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DWO "The Show" Aftermath

Updated on February 12, 2015

The Results

* Thunder def. Richard Syn Cyr
* Hobo Hank def. Donnie Amsterdam
* DeathRage Cartel (Josh Pain, Dextor & Johnny K) def. Freedom Avengers (Pinky & Fabian Fury) to retain the Tag Team Championship
* Joe Quesada def. Ray Rosas
* Brute 66 (Mosh Pit Mike & Extreme Champion Ray Basura) def. The Josh Carey & Jay Garland in a 5 Points Street Fight
* Shadow Fox and Lucha Star fought to a draw
* Bully Ray def. Dom Vitalli to WIN the Heavyweight Championship in a No-DQ Match

Death Rage Cartel

This is only the beginning....

Walt Disney once said, "The difference between winning and losing, is most often....not quitting."

Saturday February the 6th at the Pat McKernan Center off of Five Points and Bridge saw "The Show" take independent wrestling to new heights. In an impressing showing of athleticism, family entertainment and poetry in motion, these athlete's won, lost but never gave up. Josh Pain of the trio and World Tag Team Champions "The Death Rage Cartel" (pictured far left) was quoted as saying, "it's the best form of wrestling and entertainment money can buy" he later added "wait until you see what happens March 14th"

Richard Syn Cyr

Thunder Def. Richard Syn Cyr

The night saw the opening bout of a high flying Thunder take on the vaudevillian himself Richard Syn Cyr in a match that tested the two to their limits. The hot, sold out Albuquerque crowd rallied behind Thunder, while the crowd booed the "gentlemanly" vaudevillian Richard Syn Car. If you arrived late in this opening bout you missed two amazing athletes gutting it out in a match that is sure to stand the test of time.

Donnie Amsterdam applying a version of the Ankle Lock

Hobo Hank def Donnie Amsterdam

Hobo Hank the lovable homeless man who will "rassle" for food, came out to a loud reception of the crowd. Immediately he came to ring side to walk though his legions of fans, he even held up signs from his most loyal fans. The fans cheered and expressed their love until one Donnie Amsterdam attacked Hobo Hank through the crowd and in the process injuring his left leg on the ring steps. Donnie was relentless in his attack and continued the punishment on Hobo Hanks leg. The fans distraught their hero might succumb to the power of Donnie cheered and rallied, with the fans firmly in Hanks corner they chanted his name and it was a matter of time before the local hero battled Donnie for the 1-2-3. Post match Donnie Amsterdam was quoted as saying "I WAS CHEATED, I AM MAIN EVENT MATERIAL, these people see a lot of themselves in Hobo Hank, he's flea infested, his friends are rats and he is what he eats....garbage. March 14th, I'm off to bigger and better things"

Fabian Fury & Pinky Santino

Death Rage Cartel (Josh Pain, Dextor & Johnny K) def. Freedom Avengers Pinky & Fabian Fury to retain the Tag Team Championship

The current DWO World Tag Team champions have had countless matches with numerous opponents, but could the their hold on the ten pounds of gold be near?

In the first championship bout of the night, The Death Rage Cartel waged war on the Freedom Avengers (Pinky Santino,background & Fabian Fury, foreground) for the World Tag Team Championship being defended under the Freebird Rule. The match saw Fabian Fury take a brutal beating from all three members of the Death Rage Cartel. With Pinky Santino desperate to get in the ring he waited for his partner to tag. When the crowd thought the fresh man was in and ready to shift momentum the referee sent Pinky back to the corner to shock of the crowd. The ref was heard yelling, "I never saw the tag." The assault continued and eventually the assault was too much for Fabian to handle. After the 3 count, the champions retain. In a post match interview, Pinky Santino and Fabian Fury were on record as saying "March 14th, we want a fight, only this time, we have a surprise partner, no more cheating boys." Who is coming March 14th to side with the Freedom Avengers?

The Fanny Pack Choke

Joe Quesada def. Ray Rosas

From the man who wants to make a main event statement, (as well as a fashion statement), Ray Rosas and his gold fanny pack saw a loss to hometown boy Joe Quesada. The man with a gold fanny pack saw the pageantry only Liberace would appreciate, but don't let that fool you. These two easily stole the show according to numerous audience members post show. "Ray Rosas is the essence of a bad guy" said a local fan. Their chemistry in the ring was evident and should they ever meet again it will be no doubt the fans will easily get their money's worth in this match.

Velvet Sky?! Oh my!

Surprise, Surprise!

In what was a huge treat to the Albuquerque crowd. Former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, did an exclusive meet and greet prior to the show. During the middle of the program she came to the ring to greet the crowd. The crowd erupted and greeted the former Knockouts Champion with a welcoming reception, after letting the pigeons loose in the 505. She had a few thankful words for being an amazing crowd on her first ever visit to the Land of Enchantment, however....

Jay Garland taking a clothesline

Brute 66 (Mosh Pit Mike & Extreme Champion Ray Basura) def. The Josh Carey & Jay Garland in a 5 Points Street Fight

....Jay Garland and Josh Carey interrupted the beautiful blonde bombshell. They claimed she'd let herself go and was putting on some weight. Velvet Sky wouldn't take this sitting down as she slapped Josh Carey so hard sounded like a gun went off. Soon after the Brute 66 tag team consisting of Mosh Pit Mike & Extreme Champion Ray Basura came to her aid challenging the the duo to a 5 Points Street Fight. Bring out the weapons and we are under way. This match had it all, chairs, trash cans, a sledgehammer and a cinder block. Wait, CINDER BLOCK?! Josh Carey proved his toughness as he took a cinder block to the chest and had is smashed by a sledge hammer. The only thing worse was the steel chair to his unborn children region. Count this one to three and it's over. The sore losers couldn't stand the loss so they decided to take things to a new degree by handcuffing Moshpit Mike and forced him to watch the dismembering of his tag team partner and Extreme Champion Ray Basura. In a post match interview Jay Garland stated "March 14th I take out the trash, Moshpit Mike, your next and then it's my destiny to take the World Heavyweight Championship"

Aerial Assault

Shadow Fox Vs Lucha Star - Time Limit Draw

In what was supposed to be an aerial assault, Los Foxstars were stunned to hear they would instead be facing each other. On this night best friends made for better enemies as the two rarely stayed on the ground. If you blinked you missed an impressive maneuver. Another match where two athletes knew each other so well they complimented each other so well it wouldn't shock the local crowd if a return bout was in the works. However the crowd was at an uproar when the 10 minute time limit expired. The crowd was clearly heard as saying "Let them go", "don't stop" and "ten more minutes." After the event we caught up with Los Foxstars and they went on record to say " Everyone and anyone is welcome to take us on, we love the competition the DWO is bring us. However we do want those Tag Team belts, we need those Tag Team belts, we're coming for them"

Albuquerque Screw Job

The Main Event - Bully Ray def. Dom Vitalli to WIN the Heavyweight Championship in a No-DQ Match

The stage is set. Dom Vitalli the DWO World Heavyweight Champion set to defend against former ECW and WWE Mega Star Bubba (Bully) Ray Dudley. The champion out first came to a loud cheer holding his title high in the air. Next out Bubba Ray Dudley would come out with his signature table in hand. The crowd screamed and the roof nearly came off the Pat McKernan Center. Bubba Ray and Dom Vitalli both in phenomenal shape prepared for a sure all out war, until a challenge was made. Why not add, no disqualification to the mix? The hot Albuquerque crowd was all for it and so out DWO Main Event was under way, first time ever. Dom Vitalli took on the challenge of a lifetime, both men traded blows and this match of historic proportions gave the fans a match they had been salivating over for weeks now. With both men firmly struggling for supremacy the referee was knocked out for a brief period, Dom VItalli hit a power move and covered Bubba Ray for the win however with no referee no one could make the count. The crowd waited for another ref but instead they got the surprise of their life. DWO Director of Competition Matthew Roblez AKA The MK Bandit came out and handed Bubba Ray a steel chair. Bubba Ray picked up and hit a grand slam on Dom Vitalli's face, Bubba goes for the cover, 1....2....3. We have a new DWO World Heavyweight Champion. The fans visibly angry and shocked demanded a rematch. They yelled, screamed and shouted "He was screwed". At the entrance way Bubba Ray and the Director of Competition celebrated as Bubba Ray complimented MK on being a genius. After the event we were able to catch up with the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Bubba Ray Dudley and went on record to say, "The Albuquerque Screwjob brought to you by Bubba Ray and MK." When asked when he would be back and who he would defend his new championship, Bubba stated "I WILL be back March 14, I don't know who I'll be defending my championship against but it doesn't matter I can beat them all" After Bubba Ray was asked if the rematch between himself and Dom Vittali was on the horizon Bubba responded by saying, "I don't know, I don't care but I do know I'm ready." Bubba was then asked, "now that you have the World Heavyweight Championship, any chance of you bringing D-Von and challenging the World Tag Team Championship on March the 14th? Bubba Ray responded "Guess you'll just have to wait and see what happens, maybe, maybe not"

The Aftermath

With February 6th in the past and March the 14th now looming and steadily approaching what does DWO Director of Competition have in store for the Ides of March Show? Are the Death Rage Cartel counting their days as World Tag Team Champions? Who will be the 3rd man to aid the Freedom Avengers? Will D-Von Dudley show up? Who will face Bubba Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Only one way to find out, and that's March the 14th at the Pat McKernan Center (Five Points and Bridge). For more information follow DWO Wrestling at:


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