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Dallas Cowboys Pass Rushers, Greg Hardy, Demarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory and Tyrone Crawford.

Updated on August 5, 2015

#rushmen #thexfactorradio

#rushmen #thexfactorradio

Last year our major weakness was our lack of pass rush. Jeremy Mincey led the team with a measly 6 sacks, and as a team we only had 28 in comparison. Justin Houston had 22 BY HIMSELF! Think back to the playoff game vs. Green Bay. Everybody remembers "The Catch" but what about Rogers going 12-15 passing to finish the game? Green Bay stopped running and put the ball in a hobbled Aaron Rogers hands and we were helpless. Pass rush was clearly a focus this off-season. We brought in the best pass rusher available(try not to think about off field stuff) in Greg Hardy and we still drafted another in Randy Gregory in the 2nd round. Plenty of projections had us taking him in the first but he fell to us and we scooped him up. Similar to last year when some projected us to take Demarcus Lawrence in the first but fell to the 2nd. There was plenty of excitement around Lawrence a year ago until he got hurt. He missed most of the rookie development because of this. He had zero regular season sacks but played better in the postseason. Combine his improvement with Hardy (missed 4 games) and Gregory that should help. Not to mention another year playing '3' tech for Tyrone Crawford has many expecting him to have a break out year. If that is the case watch out QB's!

#rushmen #thexfactorradio

Who will lead the Dallas Cowboys in sacks during the 2015 season?

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    • X-Factor-Radio profile image

      Erik Krumm 2 years ago from Cowboys Stadium

      Greg Hardy's suspension hass been reduced to four games. He has averaged 1 per game in his last 16 games.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      Greg hardy is out for 10 weeks i find it hard to believe he will lead the team in sacks.