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Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars Career Goal Scoring Leaders

Updated on November 12, 2009

Mike Modano

Dino Ciccarelli

The Minnesota North Stars became an NHL franchise in 1967, and later moved to Dallas, where they became and remain the Dallas Stars, in 1993. The team has one Stanley Cup title, which was in 1999 as the Dallas Stars, and they have been a pretty competitive franchise overall.  Here is a short list of the Stars/North Stars all-time leading goal scorers to date:

Mike Modano (543)—Center Mike Modano has played his entire career for this franchise, beginning in Minnesota in 1989, and still plays for the Stars as I write this in 2009.  Modano leads the team all-time with 543 goals scored, and he has an astounding sixteen seasons with 20 or more goals, and nine seasons with 30 or more.  Modano’s best season was 1993-94, when he had a career high 50 goals, with 43 assists for 93 total points (tied career high). 

Brian Bellows (342)—Left wing Brian Bellows played in Minnesota from 1982 to 1992 and ranks second in franchise history with 342 goals scored.  He scored 40 or more goals three times in a North Stars uniform, and Bellows’ best season was 1989-90, when he had a career high 55 goals, and added 44 assists for 99 total points (also career best). 

Dino Ciccarelli (332)—Right wing Dino Ciccarelli began his career in Minnesota and played there from 1890 to 1989.  Ciccarelli ranks third in the team’s history with 332 goals, and he had two of his best seasons in Minnesota with 50 or more goals.  The best of those was 1981-82, when Ciccarelli scored a career high 55 goals, and 51 assists for 106 total points (also career best). 

Neal Broten (274)—Center Neal Broten began his career in Minnesota and played for both the North Stars and Dallas Stars from 1983 to 1995, and then played for Dallas again briefly in 1996-97.  Broten ranks fourth in franchise history with 274 goals, and he scored a career high 38 goals in 1981-82.  His best season, though, may have been 1985-86, when Broten had 29 goals with career highs in assists (76) and total points (105).

Bill Goldsworthy (267)—Right wing Bill Goldsworthy played for the North Stars from 1967 to 1977, and ranks fifth in North Stars/Stars’ history with 267 goals scored.  He scored 30 or more goals five times, and Goldsworthy’s best season was 1973-74.  That year, he scored a career high 48 goals, and added 26 assists for 74 total points (also career best). 


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