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David Ortiz, A.K.A. "Big Papi" Dominates, Leads Boston to Third Title This Century.

Updated on October 31, 2013
Big Papi celebrates as he leads Boston to his third title in a Red Sox uniform.
Big Papi celebrates as he leads Boston to his third title in a Red Sox uniform. | Source

One word...


That describes the performance of David Ortiz, the loveable larger than life designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox, who was so dominant in the Fall Classic that even the Cardinals pitchers didn't even want to take a chance during their last chance to extend the series.

They had seen enough of his .733 average and so he racked up walk after walk. I guess you could say he was Walka'd. That wasn't the half of it though as he didn't strike out in any of his previous 10 playoff games until the last game of the series, game 6. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

Ortiz, who has gone through adversity, as have the Red Sox over the past few seasons, came together along with new teammates on a revamped roster after the tragic bombing in Boston that happened right after the season began.

Beards and bonds began to grow. So did the legend of Ortiz.

Boston led wire to wire. Even though the Cardinals won the same amount of games, it never felt close.

The season was still filled with drama though, the call ups of young exciting players, some of whom ended up back down at Pawtucket (the Red Sox minor league affiliate), injuries that provided opportunities for guys like Koji Uehara who found something and became unhittable, to Ortiz who was dominant, to new members like Napoli, Victorino, and Gomes, who all came up big, seemingly at the right moments, to the block buster trade for starter Jake Peavy.

It was one thing after another. Yet, they overcame. Led by Ortiz. Now, he's the MVP and the Red Sox are the World Champions!

Have you seen as dominant a performance by any hitter in World Series history?

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Good article. The passion for your Sox comes off the page. I'm glad for Boston, even though I'm a Yankee fan. I had picked the Cards in 5. Had no idea that St. Louis couldn't buy a hit. How did they win the NL? Pathetic. Do you think Ortiz should be in the Hall of Fame?

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 3 years ago from Texas

      Thumbs up on your hub MarkRFox, My White Sox were out of contention probably about the mid season point. I also thought the Cardinals would win, nothing against the Bo Sox, the National league has always been more defensive/pitching oriented than the AL, but that wasn't the case this year.

    • MarkRFox profile image

      MarkRFox 3 years ago

      As long as it never comes out that he was again using PEDs, then he should be a lock. With all of those memorable historic moments in the playoffs, especially the 04' series when the Red Sox came back against your Yanks, to this year's unbelievable hitting performance that saw him bat over .700 in the World Series. With three titles under his belt, having broken the curse, and won MVPs, it's safe to say undoubtedly he is a lock.

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