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Dallas Stars Sneak peek in Season 2014-2015

Updated on July 27, 2014

Returning Key Components

There are members of the team that will be returning to the city this fall with high hopes and expectations. Some of those players will meet new faces on their line while some players will be taking on new roles like Tyler Seguin. The returning members will get to play with players like Jason Spezza and Erik Cole who are recent additions to the lineup this off season.

No. 91

Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin will be returning to the lineup for another season after being traded to Dallas from Boston last year during the off season. Tyler’s finesse and puck handling skills will contribute greatly to the team’s success in this upcoming season. Seguin has the ability to score from any angle as he’s proven in the past and will be looking to come out of the gate strong this season with the additions to the team.

Tyler’s role will change from the young gun sniper to the veteran who is entering his prime and looking to take on the challenges that wait in the postseason. He has been an influential member of his team’s statistics and it seems as though he is improving each year he plays in the NHL.

We’re expecting that Tyler will continue to put up big numbers this season and perhaps pass his last year points total if he can stay healthy and focused. We’re also expecting him to be on the first line and contribute daily on the powerplay with his accurate shot and quick hands.

No. 14

Jamie Benn

Big Benn is making another trip south to Dallas for the upcoming season and Stars fans couldn’t be more excited. Jamie has produced great numbers in the past seasons with the Stars and looks as though he’s only on an upward climb as far as his career path is concerned. JB’s puck handling is similar to that of Rick Nash’s from the New York Rangers; he’s a big man on offense who doesn’t mind using his body to get to the net.

We’ve seen the highlights from last season that Benn produced and cannot wait to see what he has in the armory for the upcoming year. Benn will be the backbone of the Stars of this year and will help guide the new comers like Jason Spezza through the ins and outs of the organization. Jamie has the potential to be a top five forward this year in the league and as well carries a physical threat with him wherever he goes on the ice.

One factor that makes Benn the great player he is, is his unwillingness to back down from any defender or sticky situation that he might come up against. For example, Benn uses his size and strength to get in and out of situations where he has no business being in. The highlight he produced last year where he cuts through the D and straight to the net to pop in on his backhand is a perfect example of what fans can expect this season from the big guy.

No. 43

Valeri Nichushkin

The rookie that made big splashes on the team last year is making a return to the show. He was capable of pocketing some really nice genos last season and even carried the weight of being a Play of the Year candidate. He has the offensive mindset that controlled the thought process of great players like Kovalev and Bure, but can turn on the jets and get back to play D like a 3rd line or 4th line player.

Every fan who cheers for the Stars is excited to see Valeri back in the jersey for another season because he brings athleticism and youth to the roster which others players do not (except Seguin). He’ll be considered a rookie this year even though he plays like he’s been in the league for a decade.

He’s a key component to the success this year if the Stars can do well in the regular season and put up numbers in the postseason. He makes plays that are amazing to witness and doesn’t mind throwing the sauce around like it’s nobody’s business. He’s quick, he has good size and can bury the puck when given the chance, expect this young gun to follow closely behind Seguin and Hemsky.

Overall Stats From 3 Players vs Rest of Team

The Big 3
Rest of Team

New Additions

With every off season comes the chance to pick up new talent and sign players to big contracts. This off season the NHL analysts concluded that the Dallas Stars made some of the biggest moves out of all the other teams in the league. The Stars were capable of picking up Jason Spezza who is thought to be one of the best center-man in the world. Let’s take a look at the players the Stars acquired and break them down into words for you.

Ales Hemsky

Hemsky is accompanying Jason Spezza from Ontario to Dallas this upcoming season after signing a three year contract with the Stars franchise. We’re excited to see Hemsky get the fresh start he deserves after facing a plaguing career run in the North with the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators. Hemsky has always been a great player, he’s just never been given the correct opportunity to showcase his talent until now.

By signing this contract, he locks in three years minimum with the Stars where he can grow into his role and really find out where he belongs on a team. We know that it’s highly unlikely Hemsky will play on the first line with the Stars since they have the talent to fill that line instantly. However, we feel as though Hemsky is a top 2 line forward with high potential of being on that number one line regardless of organization.

He’s the high impact player that never slows down on the attack. He has one of the best releases in the league and has proven on numerous occasions that he can put the puck in the net during high pressure situations. It wasn’t too long ago that the Edmonton Oilers used Hemsky as their shootout specialist and go to man in overtime, remember that this season when he’s clutching in every chance given to him.

Jason Spezza

Spezza is a king in the face off circle, that’s certain and no one is going to argue that. He’s proven himself as a force to reckon with in the league but hasn’t had much of a team to back him up offensively. He’s changed that problem now with joining the Stars franchise which is shaping up to be one helluva offensive minded unit.

We’re expecting Jason to put up consistent numbers as he’s always done, however we’re also expecting him to carry his team through the playoffs if they make it there. He has the postseason experience and has been in the leader role before, his teammates know that if they have a problem, Jason will help them out in whichever way he can.

Fans are excited that a big name player like Jason Spezza is suiting up in the Stars jersey. They’re going to be happy when they see him and Tyler Seguin lining up together in the home opener. The trio between Spezza, Benn and Seguin is going to be a big time threat throughout the entire league; we project this line to become top 5 lines in the NHL.

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