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DWO "Trail of Perdition" Aftermath

Updated on September 5, 2015

Trail of Perdition

Destiny Wrestling's "All In" event set the stage for which events of high caliber are presented. One can never take anything away from these athletes, but Saturday night at the National Guard Armory things were taken to a whole new level. I said it once and I'll say it again; based on what was seen last Saturday night, on October 10th at DWO's "Day of Destiny VIII" may God have better luck keeping the gates of hell closed....may God have mercy on their souls.

Tag Team Warfare

THE Josh Carey & Tony Fletcher VS The Freedom Avengers

DWO Commissioner and Announcer Adam Merrick welcomes us to "Trail of Perdition". The hot Albuquerque crowd is ready for A+ action and we are under way with the night's opening bout.

Out first is the Yoda of Yoga, The Prince of Protein, Tony Fletcher. Next out is the Destiny Wrestling Extreme Champion THE Josh Carey, who takes a few seconds for some last minute warm ups. Out next from sunny California, Pinky and Fabian Fury, The Freedom Avengers, who give a double pose at the base of the new DWO Mega-tron. All four men ready, bell rings and this one is about to get back alley dumpster ugly. Right off the bat though Pinky doesn't seem to be too thrilled that Fabian will be starting this match, however Fabian and Tony Fletcher will kick this match off. Referee checking both men for illegal contraband, both men clear to go, lock up collar and elbow in the center of the ring by both combatants. Fabian gets the early advantage with a nice hold and take down, Tony trying to get out but Fabian a veteran of the ring is going to make Tony work for his escape. Tony rolls Fabian up, gets a two count for his efforts. Both men back to their feet, Tony has the arm around Fabians back and even pulls a little bit of hair in front of Senior Referee Kyle Neice. Tony breaks the hair pull and traps Fabian in a headlock. Fabian sends Tony to the ropes and slams into Fabian with a shoulder tackle followed by some pushups to showboat. Tony attempts to lift Fabian by the legs but is taken down with a tilt-a-whirl leg take down. Pinky not liking what he is seeing decides to tag into the match despite his partner showing disapproval. The powerhouse of the team is in and shows Tony what an uppercut looks like. Tony only spaghetti legged for a moment uses the ropes for support but gets one more upper cut for his troubles which sends him to the floor. THE Josh Carey enters illegally, attempts to attack Pinky from behind only to get a smile for his troubles. It's going to take a lot more than that to take the powerhouse down Mr. Carey. Pinky lets THE Josh Carey have a free shot, Josh takes the punch to Pinky right in the jaw, Pinky laughs it off. Pinky grants Mr. Carey a second try, Josh sends this right hand with a lot more force. Pinky now upset by the second punch sends THE Josh Carey to the ropes with authority including some chops to the chest as a sign of good faith. THE Josh Carey looks to have had enough and is attempting to head back to the showers early until Pinky brings him back into the ring the hard way. Pinky sends Josh into the ropes again and strikes with a vicious clothesline. Fabian asking for the tag and Pinky not wanting to tag in reluctantly does, Fabian goes for the cover but only gets a two. An irrate Pinky is visibly seen in the corner as Fabian hits a leg drop, one more cover and another two count. Fabian tries to pick up a prone Josh Carey but is taken down with a kick followed by a double team assault by Tony and Josh. Fabian has enough reach to tag in Pinky but the referee didn't see the tag and forces Pinky back to the apron. Meanwhile the assault of Fabian continues; Tony has Fabian in a side headlock which is followed up a back body drop. Fabian is sent to the corner and THE Josh Carey is tagged in. Josh proceeds to stomp on Fabians chest and then distracts the referee so Tony can illegally choke Fabian. Fabian is released and Tony tags into the match, Tony applies a front headlock but Fabian manages to get a version of a suplex in. Fabian desperate for a tag to his partner reaches out, tags Pinky and Pinky is in to clean house. Pinky hits a fallaway slam on Tony followed but a mean uppercut. Pinky sends Tony to the corner and hits a wicked clothesline, Pinky turns around and Fabian is asking for the tag, he's close but changes his mind. Pinky in a mood to inflict extra pain tonight sends Tony to the ground with a horrid suplex and a knee right to the back on Tony's neck. Fabian asking for the tag, he knows he can put the cherry on this match and call it a night but Pinky will not tag in. Pinky is signaling for the end, he has his thumb to his neck and sets his sights on Tony. Pinky grabs Tony by the neck, picks him up and jabs Tony right in the side of the head with his knee, lights out Mr. Fletcher. Pinky showboating, showing the crowd the carnage backs up a little too close to his corner and Fabian tags in, Pinky now fuming must get out of the ring. Fabian hits his finishing maneuver but a miscommunication allows THE Josh Carey to get in and hit his signature move on Fabian, he rolls Tony over the prone body of Fabian. Referee counts 1,2, Pinky jumps off the ring, he could have stopped the count, 3!

Winners - Tony Fletcher & Extreme Champion THE Josh Carey.

Special Attraction

Hobo Hank Performs....until....

When MK announced that he was going to allow the performance of Hobo Hank at Saturday's "Trail of Perdition", everyone wondered if he had turned over a new leaf. Was he going to allow the hobo from the alley behind the Frontier to really attempt to get tips with his musical abilities? Had MK really shown compassion, sympathy and had his heart grown over time?

Hobo Hank made his way out to the arena, broken guitar case duct taped, beaten and bruised. As he played a few notes looking back at MK he warmed up. He set the stage for the Albuquerque crowd to take in some relaxing music. MK took a left the ringside area to the back, was that a tear in his eye? Hobo Hank continued to play however the crowd became hostile and wild when three men came in from restricted areas of the armory and attacked Hobo Hank. These men dressed in Middle Eastern head-wear, MK "Heel" shirts and camouflage pants. It was a damn set up from the very beginning. All three men kicked and beat down the defenseless Hobo Hank so much as to break his lucky guitar over his head and back. Remember that tear in MK's eye? It wasn't because he was moved by the words and music; it was a tear of joy. MK's heart black as the night sky, laughing and rejoicing in what he had orchestrated. Just then a familiar voice and sight showed up on the DWO Mega-tron. The Sheik gave a very stern warning, a word of caution that he was coming for Hobo Hank, Saturday October 10th. And with that the three masked men disappeared. Ringside crew carried Hobo Hank to the back of the arena to be transported to a local hospital. MK would not allow local EMT staff on site to take him in the gurney. MK made Hank suffer, he made him wait, he prolonged his pain.

After the show we caught up with MK, he cut us off at the door so we didn't see the identities of his hired guns. Before a question could be asked all he said was "say hello to MY Talibandits", MK slammed the door in our face.

Singles Match

Violent V VS Lucha Star

The Texas sized man beast vs the high flying star of the Lucha Libre. Now as a side nugget of trivia, Thunder isn't the only one with a streak, Violent V has one of his own. Violent V is 0 - 3 at Destiny Wrestling shows. Could he break the streak tonight and get a win in the Land of Enchantment? Bell rings and we are about to find out.

Violent starts out this match with a knee to the ribs followed by a double axe handle to Lucha Star's back. Lucha Star to the ropes and a flip, Violent V signals for an early win and attempts a seated senton but an early miss. Lucha Star finds his opening and goes for a dropkick sending Violent V to the outside and we are about to see what made Lucha Star a high flying sensation. Lucha Star picks momentum and hit Violent V with a suicide dive head first, both men back in the ring and Lucha Star goes for a plancha off of the second rope. Lucha goes for the pin cover, smart move, the longer the match goes the more it favors Violent V. Referee only gets to two before a kick out by Violent V. Lucha Star attempts to send Violent V to the corner and does so but not with some fight by Violent V. Lucha Star up to the top rope looking for a clothesline but Violent V has one of his own right to Lucha Stars rib cage, a lot of power behind that shot. Violent V thinks that he has this win in hand, goes for a cover but only a two count. Violent V now methodical and calculating in his attack will now target the back of the head and the neck area with three thunderous slams on the mat. Violent V now positions Lucha Star in the corner to hit his signature body slam off of the second rope. The Texas sized steam engine is picking up high speeds and Violent V connects with precision. Pin cover attempt but the veteran Lucha Star reaches for the rope to break the two count. An infuriated Violent V nails a hip toss off of the second rope and sends Lucha Star to the cold concrete floor with authority. Violent V sent him so hard that his body could clearly be heard smacking the concrete floor, the human body wasn't designed to come in heavy contact with concrete. Lucha Star is now positioned by Violent V in the corner outside leaning up against the cold metal post, Violent V is going for a clothesline but misses and hurts his forearm. Back into the ring both men go and Lucha Star is connecting with some right fists, Violent V is sent to the ropes but stops himself and causes Lucha Star to miss a drop kick. Violent V performs a devastating running swinging neck breaker the same neck area he targeted earlier. Violent V wants to wrap up this carnage and props up a prone Lucha Star on the top turnbuckle; he looks to want to hit a top rope super-plex. He is stopped in his tracks and sends Violent V tumbling to the ring but Violent V lands on his feet; Lucha already has that well scouted with a top rope missile drop kick. Both men exhausted, both men up to their feet, Lucha Star seems to be up with a second burst of energy. Lucha Star hits a leg lariat on Violent V, that stuns the big man. Lucha Star again off the ropes and hits a flying double forearm, again Violent V is stunned. Lucha Star one final time goes for the ropes to get more speed but the flying veteran is trapped, Violent V had the trap well set. Violent V has Lucha Star in his hands and drops him on the mat with his body landing on top of Lucha Star. Pinfall cover and again Lucha Star kicks out at two, where does he get this energy to push Violent V off of him from? Now can you see why Destiny Wrestling has the best performers on its roster? A lesser man would have been out minutes ago. Violent V is clearly one pissed off Texan and is going to the second rope, he plans on diving off and landing rib first onto Lucha Star. The referee is signaling against it, this could really hurt him and one man has already been sent to the hospital. Violent V jumps but by the grace of God misses, Violent V is stunned. Lucha Star reaches deep; to slay this beast he is going to have to hit something big. Lucha Star up and hits a reverse running DDT using the top rope as a spring board, a true sight to see. Referee counts to three and Violent V is now 0 - 4.

Winner - Lucha Star

Singles Match

"Pretty" Peter Avalon VS Shadow Fox

If you aren't familiar with Destiny Wrestling here's a small refresher course. Shadow Fox and Lucha Star are both a tag team, have been for a long time, they're like brothers. So what happens when you mess with family? Family strikes back.

Lucha Star celebrated his win at the base of the Mega-tron when "Pretty" Peter Avalon attacked Lucha Star from behind. Peter sent Lucha Star into the ring and repeatedly gave Lucha Star a barrage of closed fist right hands. Here comes Shadow Fox to help his fallen comrade and DWO Commissioner Adam Merrick will treat us to an impromptu bonus match. Bell rings and we are underway. Both men waste no time exchanging left and right hooks. Both men into the ropes, Peter and Shadow Fox master of the aerial assault jock for position. Neither man can get a firm control on the match. Finally Shadow gets a shoulder tackle, tries to catch Peter off guard with a quick pin cover but only a two. Both men back up, Shadow tries to go for a top rope monkey flip but Peter reverses and gets a boot to the face for his efforts. Stunned Peter is taken down with a leg scissors off of the top rope by Shadow and is sent to the outside with such force. Shadow sees his opportunity to fly and goes for an over the top rope dive connecting with Peter. Both men are up after a while and Shadow Fox goes for some chops to Peter's chest. Peter hurting bad tries to get away from Shadow Fox but Shadow is going to make Peter pay for his actions against Lucha Star. Shadow sends Peter back to the ring, as Shadow tries to enter the ring the savvy ring veteran in Peter lifts the second rope to nail Shadow right between the legs. Peter sends Shadow to the corner while Shadow sits in the corner Peter chokes Shadow with his foot while motioning a crotch chop motion. Peter's assault continues by positioning Shadow Fox's neck atop the second rope and this time Peter uses all of his weight to choke Shadow while motioning a crotch chop to the fans at ringside. Peter gets off of Shadow before the referees five count and hits Shadow with a thunderous suplex, goes for the pin cover but only gets a two for his efforts. Peter was quick to drive his knee into Shadow Fox's neck and pull his head back. Peter also tries to commit a cardinal sin and remove Shadow Fox's mask. Shadow puts up a fight and wiggle out of the submission move by driving his left elbow into Shadow's ribs. Shadow picking up some momentum but it's stopped with the delivery of Peter' right leg right into the face of Shadow. Peter is back on the assault with a knee to the rib area of Shadow and then another knee to the rib area but this time by jumping over the top rope gaining altitude to increase the pain and devastation to the blow. Peter picks up a prone Shadow Fox and positions him in the corner. He channels his inner Muhammad Ali and lands some stiff right jabs. Peter send Shadow to the opposite corner and attempts a body splash but Shadow has that very well scouted, moves out of the way and lands a pair of clotheslines. an arm drag and an attempted bulldog. The bulldog is countered and Peter lands a devastating kick, pin cover but only a two. Peter refocusing on the injured rib area of Shadow Fox now going for a leg scissors. Shadow reverses it into a pin cover but Peter kicks out resulting in the submission being released due to momentum. Shadow on his feet gets a devastating drop kick that sends Shadow to the corner. As Shadow is sitting in the corner, Peter goes for a knee to the chest and throat area but releases it before a five count by the referee. Shadow Fox is brought back to the center of the ring for a headlock. Peter needs a big time move to put Shadow away so he sends Shadow to the corner and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Peter hits a drop kick off from a standing position to Shadow still sitting on the top turnbuckle. Peter signals for a top rope super-plex but is cut off at the pass. Peter is thrown off and Shadow hits a nasty tornado DDT. Both men have given you everything they had, their energy levels are running low. They stand; Peter wants the advantage in the match but is caught with a dropkick, one more for Peter's trouble and then the lucha libre standing bulldog. Both men jock for position on more time, Peter's frustration hitting new peaks, Shadow lands a northern lights suplex into a pinfall cover but only gets a two. Shadow takes his eyes off the ball for a brief moment to argue the pin cover claiming it was a three. Meanwhile the wile Peter looks for his loaded fanny pack. Unable to find it he goes into the crowd and finds a chair. Referee stops him and take the chair away, Peter lands a low blow to Shadow Fox and rolls him up in a school boy pin cover, referee counts to three and this one is over.

Winner - "Pretty" Peter Avalon

Tag Team Match


The Lonestar Express VS Francs & Beans

Destiny Wrestling will showcase the greatest talent, Saturday night a new tag team made its debut, Francs and Beans. While the two masked wrestlers became a mystery upon making their debut they didn't fail to impress. In this match another tag team made its debut with the return of Tony Morales and his protege Cody Devine. Would Texas be avenged or would this night go to the masked superstars?

Senior referee Kyle Neice set to referee this match, poor guy, this match is going to get rowdy. Bell rings and this match had the green light. Francs, in the blue mask set to start this match off with Tony Morales' protege. Collar and elbow lock up center of the ring with Francs taking and early side headlock lead. Francs reached around and a quick school boy will slightly cover Cody but only manages a one count. Francs would not let up and is back on the assault. Francs applied front headlock, then a side headlock, smart strategy keeping the young Mr. Devine guessing and on his feet mentally. Cody attempts to throw the powerhouse into the ropes but is caught with a reversal and a heavy duty shoulder tackle. Francs picks up speed by hitting the ropes and Cody tries to hip toss, Francs reverses with a hip toss of his own with high speed and great elevation. Mr. Devine goes to the well once to often and tries the previous hip toss tactic only to have it fail once again; realizing this isn't going his way the student wanted he tags in the teacher. Francs decides it's time for a breather himself and tags in Beans, small lock up and a knee to the gut of Beans by Morales. Morales sets up Beans in the corner and chops him right in the chest. Beans into the ropes by Morales but Beans catches Morales with a triple arm drag for a triple assault and a scoop slam to put the cherry on top. Morales in pain ran to his corner as his Cody consoles him. Cody back into the ring but gets an immediate hip toss for his troubles. Beans backs up the young man into their corner cutting off the ring between teacher and student. Francs back in the ring looking to inflict more pain, and deliver a dropkick to the young man as a welcome back present. Francs delivered a spine tingling suplex to young Cody Devine but when he goes to the ropes he is clubbed in the lower back with Morales' knee. You don't become a teacher without learning a few tricks. Morales tagged back in and kicked Francs in the ribs. Morales now with a scoop slam to Francs. Morales in pain tags in Cody Devine again and Cody hits a rolling back drop, Morales hits a running knee before returning back to the ring apron. Cody now goes for a pin cover, only a two count but slides in a headlock on Francs. From our point of view it looked like a jabbing of the eyes but referee only saw Cody attempting to remove the mask. Morales' teaching is paying off for the young man. Cody antagonizes Beans and Beans enters the ring illegally. Mr. Neice trying to get Beans back onto the apron, no easy task for a man that size. Meanwhile, with Kyle Neice's attention diverted Morales and Cody "tag" in and double team Francs with heavy duty kicks and stomps in their corner. Referee claiming no tag was made, good call, and Morales back on the apron. Too little too late as the damage has been done, Cody now legally tags in Morales and Morales, sends in Francs into the corner with the help of Cody Devine. Tony Morales now with knees to the rib area of Francs, followed by a chop to his chest. Morales now positions Francs' throat on the second rope and puts all of his weight on Francs neck. Morales breaks the hold before the count of five but hit hits the ropes and slides of the ring on Francs neck again putting weight on his neck, Francs is hurting bad and his partner can see that. Francs crawling desperately to get to his partner but gets cut off by Morales. Cody is tagged in and delivers and uppercut to Francs in that same throat area that Morales worked on before. Devine sends Francs to the ropes, Francs with a gasp of energy hits a sunset flip and rolls Devine off of him, tries to get his partner to get into the match but Cody pulls him back by the ankle. Francs striking Cody with right hands pushed him off momentarily. Cody distracts the referee to show him his "injury" but it's nothing but a ploy to distract the referee from the tag Francs is about to give his partner. Beans came into the ring like a bull in a china cabinet but the referee did not see the tag. Cody knew exactly what he was doing and Beans is forced back to the apron. Unfortunately, Francs must get back into the ring and the attack will continue. Morales gets an evil grin on his face and drives a fist right into the ribs of Francs while being held by Cody Devine. Morales tries a suplex but gets caught in a rolling pin attempt but that was only to try and free himself to tag in his partner. Morales cut off Francs before he can even get to Beans. Morales picks up Francs and drives him into Cody's foot, Cody is tagged in. Cody Devine confident this match is going to be a win sends Francs to the ropes and is caught off guard when Francs reverses the attempt with a clothesline. Devine is down, Francs is down. Francs crawling, Francs was getting closer, inches away. A tag is made, Beans is red hot and in the match legally. Devine tags Morales, Morales in. Beans delivered a clubbing clothesline, and elbow to Devine, a dropkick to Morales and Beans is just warming up. All four men were in the ring at the same time, The Lonestar Express getting beaten down in the corner. Morales made quick work Francs; Morales goes after Beans. Morales pulls Beans by the shoulders so Beans lands back first onto Morales' knees. Morales signals Devine to climb to the top rope, Morales picks up Beans in a pile driver position. Morales drops all of Beans' weight pulls the added leverage of Cody on Beans' neck, they've successfully connected with a rare spike piledriver. Referee counts to three and The Lonestar Express makes a very impressive win.

Winners - The Lonestar Express (Cody Devine and Tony Morales)

DWO World Tag Team Championship

Brute 66's Mosh Pit Milke & Ray Basura (Challengers) VS Death Rage Cartel's Johnny K & Josh Pain (Champions)

How do you control four men in general? Now how do you control four men who want that which all tag teams want? That which if you do not covet, you shouldn't be in the business of professional wrestling. How do you control one team will stop at nothing to keep 20 lbs. of gold? How do you stop the other team from taking the gold that they have been robbed of for so long?

Bell rings and Ray Basura gets the early lead. Ray attempts to go for what appeared to be a figure four leg lock but improvises with an elbow to the head. Ray follows with a pair of heavy duty shops to Josh's chest in one corner and the same thing in another corner. Josh realizing he needs to turn the tide takes down Ray with a devastating tackle. The man people have considered "Jaws in a fishbowl" has such incredible strength and to take a competitor the stature and power of Ray Basura is no easy feat. Josh locks in a version of a leg lock on Ray to control movement. Josh releases the hold for just a moment to drive his knees into the knee of Ray and then begins to reapply the hold on Ray. Veteran instincts have taken over in this match with the gold on the line. Ray reverses and attempts to put Josh in an arm submission hold but Josh rolls Ray into a pin cover. Josh cuts Ray from his partner and brings him over to his corner for a few shoulder tackles. In gets tagged the mind, the mental prowess of the Death Rage Cartel, Johnny K. Johnny and Josh both signal for the double chop and come down with great power on Ray's chest. Johnny rolls Ray forward and with Ray in a sitting position Johnny kicks Ray right in the spine. He attempts to go for a pin cover immediately after but the referee waves off the pin attempt due to Ray being too close to the ropes. Johnny goes for a suplex but it's reversed with a suplex to Johnny by Ray. Ray delivers a clubbing punch to Johnny's back before letting in crowd sensation Mosh Pit Mike. With both men briefly in the rung, they use their entire body weight to fall on Johnny's arm/shoulder area. Mr. Charisma Ray Basura takes his leave to the ring apron and Mike goes to town with some high octane punches to Johnny K and his abdominal area. Mike rolls Johnny to the ringside area and as he lay on the apron each member of Brute 66 grabs a leg and proceeds to drag him on the ring apron towards the Brute 66 corner. Josh Pain not happy about the recent events has to look on as his tag team partner is suplexed off of the top rope by Mosh Pit Mike and then gets a top rope leg drop by Ray Basura for his troubles. Mike goes for a pin attempt but gets cut off with a dropkick by Josh himself. Before leaving the ring, a fresh Josh Pain drags Johnny to their corner so the tag is easier. This move proves to not only be wise but pay off as Josh gets the tag. Josh connects with another dropkick, this one however on Ray's head and then goes for a pin attempt, two says the referee. Josh taunts Mike trying to get under his skin, it works. Mike steps into the ring but the referee tells him he cannot enter the ring. While the referee has his back turned Josh makes a blind tag to Johnny to bring in the fresher of the two. Johnny takes Ray and delivers a loud, thunderous slap. Johnny brings Ray to their corner and tags Josh for a double team. Josh kicks Ray while Johnny holds him; Johnny will not take his leave to the ring apron. Josh positions Ray's throat on the second rope, a popular trend of the night and hold the move until a four count from the referee. Josh now takes the time to showboat to the crowd. Ray struggles to his feet and realizes he needs to get in a good offense. Both men trade right handed punches, Josh sends Ray to the ropes and attempts a spinning clothesline but misses. Ray counters with a high speed boot to Josh's face. Ray down on the mat from exhaustion, Josh down from the destructive kick, both strived to get to their respective corners. Josh grabs Ray's ankle but Ray uses his power to send Josh head first into the turnbuckle. Ray gets the tag and Mosh Pit Mike is running on all cylinders. Johnny enters the ring illegally but that's not a problem for Mike as he takes down Johnny K with two deafening clotheslines. Josh rests on one corner, Johnny in the opposite corner. Mike goes for a back body splash on Josh and connects. Mike then tries the same on Johnny but does not connect and gets a face full of knee for his troubles. As Mike turns around to get away from Johnny, he finds a freight train coming at him. Instinct is the only thing answer as to how it happened but he moved out of the way. Josh couldn't stop in time and his kick hooks up with Johnny right in the side of head. Josh tried to come back from the slight miscommunication and heads for both men with a double clothesline in mind. Brute 66 stops Josh and impales him face first into the mat canvas. Referee counts and a shocked crowd has just seen a three count.

Winners and NEW DWO World Tag Team Champions - Brute 66's Ray Basura and Mosh Pit Mike, well that is until....

The MK Bandit makes his return to ringside and puts stop to the celebration. To directly quote MK, "The DWO World Tag Team Champions are NOT Josh Pain and Johnny K, the Champions are Dextor and Josh Pain, therefore because you did not pin the rightful owners of the tag team titles there is NO title switch. Give me back our belts or you're both FIRED!" Ray and Mosh Pit reluctantly give back both championship belts. Therefore, STILL your World Tag Team Champions The Death Rage Cartel.

Clash of The Undefeated

"The Legacy" Manny Fresh VS Thunder

Two forces, one location. Two men had all the momentum in the world behind them. Thunder, Albuquerque's pride and joy. Manny Fresh, the pride and joy of Utah had arrived. Both undefeated. What would happen when two equal forces would clash?

Both men with a passion in their eyes waited intently. Thunder is the first man to get an advantage; he locks in an arm twist. Manny matches him move for move and reverses the arm twist with one of his own. Thunder reverses the move and once again uses another arm twist. Mr. Fresh reverses one more time but buttons the combination with a side headlock. Thunder sends Manny into the ropes; Manny delivers with a shoulder tackle to the most electrifying man in DWO. Manny goes to the ropes once again, and is met with a hip toss by Thunder. He is temporarily stunned on the ground and is greeted with a leg drop by Thunder. Thunder stalks him into a corner but Manny reaches for his trunks and drives Thunder's head first into the turnbuckle. Manny Fresh picks up Thunder and drives him to the opposite corner, he then follows it up with a running clothes line. After two pin attempts on Thunder, Thunder gets up and starts throwing some right jabs. Manny follows up with another running clothes line. He then scoop slams Thunder and attempts another pin but only gets a two. The Utah native looked to make quick work of the green and black attack. Thunder was picked up and elbowed; Manny tried to gain some separation but gets thrown into the corner. Manny sends Thunder to the opposite corner but it's reversed by Thunder. Thunder on the second rope punching Manny in the side of the face eventually gets pushed off but is relentless and goes back to deliver more punches on Manny. The Leader of the Fresh Movement pushes Thunder off yet again but Thunder catches the Manny with a plancha off of the second rope. Thunder goes for a pin cover but only gets a two count. Manny up on his feet and counters Thunder with a samoan drop, he follows it up with a cover attempt but again another two. Manny furious at the referee attempts a german suplex. Thunder reverses and the two men get back to their feet. Thunder strikes with a clothesline and right hand. The Albuquerque native up to the top rope and nails a high impact body splash pin attempt combination but only gets a two count. Thunder telling the referee that it was a three not a two count but with Thunder's eyes off the ball momentarily, Manny is measuring Thunder and connects with his signature maneuver. The shocked Albuquerque crowd is picturing the worst, the referee stops just shy of three when Thunder kicks out. The legacy himself irate will try his signature maneuver for a second time. Thunder works his way out and kicks Manny right in the ribs. Thunder to the ropes and drives his knees to Manny's side of the head. Instant knock out, count to a million this one is done.

Winner - Thunder (8-0)

DWO World Heavyweight Championship

Joe Quesada VS Dom Vitalli (Champion)

It is now time for the main event of the evening. Two men with so much respect for each otherset to do battle. Two explosive elements are about to collide. We get formal introductions, bell rings and this match is underway.

Lock up in the center of the ring. Dom rolls Joe to the ropes with no follow up. Both men have competitive nature but even bigger respect. Dom Vitalli sweeps Joe's leg but again doesn't follow through. Both men go for a power of strength using both hands, Joe has a different plan when he connects with an under-hook suplex into a pin combination; referee only got a two count. Joe goes for a right hand but Vitalli ducks and connects a kick to the ribs and an uppercut. Quesada taken to the corner and Vitalli connects with a running clothesline. Dom follows up with two bionic elbows, a shoulder tackle and a pin attempt but it's only good for a two. Joe is up and sends Dom to the corner with vicious chops to the chest followed by a scoop slam, one more pin cover however Dom kicks out. Vitalli climbs the top rope and like a 747 he hits Joe at full speed with a top rope clothesline. Both men continue to brawl, Dom locks in a version of the crossface. Joe refuses to take out; he truly has the heart of a champion. Dom Vitalli and Joe Quesada continue to wrestle what is being a considered an epic encounter. Dom lands a solid right punch that sends Joe to the mat; Dom climbs the top rope and nails his patent elbow drop. Vitalli goes for a cover and very close two, he picks up Quesada and hits a version of a TKO, and the referee counts the one, the two and three.

Winner and STILL Destiny Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - Dom Vitalli

DWO World Heavyweight Championship

Chad Thomas VS Dom Vitalli (Champion)


There's an old saying; power is a lot like real estate, location, location, location.

The MK Bandit made his way out and announced that Dom Vitalli successfully defended his championship in the first match of the DWO World Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet. Now that match one was over it was time for match two to take place. MK brought out Dom's other opponent, MK's ace up his sleeve, Chad Thomas. Remember what I said about power? Well looks like Mr. Thomas has found prime location. Bell rings and Chad goes after Dom. Both men trade blows with lefts and rights filling the air. Chad being the giant of professional wrestling takes Dom and puts him in a punishing headlock while pulling his head back and driving that knee into his neck. The champion is in trouble, the champion has sustained one title defense, a power bomb, submissions can he survive? Dom looking for one last gasp of air and stuns the Texas sized giant, Dom climbs the top rope and connects with a top rope clothesline. Chad stunned, Chad unresponsive the referee counts to 3, Dom retains.

Winner and STILL Destiny Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - Dom Vitalli

DWO World Heavyweight Championship

Dextor VS Dom Vitalli (Champion)


The very first DWO World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out; he is the final man to challenge Dom Vitalli for the championship. Dom has endured two very formidable athletes, can he stand up to the other member of the Death Rage Cartel. Dextor brings out a briefcase with him, looks like this boardroom meeting is about to get nasty. These two men are personal rivals and the best way to fuel a fire that's gone wild is with hatred, these two men hate each other

Bell rings, Dex wastes no time, both men don't just wrestle, don't just brawl they flat out fight. Dex lays Dom flat with a vicious assault followed by a back body drop. Dex follows things up with stomps to Dom's prone body. Dom finds some life and stuns Dex, he climbs to the top rope and does a back flip landing on Dex. Vitalli in pain goes for a pin attempt but only finds a two count for his troubles. Dom attempts a death valley driver but it gets reversed, cue the members of the Cartel. Vitalli the fighting champion takes on all three men; the briefcase is in the ring. Dom cleans the first two men, in the rumble the referee is distracted. Dom picks up the briefcase, he has a bit of trouble with it though almost like it's a little too heavy. Vitalli signals for the home run similar to Babe Ruth and swing batter swing Dex is struck with the briefcase right on his head. Dex is out cold, referee regains order, Dom goes to the top rope and nails his trademark "Keeping the Faith Elbow". Referee counts the one, two and three.

Winner and STILL Destiny Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - Dom Vitalli

Day of Destiny VIII

The final stop on the highway to hell, Day of Destiny VIII, live Saturday October 10th

Questions were answered but even more questions were raised:

What is going on with the Freedom Avengers? Are we seeing the cracks in the armor?

We now know that The Sheik, a legend in wrestling will face Hobo Hank. Will there be a stipulation added? What will MK's role be?

How will the Tag Team Championship scene be handled? Can anyone dethrone the Tag Team Champions?

Thunder is 8 and 0, but when the lights are on brightest and the stage is set who will step up to challenge Thunder?

Chad Thomas still has nightmare and is haunted by his loss to Marty The Moth but October 10th Martin Casaus RETURNS to face Chad Thomas. Two men who tore the house down last time they met will do so again.

It was announced that since Johnny was the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship but due to the shenanigans from the Death Rage Cartel there will now be one big obstacle for any outside interference to go though, Vitalli VS Johnny, inside of a Steel Cage! This will mark the third steel cage erected in DWO in the companies history. Who will survive, October 10th at the National Guard Armory?

The National Guard Armory:
600 Wyoming Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87123, USA

get directions

Home of Day of Destiny VIII - Saturday October 10th @ 7:00pm


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