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DWO "Gimmicks Are Forever" Aftermath

Updated on March 28, 2016


We are live, from the Westside Community Center for "Gimmicks Are Forever"! On this night, three championship matches would adorn this event including the most anticipated World Championship Match. The greatest streak in the history of DWO VS the most coveted championship DWO has to offer hung in the balance.

Commissioner Adam Merrick welcomes us to the event, the national anthem plays and we are going to start this event with a bang. Senior Referee Kyle Neice has returned to action after missing the tail end of 2015 with an injury.

Singles Match

Pinky VS Gino Rivera

DWO has a very record when it comes to bringing in fresh faces and new talent to their events. This past Saturday night was no exception and when it was announced that the Gino Rivera would take on the monster Pinky Santino, it would define the term "speed vs. power".

If you are unfamiliar with Gino Rivera, here is a small refresher course. In his short but promising career he has competed in nearly two dozen promotions across the United States, his rookie year of 2011 he was undefeated and has become a staple on the independent scene in California wrestling. He would take his experience and use it against Pinky who is a legend in his own right. Pinky is a former Heavyweight Champion in the independent scene, winner of Battle Royal Matches, has a career that spans over 10 years and broke the prestigious PWI Top 500 in 2015. Early in the match Gino tried to get into the head of Pinky but he would just laugh away the pain. Ever since splitting up from Fabian Fury in the fall of 2015 Pinky hasn't been in the right frame of mind. He's a hell-hound unleashed and monster with no master. Back in the ring Gino abandons the kicking strategy and goes on a punching offense. Seeing that this too is not going to work, Gino falls back on the one strategy that has worked for him thus far, the high risk assault. There is a very good reason why a lot of athletes don't do top rope maneuvers in the ring, much less to the outside of the ring. If the athlete is a gambling man or woman he can attempt such a risk. If it pays off the body weight plus the gravity will equal a downward crushing blow that could clinch the match or garner a three count. But if unsuccessful, one or both athletes could be hurt severely which turned out to be the case on this particular night. After Gino successfully attempted a high risk offense from the ring apron to the floor Pinky clenched his ankle. DWO Senior Referee Kyle Neice rushes to Pinky's aid. He quickly calls over Commissioner Adam Merrick and also signals for the paramedics on staff. PPRay also comes to the aid of their fallen friend and the crowd is silent, worried. No matter how much hate has for a person you hate to see them hurt. It is decided by officials that Pinky is unable to continue this match. PPRay help their comrade up the ramp and to the back. Pinky looks back at his opponent for the night who i back in the ring pandering to the fans. As Mr. Merrick is about to declare Gino the winner of the match, Pinky is miraculously healed and runs toward Gino who has no idea what is happening. It was a damn set up! Pinky turns Gino over and picks him up with one hand by his neck and drops Gino on his knee. The referee counts and this one is done. All three men taunt, gloat and laugh about the "incident" at ringside.

Winner Via Pinfall - Pinky

Singles Match

Ozzie Gallagher VS Hobo Hank

Up next is another fresh and new match from the minds that bring you DWO. Ozzie Gallagher made his way out to the ring unveiling a cocky attitude and oozing confidence. Out next the lovable and fan loved Hobo Hank made his way down the ramp. With his traditional walk through the crowd, his hardcore fans treat him to cokes, chips and food. Hobo makes his way back into the ring and we are ready for one on one competition.

Both men start this match on an even playing field but it quickly dissipates to the outside. Personally the outside and hardcore environment has to favor Hobo Hank who is a man of the streets. While on the outside Hobo bites the forehead of Ozzie. As if that weren't enough Hobo then gives Ozzie and armpit full of stank, yes stank right in Ozzie's face. This match is proving to be too much for young Ozzie to handle as Hobo preps him in the corner for his patented tornado DDT. Hank hits the mark and the referee counts to three and this one is over....kind of.

For some time now The MK Bandit, Matthew Roblez has had a very personal vendetta against Hobo Hank. This classic good vs. evil, rich vs. poor, heaven vs. hell feud has gone on for as long as anyone can remember. Post-match, MK reveals that Hobo Hank cheated to win and that the decision be reversed. The referee reluctantly does so and awards the match to Ozzie. A stressed out, upset, pissed off and visibly angry Hobo Hank has had just about as much as he can handle. How far can one man be pushed and bullied by a rich and debonair tyrant who not only controls his career but forces his moves like a pawn on a chess board.

Winner Via DQ - Ozzie Gallagher

DWO World Tag Team Championship Match

PPRay VS The Death Rage Cartel

It's all fun and games until the gold in on the line. It was going to be a PPRay kind of day when the duo came out grooving to the music. The California natives are out first with an added member to their tag team; they are joined by Pinky. Don't let these men fool you, yes they love to have a good time and yes they love to entertain but they can also produce five star matches.

Out next are the men who haunt your nightmares, they're the epitome of fear and hatred. Two thirds of the The Death Rage Cartel, Josh Pain and Dextor accompanied by the World Champion of DWO himself Johnny K. Both teams have been around the block way more than once so both know not to turn their backs on the other team in the slightest bit. So in the opening seconds of the match both teams tried to get the ever so elusive tactical advantage. On one end lay the contents of Ray Rosas' mysterious fanny pack. On the other the hidden contents of the DRC briefcase. Josh Pain and Ray Rosas agree to put the items aside and have a clean match. Before the match even starts though both Pinky and Johnny K are removed from ringside after some questionable interference. Referee Kyle Neice restores order to the match; Josh and Ray lock up center of the ring and this match is under way. Ray and Josh trade right handed closed fists early on. Taking nothing away from Ray Rosas, he is a tough competitor and a genius at planning attacks on his opponents. The reason he and Peter Avalon have remained a team for so long is not only chemistry but the ability to use a psychological advantage on their opponents. With these two men firmly at the helm of the tag team division the psychology of wrestling will live on. Josh Pain and Dextor are two of the strongest forces to ever come out of the professional wrestling banner. At one point in the match Peter Avalon gets double chopped by Dextor and Josh at the same time. Picture this; imagine you running at full speed and then you get smacked in the chest with a baseball bat by Alex Rodriguez. Now imagine two bats by someone equal in strength. Any lesser man would be down and out for the count. A chop may not sound like an effective move but coming from Dextor and Josh you can be Peter will be sore for days. Both teams are so evenly matched that it's very hard for either to gain the advantage they need. It isn't until after some unfortunate communication that PPRay falls just short and The Cartel pick up the pin fall victory.

Winners and STILL Champions - Dextor and Josh Pain

Three Way Tag Team Match

Keepers of the Faith VS The Hooligans VS Brute 66

Tag team wrestling lovers rejoice in the fact your dream had arrived. DWO has the highly popular and intense tag team of Brute 66. This tag team has seen and memorized the word hardcore in their wrestling style, resume's and promo work. They have captured charisma and lit the DWO fan base on fire. You mix in the legendary Keepers of the Faith tag team of Gabriel Gallo and Dom Vitalli and you now have a match with four highly combustible elements to make an explosive and high profile match. But when it was announced that The Hooligans, Mason Cutter and Devin Cutter with Uncle Leo, were going to be added now you have the be all end all of triple threat matches. A small history on The Hooligans and to let our readers know just how vicious and nasty they are. They have held the ZERO1 USA World Tag Team Championship for over 1,000 days! Imagine being a champion with a target on your back and you hold a championship for over two years. Countless matches, the toll it takes on the human body and the chemistry both partners have to have in order to accomplish such a feat. Oh and one more thing, not only are these two men heavyweight contenders but they are also high flying contenders.

In the early stages of the match Ray Basura was singled out with the massive and gargantuan Gabriel Gallo doing a number on Ray with frequent tags to his respective Keeper of the Faith tag team partner. All three teams showed off an amazing display off offense and ability to hang with the best of them. Mosh Pit Mike is one of the best pure brawlers out on the independent scene. So when Mosh Pit tagged in to do battle with Mason Cutter, this match reached one of its high end peaks. Both big men traded left and right hands on top of classic wrestling maneuvers. The crowd in attendance was seeing the closest thing to a straight up fight from Mosh Pit. At one point this match got so chaotic all six men where in the ring and the gates of hell opened up. Closed fists, leather boots and anger were in full brute force. Uncle Leo stood at ringside worried about his boys, about his team about who he has helped become one of the best. The match is at an all-time high, Dom Vitalli is perched on the top rope, it's not a bird or a plane but it is Mr. Vitalli hitting his patented flying elbow. The referee counts to three and this one is over.

Winners Via Pinfall - Dom Vitalli and Gabriel Gallo

Singles Match

Chad Thomas VS Mikey McFinnegan

Out first was a new comer to the DWO scene, Mike McFinnegan. No the watermelon smashing Gallagher did not have a kid, well maybe he did but we don't think this is him. McFinnegan made his way to ring side shaking hands and greeting the Albuquerque crowd. His merchandise was interesting and a hot topic talked about on this night. Out next was the Texas sized steak, out with red hot sizzle and ready to light this match on fire. Accompanied to the ring by his mentor The MK Bandit, Matthew Roblez; Mikey's smile sure faded pretty quickly. The bell rings and Mikey locks in Chad Thomas into a side headlock. MK is actually shocked. No disrespect to Mikey but any type of headlock is hard to apply on Chad Thomas. As we have said in the past this massive giant is six feet six inches tall. He is extremely rarely the low man on the totem pole when it comes to being an underdog. Mikey builds enough of an offense that he sends Mr. Thomas out to the ringside near the entrance ramp. MK runs to Chad's aid, protecting his investment and looking out for one of his own. Mikey sees an opportunity that can shoot two birds with one stone. McFinnegan moonsaults, or back flips, from the second rope to the outside taking out both men with his body. MK is down, Chad Thomas down and the crowd is in awe to see the 6'6 giant off of his feet. Chad Thomas is sent back into the ring and just as Mikey is about to enter the ring the resilient MK is up to his feet and holds Mikey in place while a charging Chad takes out Mikey; advantage Chad. The entire match is now in favor of MK and Chad. McFinnegan becomes a victim of a modified version of the camel clutch, punches, kicks and full body slams. Chad even picks up Mikey and delivers a modified version a pile driver. Mikey's neck took a brutal landing on that pile driver but managed to kick out at two. This guy is tough and has the heart of an underdog. Chad is revving up those tree trunks he calls biceps and charges toward Mikey. McFinnegan has the ring presence to duck out of the way but he connects with Senior Referee Kyle Neice; the referee is down! Chad Thomas takes advantage and wipes out Mikey, we have no referee! Down the ramp comes another Matthew Roblez follower, Carny Rob. He is wearing a a DWO referee shirt, he counts and this is going to be a damn screw job.

Winner Via Pinfall - Chad Thomas

The Announcement That Shook DWO To It's Core....

The New DWO Adviser to Adam Merrick

Hobo Hank and Adam Merrick have had enough. Not just for days, weeks but for months Hobo Hank hasn't been able to get Matthew Roblez off of his hands. Matthew Roblez hasn't been able to get Hobo Hank off his hands. Where one is, the other isn't far behind. This is a war that has been waged for the sense of power and supremacy. Hobo Hank is in the ring with a steel chair after the McFinnegan/Thomas match. He looks extremely pissed off and rightfully so. Adam Merrick enters the ring, microphone in hand. Mr. Merrick states that he has scoured the globe for the one person who can help fight the war against MK and his goons and he also states that "he" has been found....



Two things to consider, number one, you need to attend every, if not as many DWO shows as you possibly can. Why? You never know who will walk out and you never know what will happen that will leave you breathless. Number two, if you have been living under a rock from 1994 to 2006 then you missed on of most polarizing figures to compete against pro wrestling and sports entertainment titan WWE's VInce McMahon. You also missed the man that defines controversy. So when Adam Merrick announced the new adviser of DWO the speakers blasted familiar music, nWo music to be exact. The fans confused, the fans looked around. Could it be Kevin Nash, Scott Hall or some other guy? Quite the contrary, it was Eric Bischoff!!!! The crowd in the 505 blew the roof off the Westside Arena. It was deafening and it was a true goose bumps kind of moment. The man that nearly took down the WWE in the 90's, the man who he and he alone captained rival the rival WCW promotion and lit the spark that blew the wrestling world on fire in on July 7th, 1996 was here in DWO! MK shocked, Chad Thomas shocked, the fans louder than ever and the coup de gras was a handshake between Adam Merrick and Eric Bischoff. Mr. Bischoff took the most powerful weapon in pro wrestling to make the following announcement. "Live, right here on April 23rd, Chad Thomas VS Hobo Hank in a Chairs Match. Oh yea and one more thing, I will be here to oversee things on April 23rd" A blockbuster announcement was revealed, not only was this not a one off appearance but Eric Bischoff will be back to oversee things and where ever he goes, controversy and surprises follow.

DWO Softcore Championship Match

THE Josh Carey VS Joe Quesada

On March 14th, 2015 THE Josh Carey defeated Ray Basura in a Dumpster Match. If you weren't able to attend or you forgot what happened I suggest you stop and read that article to catch up. Now if you read it, re-read it or know what happened than you know that for a full calendar year THE Josh Carey has held the former DWO Extreme Championship. After he won the championship he re-christened the championship and started defending the belt in "softcore" matches. At Day of Destiny VIII it was defended in a "Ball & Chain Match"; at There Is No Line the championship was defended in a "Extreme Pillowcase Match". Fast forward to Saturday night and the match was announced to be a "Candy Death Match"....sweet. Ok bad pun. Out first was the challenger, Albuquerque native and hero to the crowd, Joe Quesada. Out next was the King of Killing Calories, accompanied by the Yoda of Yoga, Tony Stark, the champion THE Josh Carey. Joe Quesada is an example of The Extreme Championship eluding him so with rage filled eyes and the heart of a lion he goes after THE Josh Carey but Mr. Carey didn't get to where he is in this business by rushing into tough situations head on. The champion is slowly dissecting Joe with a mental breakdown by taunting him to take a shot at the champion only to cower in the corner. Finally Joe sees his opening takes the champion and goes old school on his candy ass. Ok really bad pun. The champion is resulting to devious tactics such as choking Joe with his shirt, pulling out a bag full of candy and attempting to body slam Joe on the candy. Joe refuses to give up and out wrestles the champion with jabs to Mr. Carey's face. The champion signals his protégé that he is in trouble and Tony throws in a candy coated kendo stick. THE Josh Carey has evil intentions and tells the crowd in the Westside Arena the end is near but Joe Quesada behind him. Joe takes the stick and nails Carey in the back. He blasts Tony Stark and now Joe can see the golden light at the end of the tunnel. Joe locks in a version of the Texas Cloverleaf submission maneuver. Carey, dead center in the ring, has nowhere to go. The pain is growing; it intensifies and has no choice but to tap out.

DWO World Heavyweight Championship Match

Thunder VS Johnny K (c)

Before we profile this titanic main event we want to take you back to a road show entitled "Fighting Below Zero". The event took place in Alamosa, Colorado. Thunder defeated local independent talent Tony Ortega and extended his streak to 11 - 0.

So here we are, fighting out of the neon green corner, the undefeated Thunder. His entrance theme alone pumps up and fuels the fans in attendance and when he walks down the ramp you know he can walk the walk and fight the good fight. From a high paced entrance to a slow, methodical theme, fighting out of the black corner, the champion Johnny K. This match has been heavily anticipated for a long time. The fans believe in Thunder, they see him as the uncrowned champion. They along with Thunder have worked so hard and can see the light, only one obstacle stands between the gold. Johnny K and the Death Rage Cartel are beside themselves; they cannot and will not fathom anyone with the most prestigious prize around the waist, over the shoulder of anyone but themselves. A stare down in the middle of the ring took place like two cowboys in the old west preparing to battle. You could have cut the tension with the knife; the referee signals for the bell and both men give this match everything they have. This match seemed to go on in slow motion; it was a work of art in progress. Those that saw it live truly witnessed history in the making. Thunder locks in a series of arm bars; he drops Johnny and hyper extends his arm while driving his knee into the side of his temple. Thunder is no stranger to the squared circle; he knows the tricks of the trade bar none. Johnny K another man very familiar with the tricks of the trade reverses the hold and tries to choke out Thunder. The addition here is that Johnny drives his knee to Thunder's back while he pulls on his head back. Thunder could tap out here but he isn't a quitter, he didn't get to where he's at by quitting. He fought and clawed his way to the main event of one of the most controversial and ground breaking events. Bruises and welts are forming on Thunder's back from the stiff kicks that echoed throughout the Westside Arena. His chest is red and swollen from the chops by the champion. Several pin-falls by the champion prove to be unsuccessful and now the champion is stressing out. The champion and challenger trade advantages, both men are so close to clinching the win but neither man refusing to give in. The stress by the champion is building and would you look at that, Josh Pain out to ringside to distract the challenger, it works. Johnny K sends Thunder into the corner and Thunder falls in the corner. Johnny K signals for what is known on the independent scene as the most devastating kick. Johnny gains momentum and connects with the Hesh Kick. The referee gets into position, he counts the one. Fans are hoping this isn't over, the referee counts two and then the referee counts the heartbreaking three. The streak is....over. Children in the crowd cried, fans upset and irate. Their hero lay in the middle of the ring, beaten, battered and broken.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL Champion - Johnny K

Hook & Shoot Event - 4/23/16

With April 23rd less than four weeks away here are the questions that need answering:

1. What does the new relationship regarding Pinky and PPRay and what does it mean for DWO?
2. What new talent will debut?
3. With the tag team division at an all time high, are the days numbered for the DRC and there Tag Team Championship?
4. What will Eric Bischoff have in store for the fans on April 23rd?
5. Now that Joe Quesada has captured the championship, will he be taking things to the extreme once again?


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