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Daiwa Tatula XT Casting Rods | Fishing Rod Review

Updated on May 12, 2016

Price Point & Features

Compared to the original Daiwa Tatula rods priced at between $149 - $189 at most retailers, the new Daiwa Tatula XT casting rod provides nearly all the same benefits of the original, at an attractive lower price point.

Exact Same Rod Blank At The Tatula Rod: It's important to note, that the two rods have exactly the same rod blank - that's right - the exact same rod blank. That is the first thing that attracted to me to this rod, was the fact that I knew I was getting the same blank as the higher priced model, with all the benefits. So let's talk about that rod blank... it's designed with Daiwas Zero G technology, making it incredibly lightweight, without sacrificing bone-crushing rod strength. Part of that strength comes from Daiwa’s X45 Bias graphite fiber construction that helps them resist twisting for less stress on the rod, greater overall strength, and increased hook-setting power. If you're worried that such a strong, lightweight rod is going to sacrifice sensitivity - fear not - because Daiwa’s exclusive HVF carbon blank technology delivers incredible sensitivity. Premium Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides span each blank and offer serious durability as well as increased casting performance.


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