put into a headlock but manages to escape, he tags in Josh Pain, both men start the waylay on Mosh Pit. Josh Pain is aggressive against Mosh Pit and will make him regret challenging for the Tag Team Titles. Mosh Pit welcomes the pain, for that which his team has chased for so long Mike will endure the pain hell brings forward. Mosh Pit will now work over the strength of The Cartel but suplexing him off of the top rope with Ray leg dropping Josh off of the middle rope. Ray is tagged in, he hits a hook suplex on Josh, he goes for the pin cover but only retains a two. Josh immediately fires back and takes charge even as far as to tag in Dextor and kicking Ray right in the head at full speed. Two grown men, running at you while you are sitting on the ring and kicking you in the face; how is Ray not the spokesperson for Tylenol? Mosh Pit cant bear to see is partner decimated and beated down makes the executive decision to get into this match the hard way. He takes out Dex, now Josh and then Dex once again with a vicious clothesline. Ray has this match in hand, he picks Josh up, Josh reverses. Josh rolls up Ray in a school boy pin and gets the three count?! Fans at ringside claim that Josh had the ropes for leverage, others claim it was a fast count.

Winners and STILL DWO World Tag Team Champions - Josh Pain and Dextor

Special Attraction

The Past (2007)....
The Past (2007)....
....meets The Present (2015)
....meets The Present (2015)

Thunder VS Sinn Bodhi

Sinn Bodhi, a man that is shrouded in mystery. Legend speaks that he is no mere man but a wrestling God that walks with mortal men. He cannot feel pain, he can only embrace it. He cannot be punished but can only punish the deserving. On Ocotber 10th, Sinn Bodhi looked to take the undefeated streak of Thunder; He looked to make his streak 8 and 1.

Thunder is a man who throws caution to the wind. He is a man who has endured so much pain and agony for his Thunderbolts. Thunder cannot be denied, so much rests on his shoulders, especially on the biggest show of the year. This is going to be a war of attrition.

At ringside and Thunder has been introduced to the crowd with is usual cheering and adulation. Sinn Bodhi is introduced next; the crowd has no idea what to expect and Sinn likes it that way. He debuts in Destiny Wrestling with a bang, literally. He lights fire crackers on his chest and the show hasn't even begun yet, all the while he is laughing. Both men are in the ring and they size each other up. Sinn gets an early advantage by wearing Thunder out by targeting his head with a leg drop, blatant chokes and by ramming his head onto the mat. If you have never attended a Destiny Wrestling show please don't assume there is a mattress or cushion underneath. It is all wooden boards and metal, when Thunder's head hits the ring mat it is hurting and badly. Thunder shakes the cobwebs off and Irish whips Thunder into the corner, he hits a spear. He goes for another spear but he misses and ends up in the ringside area. Thunder gets up but is greeted with a baseball slide when trying to enter the ring. Both men do battle at ringside; fists, chops and jabs are thrown but Thunder looks to like he has the edge. Sinn is thrown back into the ring and will now be extended the same courtesy Thunder was exposed to thanks to a turnbuckle. Ten shots to the head of Sinn Bodhi on the turnbuckle and Thunder hits a body splash off of the second rope. After a failed pin attempt, Thunder hits a leg drop and attempts another pin cover but only gets a two again. Sinn takes a breather and goes to the outside, he proceeds to flirt with a young lady with pink hair. After she rejects his advances, a visibly upset Sinn Bodhi won't take no for an answer. Her knight in shining thunder comes to save the day as he steps in front of the young damsel. The move proves to cost Thunder as he is blindsided by Sinn Bodhi and thrown back into the ring. Sinn applies a devastating submission hold that paralyzes Thunder in the middle of the ring. These two great warriors continue to do battle on the outside, neither man will surrender, how do two exact wrestling machines top one another? Both men continue to fight at ringside, the referee cannot contain the action in the ring. Both men eventually make their way to the stage where Sinn Bodhi is suplexed on the wooden ramp. You would think the pain of a wooden ramp would make a man cry out in pain, not Sinn Bodhi. After the suplex, Sinn was seen smiling and laughing. Thunder and Sinn both resume their brawl, the make it into and out of the ring again. Their fighting will not stop, Sinn Bodhi signals for the punch that will end the entire match, he swings, Thunder ducks and enters the ring. The referee is seen and heard calling for the bell. The entire time they fought at ringside, the referee had been counting them out but due to both men entering and leaving the ring they were breaking the count.

Winner By Countout - Thunder (9-0)

Special Attraction

Hobo Hank VS The Almighty Sheik

When the most powerful man in Destiny Wrestling has you as an ally, you can bet the world will be at your feet. But when he has a problem with you, he will stop at nothing to take you out. Saturday October 10th, The MK Bandit Matthew Roblez pulled the ultimate trump card against the man who has stood in his way for a long time. Saturday night MK made a phone call to one of the most dangerous men in wrestling, The Almighty Sheik, Here is a man who draws huge amounts of hatred from fans, a man who carries an iron spike in his boot to decimate his opponents with and who has many tricks in his arsenal.

Hobo Hank, the modern day American hero of Destiny Wrestling. He has won ever championship available in Destiny Wrestling. Hobo hank has gone through the fires of hell to become a legendary and cult status symbol; on this night he would be tested to a new extreme. With the added ingredient of MK at ringside, this match was stacked against Hobo Hank for sure. The bell rings and we are underway.

The arena is jam packed, the crowd screaming for their hero. MK and the Sheik not having any of it try and calm over the crowd, it's to no avail. Both men attempting to gain advantage but both men are veterans of the ring and will not make a single mistake in the opening seconds of the match. Both men lock up numerous times, each time both men feeling the other man, trying to see what the best possible opening move is. After a few attempts Hobo Hank strikes with a right handed fist and connects, The Sheik is now flat on his behind and the crowd is cheering. Hank picks up The Sheik and begins to bite him on his face, a move MK knows all too well. The Sheik is sent to the ropes but catches himself and goes to ringside for a small breather. Smart move, this stops Hank's momentum and gives The Sheik time to recover. Hobo Hank will not allow The Sheik anytime to recover and goes after him. Both men brawl with a series of left and right fists to each other. They use the apron, the steel guard rails and the fans as weaponry. The Sheik is back in the ring now, Hank is about to get in the ring when the second rope is kicked launching it into Hobo Hanks, lower extremities. Hobo Hank now stunned and on the floor is getting his head stepped on by The Sheik. The Sheik is an impressive figure no doubt about it so imagine so much muscle and power on your head for two four second counts by the referee. The Sheik continues his attack on Hank's head but why he targeted the head was made abundantly clear when he applied a version of the Camel Clutch submission on Hobo Hank. Now only is Hobo Hank now the Camel Clutch but he is systematically getting destroyed when The Sheik maintains the hold with his left arm and punches Hank with his right. The Sheik breaks the move and taunts the crowd, he proclaims he has broken Hobo Hank. He goes back to finish what he has started but Hank catches him with a kick and The Sheik is down. Hank goes to the ropes but MK trips him and we all knew that this was going to happen; it may as well be a handicap match. The Sheik continues to work on Hobo Hanks neck and he is hurting bad. Sheik goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Hobo Hank has the spirit of those who believe in the U.S. of A fighting along side with him, he reverses a pile-driver attempt by The Sheik but didn't dodge the flying clothesline. The Sheik looks to his partner in crime, he asks him "is it time?" MK signals for the end and gets up on the apron, what do these men have in store? MK holds Hobo Hank, The Sheik is reaching for his bag of tricks. The Sheik sends a fireball into Hobo Hank's face but he moves out of the way; MK is being burned alive! A DWO official runs with a wet towel given to him by local EMT's on stand by. MK wasn't the only one fired up as Hank is now up and delivering right hands to The Sheik, he sets him up and delivers a Tornado DDT from the top rope. Hank covers The Sheik and gets the full three count.

Winner - Hobo Hank

Steel Cage Match - DWO World Heavyweight Championship

Dom Vitali (Champion) VS Johnny K (Challenger)

Both men walk the perimeter of the steel massacre they are about to enter. Both men know the pain and suffering involved in this bout. Both men check the integrity of the steel cage inside as well. If you have never seen a cage match before or if you're desensitized by a "professional" steel cage, this is the match that will re-invigorate, re-ignite or increase your love for wrestling. The cold, unbiased steel can be your friend or can be your worst nightmare. The bell rings and this match will not only be an instant classic but it will be a war, a battle, a fight of two of the best on the independent scene.

Dom Vitalli is out to an early advantage, he slams Johnny's head into the turnbuckle. After several attempts to slam Johnny's face into the side of the cage, Dom changes his strategy with clubbing blows to Johnny's back topped with a vicious clothesline. Dom rests Johnny on the corner and chops his chest raw. He picks up Johnny and uses his forehead on the side of the cage like a cheese grater; Johnny's blood starts trickling from his forehead. Dom goes for an Irish whip but it's reversed and he sends Dom to the side of the cage with authority resulting in Dom's back meeting the side of the cage. Johnny picks up Dom and uses his forehead on the side of the cage racking it back and forth. He takes Dom and does the same on the opposite side of the cage side. Johnny drags Dom to the corner and springs off of the second rope and drops an elbow on a prone Dom Vitalli.Johnny will leave Dom laying while he attempts to escape from the top of the cage but Dom stops him before he gets any further. Johnny knows he is going to need to punish Dom a lot more, he still has too much fight in him. Johnny grabs the handcuffs that keep him bound to him and "baby", the psychotic doll that talks to Johnny. He uses the tip off the handcuff to drive it into the forehead of Dom, a kick to the ribs and Johnny will drive his knee into Dom's neck. Johnny clubs Dom's chest with right hands and forearms and goes to work on his forehead. Johnny lets up to get a gasp of air but it proves to be a bad move, Dom is up and goes on the assault. He sends Johnny face first into the steel cage, he does it to him again on the opposite end of the cage. Dom follows things up with a Dusty Rhodes style bionic elbow, a snapmare and a dropkick to Johnny's neck. Dom picks up Johnny and throws him like a human dart into the side of the cage. Both men are leaving no stone un-turned in this classic and nothing less than their all is expected when gambling on the DWO World Heavyweight Championship. Dom now pushing on the back of Johnny's head into the cage with his boot and applying all of his body weight. Men, women and children cheer for their hero as he climbs the cage to escape. Dom is quickly caught as he tries to escape and is slammed in a power bomb style move by Johnny. Johnny sends Dom to the corner, he falls and Johnny hits a one man "Das Boot" to the side of the head of the champion. Johnny is trying to escape the cage, Dom is getting up, can he catch the challenger in time? Johnny is pulled, he falls and Dom connects in mid air with his version of an RKO. The crowd is very much involved in this match, both men are sacrificing it all for the richest prize in Destiny Wrestling. Both men are down and from the entrance ramp the rest of the Death Rage Cartel is coming down with bolt cutters. They don't make it in as Brute 66 isn't forgetting how they were screwed out of the tag team titles earlier in the night. Brute 66 fights them off and sends them to the back. Dom throws Johnny not once, not twice, not three times but four times into the cage face first. Dom is signaling for the end but Johnny has something in his hand, it's a rag and it smells rancid. He takes down Dom and applies a submission move with the rag over his face. The referee is asking Dom if he quits, if he surrenders but Dom is unresponsive. The champions' arm falls three times and we have a winner.

Winner and NEW DWO World Heavyweight Champion - Johnny K

Day of Destiny VIII Fallout

Day of Destiny VIII has come and unfortunately gone but questions still remain.

1. The Josh Carey will certainly have another challenger in mind but whom? And what will be the match type? Who can bring back the hardcore style the Extreme Championship once had?

2. Pinky is agitated with Fabian and vows to make him pay, what does he have in store for his former tag team partner?

3. How will DWO Commissioner Adam Merrick handle the DWO World Tag Team Championship scene with Brute 66 getting screwed over yet again?

4.Who will challenge Thunder and try to stop him from hitting double digits in his undefeated streak?

5. MK Matthew Roblez has proved he has deep pockets and will no doubt try to obtain a new mercenary to take care of Hobo Hank. Who will he bring in next?

6. With The Death Rage Cartel now adorned in gold, can anyone or anything stop these three men? Stay tuned to development from Destiny Wrestling:

Day of Destiny VIII Poll of the Night

What match stole your heart at DWO Day of Destiny VIII?

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