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DWO "There Is No Line" Aftermath

Updated on June 23, 2015

Singles Match

Shadow Fox VS Violent V

If you want to start your show aptly named "There Is No Line", your first match certainly needs to set the pace. These two athletes held nothing back in the opening bout. In a match that featured high flying action, submission wrestling, power wrestling and in your face wrestling Violent V and Shadow Fox proved to be two pillars of Destiny Wrestling. Shadow Fox was out as the first competitor of the night to a huge pop from the crowd. Next out was the enigma known as Violent V. Prior to the match Violent V had Destiny Wrestling ring announcer Adam Merrick make the proclamation that if anyone chanted "Texas Sucks", he would personally punch those individuals in the face. The Albuquerque crowd not one to shy from a challenge quickly put Violent V in his place by chanting "Texas Sucks". The quickly irate Violent V couldn't contain his anger and rushed to the ring. The bell rang and these two competitors wasted no time in locking center of the ring. The match quickly led to a power struggle with Shadow Fox sending Violent V to the outside and connecting with an over the top rope leg drop to the outside on Violent V. Once back in the ring, Shadow Fox would continue the onslaught with the closed fist to Violent V on the corner. Violent V would not be denied as his comeback included heavy duty elbows shots to Shadow Fox's face and a nasty sit down version of a submission hold to Shadow Fox's lower back. Violent V knew this was time to put down the masked superstar. However as Violent V climbed to the second rope to splash Shadow Fox and attempt the three count, Shadow Fox had this scenario very well scouted as he would roll to safety and set up Violent V for a tornado DDT. With Fox's fan base cheering him on, Shadow crawled to the prone body of V and covered him. Senior Referee Kyle Neice counts to three and this one is over. Shadow Fox celebrated his victory with his fan base and headed to the locker-room, however Violent V was less than thrilled to suffer a loss to the high flying assault from Shadow Fox.

Winner By Pinfall - Shadow Fox

Happy Trails To You, Til We Meet Again....

Dusty Rhodes Tribute

This past week the world of wrestling lost a true pioneer. Virgil Runnels A.K.A. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes was a man of vision, passion, brain, charisma and the definition of the common man. He passed away after sustaining injuries from a fall at his Texas home. In a very classy move by Destiny Wrestling; Hobo Hank honored the fallen veteran with the famous "polka dots" ring attire, kind words about his career stating "DWO and all of us probably wouldn't be here if not for Dusty", and a traditional ten bell salute, that was until....

3 on 1 Gauntlet Match


Hobo Hank VS Franco Varga, Adrian Matthews & Johnny Proof

.... after the eighth tolling of the bell; one MK Bandit decided to tell the DWO fan base that HE was the real American Dream. His list of clients reads like a who's who, his accomplishments and his accolades are better than Dusty Rhodes. But Hobo Hank had had enough and gave MK three world famous Dusty bionic elbows. MK would then throw down the gauntlet and send in his newest power house, Franco Vargas. The man who was born to stand out quickly showed Hobo Hank that you don't cross the boss. The match became a one sided endeavor with Franco using a combination of power wrestling moves and sleeper holds. However because of his odor, Hobo Hank quickly picked up the pace and showed the impressive athlete that Hobo Hank was a man not to be messed with. Franco took the fight hard to Hank but in the end Hobo Hank would score the pin fall.

If there's one reason MK wears custom made Armani suits, it's because there's always an ace up his sleeve and that ace came in the form of "Perfect Ten" Adrian Matthews. Another new recruit by MK this young athlete tried to make quick work of Hobo Hank. Both men locked in a power struggle, ultimately Hank would send Adrian to the corner and lay into him with closed fist shots and would even go as far as to rake the eyes of Hobo Hank on the ropes. The fans in the National Guard Armory weren't thrilled over the antics of young Mr. Matthews but the brash young man still had plenty to serve Hobo Hank. Both men continued to square off throwing left and right punches. Adrian set up Hank in the corner and tried to go for a superplex off the top rope but the crafty DWO veteran saw that maneuver coming and would shove Adrian off the turnbuckle only to set Adrian up for a devastating tornado DDT. The referee counts to three and Hobo Hank surpasses MK's second obstacle.

The celebration wouldn't last as the third of MK's new mercenaries would debut. One Johnny Proof proved to be a true brawler in and out of the ring. Taking the chops to Hank's chest and leaving it red and swollen, Johnny quickly proved he and his two predecessors were the real deal. The brawl would spill to the outside, Johnny would continue to chop Hank's chest but it wouldn't last for long. Hobo Hank would make a comeback with chops of his own including the use of an NWA Championship replica belt to Johnny's face. As the action would return to the ring, Johnny would attempt to go the same route as his team mates by trying to take out the man who sleeps in the alley behind the Frontier with a sleeper hold. Feeling the support of the crowd, Hobo would make a comeback as his arm almost hit the mat to end the match. Mr. Proof was sent into the ropes, a kick and a spike DDT would put Johnny away for a three count. The celebration wouldn't last for Hobo Hank however as his defeated rivals would return to prove Hank had won the fight but was about to lose the war. All three men assaulted Hobo Hank thanks to the direction of MK in a gang style mugging. As Hobo Hank lay motionless in the ring MK would call back his newest protege's and celebrate before a capacity crowd.

Post-Match I caught up with "The Powerhouse" Franco Varga who was quoted as saying "Franco Varga is here to crush the DWO competition including that smelly bum Hobo Hank. The fans of DWO don't matter, WE DO. We are the best thing going today." I also managed to catch up with Adrian Matthews as he added "The DWO will see my return very soon; Albuquerque needs to see a Perfect 10 like me, look at me can you blame them for staring. I am the next breed of wrestler; working with MK will make my future better and brighter. In regards to Hobo Hank, he got lucky and can't beat me again on his best day" The third member of this stable joined in to add that "a whole bottle of body soap and two showers later, I still can't the smell off of me from that homeless wreck. I almost passed out from the smell but I'm a little better now. I will come back to DWO sooner than later and when I do I will bring you the truth"

Winner By Three Individual Pinfalls - Hobo Hank

Singles Match

The Pali Prince VS Thunder

Sports provide fans with moments that get us excited, leave us in awe and make us crave more. Sports streaks provide the intangible feeling that we are witnessing history. Michael Phelps went ten years undefeated in the 200m butterfly. Julio Cesar Chavez would go 90 and 0 in boxing bouts. In the 1970's the Kansas City Royals would go 10 games undefeated. But in Destiny Wrestling, the only man that knows how to electrify a crowd would have his streak tested and that test would be no easy task as it would come in the form of The Pali Prince. The match starts out with a traditional collar and elbow lock up in the center of the ring. Thunder quickly launched into the corner which would be followed up with a series of shoulder tackles to Thunder's ribs and mid-section. Thunder attempts to make a comeback but is quickly taken down by the Prince and put in a modified version of a back breaker submission move. Thunder escapes and attempts to take the attack to Pali only to be speared by The Pali Prince. The crowd was loud and vocal as far as even chanting "6 and 0" and "If Pali Prince wins we riot". Talk about a rowdy Albuquerque crowd. After a quick miscommunication do in part to fitness guru Tony Fletcher, Thunder catches Pali with a knee right to the side of the head which renders Pali immobile. As Pali lay motionless, Thunder climbed to the top rope and hit a splash better than one Superfly Jimmy Snuka for three sweet seconds. The streak lives to see another day, however unhappy about the outcome Tony decides to assault Thunder only to get taken down and set up for a Thunder splash similar to the one The Pali Prince just received. The crowd couldn't have been any happier.

Winner By Pinfall - Thunder

Singles Match

Tony Morales VS Mosh Pit Mike

So far into the night the card is stacked solidly. Every match delivering a quality performance, however Texas is 0 and 1 with Violent V not coming out the victor. Could Tony Morales turn things around for some Texas sized pride?

Tony Morales out first to the roaring boo of the crowd. Out next is fan favorite Mosh Pit Mike. The bell rings and Tony Morales is looking to show Mosh Pit Mike that he can dominate him with ease with a side headlock. In turn, Mosh Pit shows Tony that anything he can do, Mike can do better. Tony reverses and takes down Mosh Pit and applies a leg scissors. Mike counters and sends Tony Morales to the corner. Tony goes for some serious chops to Mosh Pit Mike's chest but Mosh Pit just toys with Tony. After a series of chops, Mosh Pit Mike is done with games and suggests it's time to go show Tony how it's done. Mike sends Tony to the outside and instructs the loyal DWO fan base to hold Tony so Mosh Pit can chop Tony. After what sounded like a gun going off in the National Guard Armory, Tony would scurry away in agony. The crafty Texas veteran would lure Mosh Pit in the ring and target Mike's leg and knee so far as to ram it into the leg post and wrap it around the bottom ring rope. Mosh Pit Mike went for one final gasp of air in his struggle with Tony Morales and hit a major superplex off the top rope. Mosh Pit tries to get the victory but it isn't time yet. Tony kicks out and grounds Mosh Pit Mike with a front headlock. The victory seemed to be in Tony's grasp however Mosh Pit had one last effort and in a last attempt to secure the win slams Tony to the mat. The referee counts and it's enough for the three. Dazed and confused Tony leaves the ring and is reminded that Texas is 0 and 2 for the night. Good night Mr. Morales.

Winner By Pinfall - Mosh Pit Mike

Extreme Pillowcase Match for the DWO Extreme Heavyweight Championship

The Josh Carey (C) VS Ray Basura

The National Guard Armory and DWO fan base has seen some extreme matches but Saturday night the fans in attendance saw a new degree of extreme. The reigning defending Extreme Heavyweight Championship, The Josh Carey defended against Ray Basura with two cheetah print pillow cases in opposite corners. Mystery surrounded what may be inside the two pillowcases. Out first was the charismatic Ray Basura armed with a wooden baseball bat. Next out was The Josh Carey with his trusted jump rope and championship gold. Things looked like they were going to get out of hand when one half of the Fit and Trim stable arrived to back up The Josh Carey. Ray Basura was one step ahead as Brute 66's Mosh Pit Mike would come out still injured from his previous match with Tony Morales to take care of The Pali Prince and send him to the back. This was going to be a fair fight, the bell rings and as Mills Lane would say, let's get it on. Both men tried for control of the match, each with his own game plan. As the action spilled outside, Ray Basura decided to show The Josh Carey the meaning of extreme with a shot to the face with a confetti canon, blinding the champion. The challenger went for a cover only to get a two count. Back in the ring the action continued with The Josh Carey being the first to go for one of two extreme pillow cases. As The Josh Carey clubbed Ray in the head with the pillowcase, the rough and tough Ray seemed unaffected by the hits. What was in the pillow cases? What made them "extreme"? As The Josh Carey opened them up, remnants of cut pool noodles came out of both pillow cases. Ray Basura had had enough and it was time to put away the champion. Lingering on the outside was Tony Fletcher, who shoved the ringside photographer out of the way to retrieve and reveal a third pillowcase. The Josh Carey took the pillowcase from Tony and blasted Ray right in the head. Immediately Ray dropped to the ground and was pinned by Josh for a three count. Post-match it was revealed that the third pillow case was filled with a 12 inch brick. Senior Referee Kyle Neice called for help in aiding Ray to the locker room.

Winner and STILL Extreme Heavyweight Champion - The Josh Carey

Grudge Match

Donnie Amsterdam VS Joe Quesada

It had become personal. This was the match that would define if there was indeed a line or not. Last month at the DWO The Revival event Donnie and Joe were supposed to square off. In the week prior to the event Destiny Wrestling officials found out that Joe had been taken out by Donnie while Joe trained at a local gym. Fast forward to Saturday June 20 and these two warriors were set to do battle. Joe Quesada was out first and the 505 fan base was ecstatic to see their hometown hero recovered and well. Pacing back and forth Joe waited for Donnie to come out. Out next Donnie Amsterdam basked in the jeers from the capacity crowd. On his down time, Donnie had managed to create a a steel chair with the phrase "Black Betty" and an 8 x 10 of himself on a chair. The bell rang and the wile DWO veteran played a game of "catch me if you can" with a visibly irritated Joe Quesada. Senior Referee Kyle Neice had to step in between the two competitors several times to initiate the clean break. Donnie would fixate on Joe's arm and wrap it around the top rope as if to try and break his wrist. Both men would trade advantages in the match. Donnie continued to target Joe's arm and back. Joe targeted Donnie's back and neck. The DWO fans in awe of history taking place before their eyes knew this was the show stealing match of the night. It was visible to the live crowd that both men gave us everything in their heart and soul to try and settle this grudge match. Senior Referee tried to reprimand Donnie Amsterdam only to get blasted with a closed fist. Once recovered Mr. Neice disqualified Donnie and awarded the match to Joe Quesada. What followed next was more nasty and vile punishment with Black Betty. Donnie reached back and hit Joe with two thunderous chair shots to the Joe's back. As Donnie set up a chair on Joe Quesada's neck, DWO official Adam Merrick told Donnie that striking a DWO official is not tolerated therefore Donnie was suspended indefinitely. Post event I caught up with Senior Referee Kyle Neice who posed no comment other than to state "I'll be looking into possible legal action".

Special Attraction Match

Marty "The Moth" Casaus VS Chad Thomas

Two big power house men were about to lock horns. Both are savvy veterans with a very impressive wrestling resume and repertoire. Out first is the Texas sized Chad Thomas, next out is former WWE Tough Enough competitor Martin "The Moth" Casaus. Both men meet up in the center of the ring and this is going to be a classic. Early advantage goes to Marty The Moth as he sends Chad Thomas to the outside. If you've never seen Mr. Casaus in person you can't grasp that his gentleman is a tall and well-built wrestling machine; that being said as Chad Thomas tried to recover on the outside of the ring Marty The Moth flew over the top rope. Both men lay at ringside with the referee counting both me down, if they can't get in the ring before the ten count on or both men will be counted out. Chad Thomas and Martin get back in the ring and continue this wrestling classic. Chad sends Martin into the ropes and ducks, Martin hits Chad with a running knee lift and drops to the mat as well to try and catch his breath. While the crowd was rallying behind Marty Casaus on, Chad Thomas was the first to get up. To slow down Marty's momentum Chad tried a combination of sleeper holds and pinning combinations. If Chad is going to have a shot at winning this bout he needs to put Marty away sooner than later. Chad sends Marty to the corner to set him up for a top rope maneuver but Martin counters and shoves Chad off the ropes. Marty The Moth spreads his wings and signals for the splash. The referee counts, 1, 2, 3, this one is in the bag. Martin Casaus celebrates with his fans in attendance and in a class act move even gives a local fan one of his bracelets with words of encouragement. Five star match.

Winner By Pinfall - Marty "The Moth" Casaus

Post-match I caught up with Martin Casaus, when asked about a variety of topics he answered openly:

On WWE Tough Enough he replied:
“Think about it this way, they film and get 24 hours’ worth of footage and they then take all of it and squeeze it into an hour that makes it on television. A lot goes on the fans never see.”

On the Bill DeMott allegations:
“My feelings and what really happened between and Bill was I legit broke my ankle as everyone saw, after I broke it I went through a series of drills off camera keep in mind it’s still broken. Bill sees this, stops the drills and says what’s going on, what’s the matter, let’s get it checked. He never called me a pansy; he never called me names or anything negative. I can see where he trains old school, the allegations that came up about him I never saw. He was one of the trainers that was most caring over what happened to me.”

On Vince McMahon:
“He wants to have control but also wants to see what you’re going to contribute. I’ve met him several times and I was intimidated just like anyone who meets him. Vince will be with WWE until he passes away, that’s his baby.”

Who got him into the wrestling business?
“Initially it was Bill Goldberg. He drew money like crazy when he found wrestling, mad respect for him but officially I would have to say “The Show Stopper” Shawn Michaels. I met him several times backstage at Raw in passing, super nice guy; he knows how to wrestle in the ring. “

His favorite match:
“The Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels, their very first encounter. Best match ever.”

Advice to young aspiring wrestlers
“Find a school as fast as you can, work harder than everyone else. Shut up listen, be a sponge and work harder than everyone else no matter what."

DWO World Heavyweight & World Tag Team Championship Match - Winner Take All

Death Rage Cartel VS Keepers of the Faith

The stage is now set for your main event of the evening. The Death Rage Cartel consisting of Johnny K, and World Tag Team Champions Dextor & Josh Pain vs The Keepers of the Faith consisting of Dom Vitalli and Gabriel Gallow. This match would be a 3 on 2 Winner Take All Handicap Match. If The Keepers won they would become the new DWO World Tag Team Champions and Dom Vitalli would retain the World Heavyweight Championship. If The Cartel won, Josh and Dextor would retain the World Tag Titles and Johnny K would become the new DWO World Heavyweight Championship.

Prior to the match starting MK would make his return despite his previous encounter with Hobo Hank to present Dom Vitalli with a new DWO World Heavyweight Championship. The unveiling commenced and in bag was a replica foam championship. The Cartel laughed but Dom wasn't so amused. Gabriel Gallow picked up MK and was going to assault the DWO Director of Competition until the Cartel stepped in and an all-out brawl ensued. Once order was restored and MK was in the locker room safe the bell rand and Gallow and Dextor were going to start off the main event. Dextor chopped Gallow in the chest and Gallow was unaffected. Gallow returned the favor and sent Dextor to the mat. They continued to exchange chops until Josh Pain was tagged in. The match continued with different combinations of men in the ring. The action was reaching an all-time peak again to the point where the ring couldn't contain it. At one point The Keepers threw the cartel over the security railing one on top of the other. With the momentum in the corner of The Keepers it seemed as though they weren't going to be stopped. Just then an accidental hit to the referee sent him to the outside of the ring. With no referee we couldn't decide a winner. Johnny K strikes Dom sending him to the mat hard and goes for a cover; out from the back comes The Director of Competition The MK Bandit! Donning a referee shirt he starts the count 1, 2, no, Dom Vitalli kicks out. MK grabs a chair and Johnny sets up Dom for what looks to be a devastating shot. Then Hobo Hank returns to grab MK by the ankles as MK fell face first on top of the chair he had in his hands. The crowd is going berserk as they feel like their heroes are at the cusp of winning all the gold. Hobo Hank literally dragging MK away, Dom strikes Johnny and goes for a cover, signaling for a referee to come over. DWO official Adam Merrick picks up the fallen referee shirt, drops to the mat and counts, 1,2, no again, Johnny kicks out. How the roof to the armory isn't blown off at this point is beyond me. Dom is up and is building momentum very quickly and just then in front of the referee Adam Merrick, Dom receives a low blow ending the match in a disqualification. With the crowd seething, Dextor unveils a pair of handcuffs and use them to tie up Gallow to the ring rope. Lying in pain Dom is propped in the center of the ring and is blinded with a burlap sack. All three men of the Cartel scream and then kick Dom in the face. A grieving Gallow watches as his fallen comrade is left lying on the mat with a bloody burlap sack over his head. Children in the front row crying for their hero, the show ends with a very pissed off Gallow in the ring helping out his tag team partner.

What's next July 18th when DWO goes "All In"?

With Saturday's event over and DWO focusing on the July 18th event questions linger. What's next in the feud between Hobo Hank? Is a showdown between the two in the cards much sooner than later? Who will MK hire next to try and take out Hobo Hank?

Thunder has proved he can go with the best of them but who will step up to the plate to try and slow down the man who is 6 and 0 in DWO?

The Extreme Champion has been sitting very comfortable with his championship but how will Brute 66's Ray Basura counter Saturday's heinous assault with a brick?

How will The Keepers of the Faith get revenge over The Cartel for their actions this past Saturday night? How will this heated rivalry get taken to a whole new level?

Only one way to find out, Saturday July 18th, The National Guard Armory will be the place to find out. For more information go to:


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