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DWO "Faces of Hesh" Aftermath

Updated on February 21, 2016

Introduction to DWO "Faces of Hesh"

It was a landmark night in the industry of professional wrestling. Men went to war and fought for gold. Careers took a new step towards greatness and two ladies stole the show in one incredible display of athleticism and wrestling. February 13th would forever be known as, Faces of Hesh.

The bell rings ane we start with the national anthem followed by the announcement by ring announcer and DWO Commissioner Adam Merrick that March 19th, DWO returns with the "Gimmicks are Forever" live event.

Singles Match

Tyler Bateman VS Jake Logan

Our first bout of the night starts off in an interesting form. DWO is really good about keeping it's roster fresh. Their main priority is to give the fans new matches as often as they can. Out first was the man who has no problem letting you know who he is and what his about. As he climbed the top of the turnbuckle he would introduce the crowd of the 505 to Jake Logan.

Next up was a man from the dark side, a soul disturbed and tortured. Children in the front row looked on in terror as that which haunts their nightmares walked down the isle. The personification of evil we would come to know him as Oklahoma's own, Tyler Bateman.

Tyler slinks into the ring in an eerie and dark manner, he appraises his opponent and mentally dissects him before the match has even begun. Jake Logan has no idea what to make of this character but his fighting spirit takes on all challengers. Both men lock up center of the ring but Bateman slithers like a snake ready to strike thus throwing Jake Logan's game off a bit. The psychological warfare is Tyler Bateman's strongest suit thus far. Both men lock up again with Jake giving Tyler the hip toss into a side version headlock. Tyler finds a way back to his feet but Jake takes him down again and attempts to get a quick pinfall victory. A kick out at two provides Tyler with enough room to slip under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Again Tyler Bateman is smart, at this point in the match the physical strength Jake has brought to the table can't be matched but if Tyler can slow down Jake's momentum he has a chance to gain control of the match. Both men meet up in the center of the ring, collar and elbow lock up this time. Tyler's mental prowess targets Jake's arm; knowing that without 100% use of his arm, Jake's arsenal is only half. Tyler sets off on a relentless assault so much so that he uses the ropes as leverage to add further damage to Jake's arm. Desperate Jake gets some separation from Tyler and it's enough to deliver some kicks to Tyler's back. Feeling like Jake is about to build an offense he decides to go to the top rope but the wile ring general kicks Jake off the top rope and Jake stumbles to the cold unforgiving wood floor. Any lesser man would have been snapped in half after a nasty fall of that caliber. Jake, with the heart of a lion manages to get up but is cut off again by Tyler and has his back driven to the steel beam of the ringside area. Tyler sends Jake back into the ring, he targets that lower back that the arena floor and ringside beams targeted just a minute ago with a vicious kick. Confident he may have the three count, Tyler covers Jake but only gets two. Jake Logan will not be denied and has proven to be a fighter, not a quitter. Tyler is in panic mode and in a villainous move he chokes the injured star in the corner clearly visible to the referee. After a break and a warning from the referee, Tyler now resorts to biting Mr. Logan but even all of these heinous tactics don't get Tyler the three count from the referee he is looking for. Jake sees his opening, it's ever so slight but it's enough that a kick to the head of Tyler stuns him, he hits the ropes but Tyler is waiting; both men strike with a double clothesline. Both men recover, they stand, they strike with rights and left fists. Both men needing to put the other man away, both men fighting for survival here. Jake drives Tyler to the ground with a loud and devastating Samoan Drop. Jake goes for the turnbuckle but miscalculates and misses. Tyler now has the opening he needs and drives his elbow to the temple of Jake Logan. The referee counts and this one is over.

Winner Via Pinfall - Tyler Bateman

Singles Match

Hobo Hank VS Carny Rob

It's not a DWO event without the greatest rivalry to date appearing. The non nonchalant, devil-may-care, self made millionaire and definition of the term 'high society', "The MK Bandit" Matthew Roblez. His target? The man who represents the people, the man with the 24k gold heart and the man that has no problem bucking the system for what is right, Hobo Hank. If you remember, The Sheik was brought out at Day of Destiny VIII to try and snuff out the ray of hope Hobo Hank exemplifies. The Sheik threw a fireball at Hobo Hank but missed thus hitting Matthew Roblez. Ever since then MK blames Hobo Hank for his face getting burned and going through extensive surgeries and thousands of dollars to repair his money maker. Mr. Roblez made a return at "Faces of Hesh" to remind Hank that this demon is still lurking and that he will not stop until he puts him out of commission. Hobo Hank has heard enough and makes his way out to ringside to greet his fans whom he considers family. Hobo Hank listens to MK talk about the potential lawsuit he could bring down on Hobo Hank for the assault on his face. He disrespects Hobo Hank's fans and family; Hank has heard enough and enters the ring. Is this really happening? The ultimate dream match between Hobo Hank and Matthew Roblez about to happen here tonight? Months of anticipation have lead to this, MK taunting Hobo Hank on. Both men mere inches from each other, the crowd red hot; if the bell rings right now the roof will blow off the Westside Arena. However, ringside security, referees and officials step in and separate both men. MK continues to wave the red flag in front of the bull so to speak. The fans can sense the hatred between both men; one punch will set this match on fire....until. One of the members of the security team attacks Hobo Hank; we hear MK yell out "start the match". After great details and research we have come to learn that MK has signed Carny Rob to a lucrative contract with DWO. Carny Rob had been training for months with top coaches all around New Mexico for the perfect time to strike. The bell rang and Carny Rob's debut with DWO is now. If you've never been to a DWO show then you've never seen the impressive build of this man. His strength is also matched by few and topped by less so you can imagine that to start this match Carny Rob laid into Hobo Hanks ribs with some stiff right knees. Carny Rob has a big smile on his face when he does his best Magic Mike impression and pulls out a blue bow tie. Before he can get it on Hank is on his feet and bites the newest member of the DWO roster. Hobo Hank is about to take Carny Rob to old school as he props Rob in the corner and bites him non stop. Hank sends Carny Rob to the outside and chops his chest until it turns to a bright red color and then a stinky armpit to Rob as a "welcome-to-the-big-leagues" bonus. Carny Rob is sent back into the ring and set up one more time in the corner. Hobo Hank goes to the top rope and delivers ten precise closed right fists to the side of the head of Carny Rob; and as a cherry on top he drives his face into Hobo Hanks crotch. Hobo has his sights locked on ending this bout, he signs that the end is near. Hank sets up Rob for a tornado DDT and plants Rob head first into the mat.

Winner Via Pinfall - Hobo Hank

POST MATCH: The big angry Texan Chad Thomas took out Hobo Hank with the help of a steel chair, Matthew Roblez even got in a jab with the chair to Hobo Hank's back.

DWO World Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders Match

Ray Rosas & ???? VS The Card

Sadly at "Faces of Hesh" PPRay was incomplete. Do to a busy movie career Peter Avalon was unable to attend the event leaving Ray Rosas without a partner for his upcoming tag team match. Now to put into perspective who Ray was up against, The Card is composed of two former IWL World Heavyweight Champions Chris Evans and Johnny Saovi. Ray Rosas however being the crafty veteran that he is decides it's time to hit the showers early; being that The Card forfeits due to Ray being unable to find a partner. Things get hasty when both Chris and Johnny follow Ray to the backstage area but are thrown through the curtain and to the cold wood floor. Ray comes out with a huge grin and behind him comes out the man with no guidance, the man with raw strength and the man who turned the tides of this war real fast, Pinky Santino!

With Ray Rosas guiding the monster who turned on his former partner Fabian Fury, could these two men be stopped? We go to the in ring action and find that The Card will start off with a double suicide dive through the ropes. Johnny dodges an arm twist in the ring and counters it into an arm drag on Ray. Chris Evans is tagged in and both members of The Card go on the attack of Ray Rosas. Chris tags Johnny and both men again target Ray with some added pin fall attempts this would have been over if a lesser team were involved; Ray Rosas and Pinky are two very dominant athletes. The chemistry that The Card has shown in this match is very impressive and fast paced but Ray won't give up. Ray is looking for a gasp of air, he senses that he and his partner can turn this around but they need an opening. After a combination of a thumb to the eyes and the lowering of the top rope Chris Evans goes to the outside. Pinky proceeds to soften Chris Evans on the outside with vicious punches and jabs. Pinky sends him back into the ring and tags Ray to officially be brought into the match. Pinky sets up Chris in the corner and chops his bare chest with a full force open palm, the chop sounded like the 82nd Air Force was letting cannons fire. This goes to show you that with speed plus PInky's power pain isn't too far behind. Back in the ring Ray and Pinky continue to do a number on Chris including punching his lower back and even driving a knee to his spine. Pinky delivers a suplex that shakes the ring and goes for a pin cover; he only gets a two. Johnny Saovi is desperate to get into the the ring and save his partner, he knows he's been in there way too long. Johnny's prayers appear to be answered when Chris makes a little bit of breathing room to fight back. He sends Ray to the outside, he stuns Pinky and leapfrogs over him to attempt a tag. Chris gets close but has to free himself from Pinky's grasp. He kicks Pinky in the head, Pinky goes down, Chris now crawling to his corner. The crowd rooting for The Card and just as Chris looks up to make the tag, it's Ray Rosas?! When Ray was sent to the outside he manged to get to the opposite corner and pull Johnny off of the apron. When Chris looks up there is a sly and fiendish Ray mocking his fallen opponent with potential "tag". Ray continues to go on the attack but miscalculates and gets kicked right in the face. Ray is stunned by the kick, Chris is exhausted in the ring, both men are down. Chris reaches over and there's the tag to Johnny, the fresh man is in the ring and wreaking hell on Pinky and Ray. Johnny props Ray on the top turnbuckle, he gets a running start and hit a European Uppercut. Johnny gets on all fours and waits for his partner to hit a running knee to Ray. Ray sitting in place is being prepped for a top rope superplex followed by a connected regular suplex. Ray heads to the outside. Pinky back in the ring now, he takes on both members of The Card but is quickly picked up and dropped face first. Both men cover Pinky but he's not the legal man. Ray kicks Johnny and stuns him in the corner. Pinky picks up Chris and kicks him in the air right to the side of the head; Ray covers Chris. This one is over folks.

Winners Via Pinfall - Ray Rosas & Pinky

Special Attraction Singles Match

Sinn Bodhi VS Markus Burke

Sinn Bodhi returns to the Land of Enchantment, this time he takes on the Sovereign of Salads, Markus Burke. Mr. Burke came out prior to the match shaming anyone who eats meat. He stated that those who are vegetarian are much superior than those who love red meat. It took no time for the Warlord of Weird to come out and proclaim that while he is a an animal lover he isn't opposed to eat one every now and then. Sinn Bodhi knew exactly how to enrage his opponent quickly and judiciously; the bell rings and this match is going to be a classic.

Both men lock up center of the ring and Sinn Bodhi immediately dictates the pace of the match by forcing Mr. Burke into two corners of the ring. Sinn brings back Markus to the center of the ring and does a number in his left arm. He even goes as far as to bend back his fingers and bite them. Sinn Bodhi's unique offense has always worked for him before. Remember Sinn Bodhi is a veteran of this business this isn't his first rodeo. As Sinn Bodhi mounts and offense Markus battles back. He manages to get Sinn tied up between the top and second rope. Dazed, Sinn Bodhi takes some stiff right handed punches from Markus but is seems as though Sinn is not only toying with the Mr. Burke but he is also enjoying the pain. Markus Burke is shocked that Sinn Bodhi is hardly affected by the onslaught. Markus tries to go for a running punch but catches an elbow for his efforts. Part of the mystique of Sinn Bodhi is that he is not only a mastermind of the squared circle but he is a master of psychological warfare. Saturday day night the DWO fans were treated to a brand new maneuver by the wrestling legend himself, The Funnel Cake. What is The Funnel Cake? Sinn Bodhi grabs the wrists of Markus and forced his face into Sinn Bodhi's derriere while he shook it. Markus leaves the ring in disgust to the outside, Sinn Bodhi hangs off of the top rope in an upside down fashion waiting for Markus to turn around. Meanwhile the same young lady whom he flirted with at the last showed made it a point to let the Warlord of Weird she was in attendance. Love blossoming in DWO, such emotion. Markus turns around and gets a straight punch from Sinn after his brief flirtation. Markus attempts a comeback after a humiliating funnel cake but Sinn Bodhi again has him lured into a trap. Sinn Bodhi suplex's Markus from the outside onto the ropes and hangs him upside down. Sinn Bodhi rubs his belly for good luck like some vegetarian Buddha and chops it with an open palm. Ouch! Both men get back in the ring, Sinn Bodhi looking to put Markus away with a pin cover but an irate Markus Burke has proceeded to make a comeback and send Sinn to the corner. He repeatedly drives his shoulder into the stomach of Sinn cutting off the oxygen flow thus slowing Sinn Bodhi down. Markus delivers a kick and scoops slam, he follows it up with a pin cover attempt but only gets a two count. Markus is up but angry that he cant put Sinn Bodhi away, a win here would be a huge notch in the belt of Markus Burke. Both men get back up, Sinn picks up Markus in a fireman's carry and does a classic airplane spin to get his opponent dizzy and confused. Markus will not de denied greatness and kicks Sinn right in the head after a temporary dizzy spell. He can feel a victory coming and pins Sinn Bodhi but only gets two. Markus Burke has proven to be a tough competitior and skilled athlete no questions here. Markus senses this match is coming to an end, he positions Sinn for what appears to be a powerbomb. Sinn reverses and nails a double arms DDT planting Markus to the mat. The referee counts and this match is over.

Winner Via Pinfall - Sinn Bodhi

Special Attraction Singles Match

Crazy Mary Dobson VS Mia Yim

It was at "There Is No Line" that Crazy Mary Dobson and LuFisto stole the show and put on a classic five star match. When it was announced that for the second time in DWO history the legendary Crazy Mary Dobson and Mia Yim would meet one on one fans crowded tickets stands and broke attendance records for DWO. With great anticipation both ladies made there way to the ring, the bell rang and we were under way.

Mia Yim starts off with a psychological ploy and attempts to throw Crazy Mary off of her game by simply sliding to the outside for an early break. Mia puts an side lock on Mary and mocks her by chanting "Let's Go Mary". Mary reverses with a hip toss and a headlock of her own. The referee asks for the break and both ladies up to their feet now. A series of arm drags by Mary and a dropkick completes the combo. Crazy Mary attempts to run at Mia Yim but Mia pulls the top rope forcing her and her momentum to tumble to the outside of the ring. There's a reason they call her "Crazy" Mary Dobson; after failing to connect with her planned maneuver she snapped and proceeded to forcibly move our photographer on staff out of the way. Poor guy, we're willing to bet that's the most action he's seen in months. Mary proceeds to do a lap around the ring to compose herself but Mia Yim is waiting with a nasty kick to the chest of Crazy Mary. Mia waits patiently in the ring for Mary to get back in. It's to Mia's benefit to wait. If Mary makes it back in the ring in time, Mia can continue the physical breakdown of Mary. If she doesn't make the count then she wins by disqualification. With a sensible smile Crazy Mary is back in the ring but she won't let Mia Yim stop her from making a come back. Crazy Mary unloads with some stiff right punches but Mia retaliates with ferocious kicks to the back and chops to the chest of Mary. A source in the seventh row was quoted as saying "that chop to her chest was so loud it sounded like it was next to us, I couldn't believe it!" Mia Yim even resorts to vile tactics such as standing on Mary's hair and pulling her body upwards by her arms. Mia celebrates the fact that she has slowly dissected Crazy Mary to smithereens but to the shock of Mia, Crazy Mary rises from the ashes like a phoenix and throws some mean left and right punches. What Mary brings in punches Mia is bringing in kicks as she uses those kicks to target Crazy Mary's head and chest repeatedly. Minutes into this match and it's already shaping up to be a classic brawl. As if the match couldn't get any better Mary with a gasp of air sets Mia Yim up for what appeared to be a power-bomb but it was inverted into a version of a pile-driver forcing Mia Yim to land on her neck. After a pin attempt by Crazy Mary she only gets a two count for her trouble. The crowd is elated that this match will continue as every fan is into the story being told here tonight. Every fan hold his or her breath in anticipation as to what is coming next. Mia Yim dodges a top rope body splash from Crazy Mary. Mia is delivering some mean right hooks again and a headbutt for good measure. Mai hooks on and gives Mary a German-suplex connected with a pin cover, the referee only counts to two. Mia tries a rolling canonball on Crazy Mary while she sits prone in the corner but is unsuccessful. Stunned Crazy Mary re-positions Mia and connects with a backflip off of the top rope for a successful pin cover.

Winner By Pinfall - Crazy Mary Dobson

Editors Note: It is only February, but that is a top candidate for match of the year. Five stars, no doubt.

Singles Match - The Streak Is On The Line

Thunder VS Chad Thomas

DWO has three prestigious championships. The Extreme Championship, The World Tag Team Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. But recently, for nine straight events the return of Thunder has brought him more success, more fame and with it, The Streak. It is an honor that many compare to the three championships and a curse that brings with it mental stress. Every time Thunder steps through those ropes the pressure is on knowing his perfect winning streak in on the line. He has defeated the likes of Rychard Syn Cyr, Manny Fresh, Violetn V, THE Josh Carey and more. Knowing you're going to defend your streak against the Texas sized Chad Thomas brings fear to normal men, on this night Thunder did what he does best....electrify.

Thunder and his fans all rejoice as he made his way to greet his fellow lighting bolts but from behind he is attacked by Chad Thomas accompanied by The MK Bandit, Matthew Roblez. This match has is all speed, physical brutality and the dynamic wild card of MK himself. The match starts with Chad Thomas in the early lead. He is using his physical prowess to slow down Thunder. Thunder's biggest little fan is in the crowd, front row, watching as his hero is taken apart piece by piece by the impressive Chad Thomas. The little man is looking up at his hero with eyes teary eyed as Chad Thomas has his knee driven into into Thunder's back while he pulls his head back at the same time. Things get really graphic when the young lad has to watch his idol get his head stepped on by the Chad Thomas, that has to be like getting a bus parked on your head. Is Chad's unbelievable strength too much for Thunder to stop? Did Chad and MK finally find Thunder's Achilles heel? Thunder sense the power of his lighting bolts, he powers up and dodges out Chad Thomas' grip. Chad is stunned, Thunder goes to the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. He is building momentum, Thunder is signaling for a boot and the target is Chad's face, but that slimy MK Bandit pulls Thunder causing him to fall. With the distraction Chad connects with a devastating clothesline and Thunder hits the mat hard. The match is drawing to a close, fans hold their breath as the man, the myth, the legend of Thunder might be extinguished when karma decides to cash the check Chad Thomas wrote earlier. Hobo Hank is on the apron! Chad Thomas looks like he has seen a ghost. Remember Chad did the same in Hobo Hank's match earlier why not do the same to him. Chad took his eye off the ball for too long and that kick we mentioned connects with Chad's face, the referee counts to three and Thunder is now 10 - 0.

Winner Via Pinfall - Thunder

World Tag Team Championship Match

Death Rage Cartel VS Brute 66

Now for those that read every time we put out an article, thank you for keeping up with what's going on. If you are new, here is the backstory. The Death Rage Cartel is comprised of three individual power forces. World Tag Team Champions Josh Pain and Dextor. The third man is DWO World Heavyweight Champion Johnny K. Brute 66 is made of Mosh Pit Mike and Ray Basura. Their challengers for the evening are a tag team that have been chasing the tag team gold for over half a year now. Brute 66 keeps getting swerved and deceived at every turn. On this night, live from Faces of Hesh they saw the horizon. It's main event time and both teams have made their way out to the ring but there is a problem, a big problem. The numbers game once again has caught up to Brute 66 as this looks to be a three on two endeavor. A brawl breaks out and Brute 66 is caught at the end of a your typical mugging from The DRC. A familiar sound hit the speakers, it's Joe Quesada!. We learnt that this match will now be a six man World Tag Team Championship Match.

The bell rings and the main event in underway with Josh Pain and Joe Quesada squaring off. These two men have a rich history of fighting one another. Both men start off by exchanging right handed jab. Joe takes the early advantage, sends Josh to the ground and buttons the combination with a leg drop. Joe picks up Josh Pain, sets him in the corner and drives his entire body weight into him. An atomic drop by Joe to Josh's tuchas send the big man to his respective corner to tag in Dextor. Dex is in the ring and immediately avenges his fallen comrade with nasty neck-breaker. Dex decides it's time for the World Champion to get his hands bloody and tags him in. Johnny chops Joe's chest, he sends him to the corner but misses and it's enough for Joe to get the tag to Mosh Pit Mike. Ray comes into the ring as well as the two men decide to buck the system and deliver a two on one suplex to the reigning champion of the world. Mike delivers a nasty body splash to the champion and now Ray Basura will have his hands at the champion. Ray takes Johnny on a wild ride culminating with Johnny in a world of pain to his lower back and prone on the mat looking at the ceiling. Ray goes to the second rope and attempts a leg drop but misses his opportunity. That missed chance is enough for Johnny to bring the pack of wolves in and feast on Ray 's weakened state. Josh Pain gets the tag and in comes the enforcer of the group who drives both legs into Ray Basura's stomach with a full speed dropkick. Frustrated that Josh could not pick up a t three count after the dropkick he kicks Ray in the stomach again to further win his opponent. Ray is brought back to the corner of The DRC where all three men go through a roulette of tags to kick and stomp on Ray's stomach. Even the good guys have to break the rules a bit; Mosh Pit and Joe enter the ring to save their fallen friend. All six men are in the ring now and this gang warfare at it's absolute finest. Joe makes quick work of Johnny with a German suplex sending him to the outside. Dextor does the same to Joe Quesada. MIke and Ray face plant Dextor and it looks like Mosh Pit Mike is going to get his Superman cape on and fly. Mike wouldn't get the chance to get some hang time in the air as he is kicked off the top turnbuckle. Ray Basura is kicked in the stomach again and Johnny has something in his hands. It's the bloody burlap sack! They put it on a defenseless Ray, he's blind now he can't see. Sadly Ray never saw all three members of the Death Rage Cartel kick him at the same time right in the head. Josh Pain covers Ray and the referee can count to a million there's no hope.

Winners and STILL DWO World Tag Team Champions - Josh Pain and Dextor

Gimmicks Are Forever

Faces of Hesh has come and gone. Still questions remain as to the next live event entitled "Gimmicks Are Forever". DWO listens to it's fans so that being said:

Will DWO bring back Sinn Bodhi who is immensely popular in the Duke City?

Will DWO bring back the young stallions that it's seen in the past such as Adrian Matthews, Johnny Proof, Jake Logan and more to spice up the DWO roster?

Will Carny Rob finally get his bowtie on next time around? And what are the sinister plans Matthew Roblez has for Hobo Hank?

Will DWO repeat it's formula with another ladies match?

Who will Thunder face March 19th at Gimmicks Are Forever to extend his record?


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