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Dallas Cowboys: Embarrassment

Updated on October 2, 2012
Romo is pressured by a Bears defender
Romo is pressured by a Bears defender

The Problems With The Cowboys

How can one team be so inconsistent? The Dallas Cowboys have gone from being an NFL powerhouse, to the most inconsistent team in the NFL. Tony Romo throws great one game, and then throws 5 interceptions the next game. Now, the Chicago Bears defense is veryy talented, but you can't throw five interseptions and expect to win! When your quarterback throws 5 interceptions, you have to rely on the run game. That run game produced 41 yards against the Bears. Frankly, it was an abysmal performance for the Cowboys who just can't seem to get themselves into shape. It all starts with the Cowboys defense.

Cowboys Defense Needs Help

The Cowboys defense has great speed and they know how to pressure the quarterback. However they don't know how to cover a reciever. Until the Cowboys can fix this problem I don't see them making the playoffs. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan needs to use his pass-rushers to his advantage. Blitz with Demarcus Ware and pressure the quartevack before he can get to throw the ball. That is all the Cowboys need to do. Until then, the Bears and every other team in the NFL have a chance at beating the vulnerable Cowboys.


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