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Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones to Sue NFL?

Updated on November 19, 2017
Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell go to war over Ezekiel Elliott suspension.
Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell go to war over Ezekiel Elliott suspension. | Source

Controversy Rocks NFL as Jerry Jones at War With Commissioner Roger Goodell

Controversy continues to rock the National Football League as reports indicate Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones may sue embattled Commissioner Roger Goodell, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Formerly a stable ratings powerhouse, cracks in the league's facade began to show this season when players began kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

Papa John's Pizza and other sponsors have either withdrawn or talked about withdrawing support from the suddenly vulnerable NFL. The initial reason cited was the storm of opposition among fans created by the national anthem protest.

Goodell has been rewarded for keeping the NFL atop the ratings with a yearly paycheck of $40 million. But that was when pro football was beloved by a loyal fan core. However, Goodell's handling of the recent controversy has caused Jones to hire an attorney and consider a lawsuit.

Jerry Jones Hires Famed Attorney David Boies For Lawsuit

David Boies, who has handled some of the highest profile cases in America, will be handling the planned lawsuit against Goodell and the NFL. Jones told the six owners of the NFL compensation committee last week he'd hired Boies to sue Goodell, the NFL and owners if they extend Goodell's contract, according to the Times.

NFL Problems Began With Concussion Issues

The decline and fall of the NFL began with the concussion issues which became public a few years ago, according to radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh. A former Wichita Falls, Texas coach said he wouldn't allow his kids to play football because of the concussion issue. "I wouldn't recommend any young person risk concussions by playing football," he recently said.

Limbaugh, formerly an avid NFL fan, said that he hated to see the decline of the NFL. His opinion was the concussion issue began the decline. He further said the refusal of players to honor the national anthem is only escalating the process.

Limbaugh further said he felt badly for the players because he felt they were being manipulated by political ideologues.

Who Is David Boies?

Boies is a high profile attorney who argued the Bush v. Gore recount case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Other famous clients include IBM, CBS, George Steinbrenner and the NFL itself in the past, according to SB Nation.

His most recent high profile client is Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood director has been the center of media attacks by females who have made allegations against him.

Boies Become Famous For Representing Al Gore and Democrats against George W. Bush

Although Boies has long been well known for being a successful lawyer in legal circles, his fame extended to the public as the battle for the presidency was covered by national news media. NBC originally announced Al Gore was projected to win the presidency in 2000. However, as the votes trickled in from Florida, NBC and the other networks changed their minds and said Bush had won.

Then Florida Governor Jeb Bush went on television and said it wasn't possible Gore could win his state. He said he was positive his brother would carry the Seminole state and win the presidency.

Boies then entered the political fray as the Democrats hired him to represent them in the historic recount. The rest is history as the election went into the court system and was eventually decided in Bush's favor.

NFL Compensation Committee Members Include New England Patriot Owner Robert Kraft

New England Patriot owner Robert Kraft sits on the NFL's compensation committee. He has knocked heads with Goodell himself in the past. His quarterback Tom Brady was accused of being involved in deflating footballs by the NFL under Goodell's guidance. Although Kraft was originally a supporter of Goodell, he and the owner became adversaries over "Deflategate". Brady proclaimed his innocence, and the NFL investigated.

After a lengthy courtroom duel, Brady and the Patriots threw in the towel and agreed to a suspension. Other members of the committe include Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, New York Giants owneer John Mara and Sever Tisch, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair and PIttsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II.

Will Tom Brady Case Affect This Situation?

Is Robert Kraft still angry at Goodell for suspending his star quarterback Brady? If he is, that might affect his decision on the contract extension. The Brady controversy first arose in a game against the Indianapolis Colts. A Colt defensive back intercepted one of Brady's passes and said the ball appeared deflated to him.

The NFL has strict rules regarding the weight of its footballs. Kraft defended Brady through the whole ordeal. If he still feels his legendary quarterback was mistreated, he might think twice about extending the contract of the man who went to court to suspend his star who is reportedly almost like a son to him.

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension An Issue?

Former Ohio State University and current Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended for six games by Goodell beginning this week against the Atlanta Falcons. Elliott was cleared by the Ohio legal system of any wrongdoing in the case which has led to his suspension by Goodell.

Goodell Violating Constitution By Suspending Players Cleared by Legal System?

Is Goodell violating the U.S. Constitution by suspendng players who have been cleared by the American legal system?

Jones has said Goodell is overcorrecting in Elliott's case because he blundered badly in the Ray Rice domestic violence case. In that case, Goodell originally did nothing until a videotape emerged of the NFL player battering a female in an elevator. Goodell received serious criticism.

Ray Rice Case Affecting Ezekiel Elliott Decision?

On Dallas sports radio Tuesday, Jones claimed the NFL and Roger Goodell are coming down hard on Elliott in order to appease fans angry over how Goodell handled the Ray Rice case. Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, "I'm sure Goodell would like to take back his initial Ray Rice decision and other....Because of that Zeke is an overcorrection."

The troubling thing about the Elliott case is there is no definitive proof Elliott actually did what he's accused of. Rice was suspended for only two games and he was on video beating a woman. That was powerful evidence.

The Columbus, Ohio city attorney's office decided not to pursue charges made against Elliott by ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. The NFL's own lead investigation didn't think there was enough evidence to show he abused her.

Case closed. Well, not exactly.

Patrick's Day parade rolls around and Elliott pulled down the shirt of a female standing beside him, exposing her breasts. It was stupid and improper. The two reconciled after the incident and no charges were filed.

Will Cain of ESPN Discusses Power Struggle in NFL

Will Cain is a Dallas Cowboy expert.....says Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell in power struggle.
Will Cain is a Dallas Cowboy expert.....says Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell in power struggle.

Does It Matter If Elliott Is Guilty?

Sadly, it doesn't seem to matter if Elliot is guilty or not. The NFL collective bargaining agreement provides the commissioner with the power to determine punishment whenever he so desires. He has dictatorial powers.

That power is in the hands of an individual determined to shed the reputation he once had that he was soft on domestic violence, according to Forbes Sports Money.

According to the article written by Rob Tornoe in Forbes, there is a double standard at work here. The NFL had no problem with New England's receiver Rob Gronkowski giving a lap dance to FS-1's Julie Steward-Binks.

Jerry Jones May Sue NFL

Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys, may be at war with Commissioner Roger Goodell
Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys, may be at war with Commissioner Roger Goodell | Source

ESPN's Will Cain Says Battle Over Control

Will Cain said on ESPN that owner Jerry Jones is probably concerned the owners have lost control. Cain is a respected voice on ESPN and a Dallas Cowboy expert.

Cain said, "This is about power. Power cares nothing about inconsistency."

Cain said "it's about putting Goodell in his place." He conceded Jones could lose influence on ESPN during a discussion hosted by Bob Lee.

Another hearing on the Elliott case is set for Dec. 1.

Cain said the end game is "Goodell will lose. He could lose a vote of no-confidence."

Cain gave Goodell a vote of B- for the job he's done.

Update: Ezekiel Elliott Surrenders His Appeal

With the next hearing date for his appeal not set until, Dec. 1, Elliott recently announced he is giving up on his appeal of the six-game suspension. The reason given in a press release was that by that date he will have served out most of the suspension, so it becomes a moot point. Even were he to win his appeal, he would still lose playing time.

The issue remains unresolved as to whether the commissioner is acting within the constitution. Suspending employees from any job when the legal system has cleared them of any legal charges is a slippery slope.

On the other hand, Jones says the owners need to "slow down the train" of extending the commissioner's contract. Goodell is reportedly asked for a raise to $50 million, a private plane and payment of lifetime medical insurance for his family.

Cowboys Lose to Atlanta, 27-i7, Without Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys sorely missed Ezekiel Elliott in their first game without him. They lost 27-7 to the Atlanta Falcons. They showed little evidence of a running game in the disappointing loss.


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