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DWO "The Ides of March" Fallout

Updated on March 17, 2015

The Ides of March Is Here

The Ides of March, the saga continues....

Napoleon Bonaparte once looked around at his men, and in a stern, commanding, deep voice he said, "Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them." Saturday March 14th, all the warriors that went into battle displayed passion to it's fullest. This is "The Ides of Match" Fallout....

7P.M. rolls around and we get the legendary voice of Destiny Wresting's Adam Merrick to welcome us to the show. The fans in attendance are asked to rise for the playing of our national anthem. As the majestic and blissful tones of our national anthem play it's suddenly interrupted by the Director of Competition The MK Bandit?! Fans in attendance were clearly heard gasping as the representative to DWO World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray interrupted the sacred opening of the event. Visibly upset and disgruntled they proceeded to hear the vocal dismemberment of one Dom Vitali who for weeks had demanded and pleaded for his rematch. Fans had rallied and echoed Dom's sentiment, so finally the Director of Competition had an answer, an answer Dom Vitali didn't necessarily want to hear. "Dom if you want your rematch for the DWO World Heavyweight Championship then you need to find yourself a tag team and tonight, in the main event, you and your tag team will face The Death Rage Cartel AND Bully Ray! If you win, then you can have your rematch! Instantly the crowd roared as their hero was given one more chance at redemption.

Those boots were made for walkin....

Donnie Amsterdam def. Joe Quesada

Destiny Wrestling never fails to open their show with a bang. March 14th was no disappointment. Albuquerque native Joe Quesada was out first to a very hot reception. He greeted his fans and thanked them for their support. Out next was the brash, the cocky, Beverly Hills favorite son Mr. Donnie Amsterdam. Senior referee Kyle Neice was set to officiate the contest. Both men locked up center of the ring only to have the opening seconds stalemate. As both men felt each other out the crowd was heard chanting "Nice new boots" and "Shiny boots" towards Joe Quesada.

Every so often in life one is treated to witness history in the making. Saturday night the opening bout to the Ides of March show was a piece of history, a match that will stand the test of time. Both men knowing each other so well, trying to counter each other move for move, easily put on a wrestling clinic. In the end it would be the bad boy tactics of one Mr. Donnie Amsterdam to score the 1-2-3. Failing to realize Donnie's feet were on the ropes, Joe Quesada pleaded with referee Kyle Neice to reverse the decision. However the referee can't count what he cannot see. The ruling stands, and Donnie walks away a W in the win column. As Donnie walked away we think he turned another cheek....or two. Our journalist on staff caught up with Donnie post match and was quoted as saying "Joe Quesada, former tag team partner, never went anywhere as a tag team so I dropped him. He's part of my resume pad now, May 9th I want gold"

New Mexico VS Texas

Thunder def Tony Morales

Thunder, the fan favorite, the 505's hometown hero. Tony Morales, the "Homicidal Half Brain" and a Texas sized problem opposed Thunder, this was set to be a clash of titans. The bell rang and we are were under way. This bout was set to be speed vs power. The immovable object vs the unstoppable force and with statehood bragging rights on the line, both men held nothing back. A match that was too short for a lot of peoples taste, delivered a high quality performance. Submissions, speed, athletic ability and the insanity of Tony Morales proved nothing was off limits. In the end, hometown hero Thunder came out the victor and celebrated in the "Thunder Fan Section" with the cheer and adoration of his fans and friends. Tony Morales however was none too pleased and had some disparaging remarks post match. He was heard as saying "I've wrestled Thunder before, we had a 2 out of 3 falls match in 2007, I thought I had him but it didn't happen. I'm glad to be out of this state, the people here smell bad and next time Thunder I'll show you moves, thought process' and submissions you've never seen. I'm out!"

Hollywood's Favorite Tag Team

Los Foxstars def PPRay

A tag team bout that had an eclectic flavor. Fashion, high flying, dancing, masked superstars and....the fanny pack! The newly arrived tag team of PPRay, "Pretty" Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas danced into a show stealing performance. Los Foxstars were out next to a hot New Mexico crowd and ready for high flying action. The bell rang and we were underway. Prior to any wrestling actually taking place John Travolta's long lost offspring decided to show the Albuquerque crowd the meaning of the phrase "Saturday Night Fever." Both Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon stole the show with impressive dance moves and professional wrestling. The "Hollywood Elite" were very strong offensive and defensively by taking it to Los Foxstars the entire bout. The action even spilled over to the outside of the ring several times and so did the "extreme" dancing. In the end Los Foxstars claimed the victory and celebrated their way to the back. After the bout both men went on talked to our reporter and stated "We came out to New Mexico to make a statement, make a splash, make an impact however this time it didn't happen. We came up on the short end but it's not our fault. The reason we lost is because these fans didn't dig our sexiness, our dance moves and star power. Their small town folk so it all went over their head. We are Hollywood sensations, A-listers, main eventers and May 9th we want out of state tag team gold. We are PPRay all day, next time it's going to be time to shake our hips and get hard nips!"

Dumpster Diving

The Josh Carey def Ray Basura (c) - Extreme Heavyweight Championship Dumpster Match

On a night where history was guaranteed to be made, two men laid it all on the line for a shot at immortality. With the lineage of the Extreme Heavyweight Championship waiting to be extended, this was set to be an all out war. A man like Ray Basura who held the title for two years and a hungry number one contender in The Josh Carey waiting to challenge, the bell rang and the war raged on. Both men refused to give up, to surrender was not an option and were determined to win at all costs. Early in the match the crowd gasped with worry as The Josh Carey caught the edge of the dumpster similar to Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1998. After The Josh Carey shook it off he valiantly continued the match and took a massive offense to his opponent. Further into the course of the match both men were actually in the dumpster at one point fighting for supremacy. As The Josh Carey tried to escape Ray Basura smacked The Josh Carey in the lower back with a metal street sign so loud it sounded like a gun went off. This proved to be a smart move on Ray Basura's part as he went after the same lower back that The Josh Carey clipped on the dumpster earlier. The Josh Carey regained the offense and sent Ray into the dumpster so hard it actually took part of the dumpster off of the dollies. The end of the match is approaching and both men were atop the turnbuckle fighting for control. Right and left fists, finally off of the second turnbuckle Josh sends Ray back first into the dumpster. The crowd lay silent, quiet, dim. EMT personnel were on standby for a signal from the referee as they watched with a dropped jaw. Added to that was the disbelief that both men were able to walk out after the match, however prior to the ending The Josh Carey would be the only man to walk out with gold as he would slam both lids to the dumpster shut. This one was over, for now. Ray Basura was reached for word after the match and went on record to say "Unfortunately Josh and I have been going back and forth physically for months, his actions today went about a way that no DWO Champion should be presenting himself. One door closed today, another will open. Big and better things are on their way for Ray Basura." Later in the night we caught up with the new Extreme Heavyweight Champion and had some interesting words. "I'm not surprised I won, I came up with a plan and I stuck to it. My plan was the dismemberment of Ray Basura. I told everyone I would prove I was the champion. I proved it, I earned it. May 9th at the Armory there is nowhere to go but up, I cannot lose, my system is too well defined. I've sacrificed and I've fought to be the best, this belt proves it.

International Sensation

The Pali Prince def Mosh Pit Mike

International warfare at the Ides of March show was in full effect. In one corner fan favorite Mosh Pit Mike in the other corner The Pali Prince, the bell rings and this one is going to be good. Both men are huge power houses, both men intense power men, both hungry to show what they're made of. The match continued back and forth, neither men wanting to back down, the fans behind their man Mosh Pit Mike. Degrading comments being shouted at the Prince just motivated him even more to win. The end of the match drew near, Mosh Pit Mike has this in the back, roll up pin, center of the ring and just then the unthinkable, the unimaginable. DWO referee Tony Fletcher pushes The Pali Prince into a reversing the roll up by Mosh Pit Mike and fast counts The Pali Prince. The crowd shocked that one of their own has betrayed them. After the match The Pali Prince and turncoat official Tony Fletcher stand by the entryway basking in the boo and light of victory only to have another shocker stun the already heated Albuquerque crowd. The one, the only NEW Extreme Heavyweight Champion The Josh Carey raise both men's hand in victory. The crowd showered the trio with boo and hate. Post match Tony Fletcher have us a statement on the dawning of the new stable he called "The Motivators." When asked about the controversy coming out of the match Mr. Fletcher had this to say. "Controversy? What's so controversial about that happened out there? My job was to go out there and count the 1-2-3, I didn't push anyone over!. As far as The Josh Carey goes, that championship is staying with him for a lot longer than Ray Basura. The Pali Prince is headed to the sky with me in his corner and aligned with me he will be the eventual World Heavyweight Champion. This is only the beginning...." He walked away after those last bit of words. May the 9th at the Armory, what will these three men plan for "The Revival" show?"

The Odds are stacked....

Dom Vitali, Hobo Hank & Fabian Fury def The Death Rage Cartel & Bully Ray

Put the kids to bed this one is going to get ugly. Senior Official Kyle Neice is set to officiate the main event. Out first is the Death Rage Cartel, Josh Pain. Dextor & Johnny K with baby. Instant hostile environment to say the least but wait there's more as DWO World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray walks out to the jeers and boo's of the crowd alongside his representative and Director of Competition for DWO The MK Bandit. However, here come the Freedom Avengers, Pinky and Fabian Fury out to a standing ovation from the crowd. They signal to the entrance ramp and next out is the man from the alley behind the Frontier, Hobo Hank. Loved by all of his fans and showered in adoration he walked alongside his people to remind them he would fight the good fight for his friend Dom Vitali. Speaking of which the golden boy is out next to a huge positive reaction by the Albuquerque loyal. He knows this is his next step to reclaiming DWO gold. Before the bell can even ring, the MK Bandit does remind Dom that he told him at the top of the program that he needed to find a "tag team". A tag team does not consist of three men, only two, therefore he sends Pinky to hit the showers early. This match will now be a 4 on 3 Elimination Tag Team Match. The bell rings and as Mills Lane would say, let's get it on. Fabian Fury and Dextor start off the main event bout, both men evenly matched; both men very proficient in the art of professional wrestling, neither one willing to back off. Bully Ray doesn't want in the match much less if he has to deal with Hobo Hank who he claims "smells". The match is a close to a riot scene as close can be. Bodies are flying left and right, even the MK Bandit sends Hobo Hank into the ring post. Everyone holding his own, Dextor is first to be eliminated, followed by Fabian Fury, then Josh Pain, and then Hobo Hank. However prior to leaving the bout Hank would get one last jab in on the Director of Competition by biting him in the face. We are down to the wire, Dom Vitali vs Johnny K and Bully Ray. Dom Vitali not looking so good and to make matters worse Bully introduced the signature table. Johnny K and Bully smile and salivate at the fact that it's only a matter of seconds before to Dom Vitali becomes a distant memory. Bully Ray and Johnny turn around to catch a double boot off of the top rope by Dom. Vitali picks up Johnny and sends him crashing through the table quickly goes for the cover on Johnny, 1-2-3! We are tied at one a piece, ironic this is how it ended last month. Locked in the center of the ring, Bully, Vitali, here we go again. Both men with their best fist offense. Neither man will surrender, Vitali hits a massive power move and goes for the cover Kyle counts 1, MK shouts kick out Bully, 2, KICK OUT BULLY, 3! WE have ourselves a NEW number one contender for "The Revival" show May 9th! Bully Ray is steaming red hot, so irate at what happened he storms off to the locker room. Dom stays and celebrates with his people. After the match we tried to catch up with Bully Ray. However we were blocked by The MK Bandit who had this to say, "Bully Ray will NOT be answering any questions he has locked himself in his locker room. Unfortunately Dom Vitali WILL be getting his rematch May 9th at the Armory. Something is going on I will be reviewing the tapes to see what is going on, clearly the DWO Board of Directors had something to do with this. Bully Ray is very upset however he did not lose tonight he is still walking out with the championship. May 9th I will not stack the odds, Dom is just going to have to learn the hard way that he CANNOT beat my client Bully Ray, if you don't mind Bully has a first class flight out of this place...." Strong words from the Director himself.

Unanswered Questions

Who is next on Donnie Amsterdam's hit list? Unfinished business between Quesada and Amsterdam?

Who is next to step up and try to catch lighting in a bottle and derail the train that is Thunder?

Will PPRay steal another show May 9th? Will the DWO grant them their Tag Team Title Match?

Who is extreme enough to take on the new Extreme Heavyweight Champion especially with the Pali Prince and the turncoat Benedict Arnold like Tony Fletcher with the power to referee matches?

Bully Ray WILL defend his DWO World Heavyweight Championship May 9th at the Armory but what kind of match will it be? What mood will he be in Saturday night? How will MK respond to the threat of Dom Vitali.

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