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DeBaitable: A blog about the south, fishing, and other tall tales

Updated on December 31, 2016

Welcome to DeBaitable

Hello, and welcome to my blog DeBaitable, this is the first post of many to this blog in which I will be writing to share stories about fishing, the south, and other tales that I hope inspire you or make you laugh. Along with these stories I will be sharing reviews on different fishing gear like rods and reels, tackle, and tackle boxes. I hope that you will find something here that you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments below telling me what you like about any of the reviews or stories that I have posted or anything that you would like to see on the blog.



Time to Bunker down, It's the Play Off's

If you asked me my favorite sport, my quick and rapid response would be racing. I have always been enthusiastic about racing and hearing the engine's roar as metal clashes and gnashes together like a mad dog foaming at the mouth. Now, racing isn't the only sport I like, I also enjoy football. When it comes to football I primarily prefer watching college over professional, simply because the players seem to have more gumption and more to prove.

Every year I usually will start off watching a few games, but I typically just look at the scores and follow the rankings, because I always find my self away from the t.v.. I do, however, always watch the playoffs and the championship game. Like racing, football is a big part of Southern Tradition. Hell, any thing sports related is a Southern Tradition, except for diving, bicycling, tennis, and a few others. I mean who changes football to watch tennis. It's true, I've seen it with my own two eyes, someone changed the Georgia game to TENNIS, and I just about lost it. But football isn't just a tradition in the South, but all over the nation. Yes we have probably some of the best programs in the nation in the SEC, but there are others out there, and one in particular I'd like to discuss, and that's Ohio State. Yes, the Buckeyes.

You see the Buckeyes are an important team in my family as my wife's grandfather loves the Buckeyes. Now I know everyone has at least one person in their family that is a die hard fan, this man is the Ultimate Ohio State fan, and because of this we have started some what of a tradition as I am calling it here today Bunker down Day. I say this because football Saturdays, especially those towards the end of the year are tough and we have to just bunker down and wait to see what happens, and you never know one day to the next what the outcome is going to be. Thanks for reading and Happy New Years.

Happy Holidays

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This year the holidays have been much more different than ever before and it's been odd. What's even more odd to me is the week before was freezing cold, and then this week we have temp's in the 60's and 70's. I didn't expect a White Christmas, but I did think I could have a holiday where I didn't sweat. Have a safe and Happy New Year; and Fish On.

This is for the hunters and fishers

During hunting season (whatever game you hunt) do you still take time to fish?

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Ice Fishing

I know this may seem like an odd topic to post on a blog by a Southerner, because we don't have ice fishing, but lately it's been freezing cold out side and we have been confined to our house. Usually I'll brave what I consider cold to do just about anything, but is gong out in below freezing whether worth it to even the most dedicated of fishers? I know that in some cases you do ice fish in a hut of sorts, but your still sitting on a patch of ice. I don't think any combination of jackets and pants would conquer the fact that I'm sitting on top of a frozen lake.

I'm not mocking those who ice fish, I'm just not sure its the sport for me. I like the cold, but I like it because it's easier for me to warm up when it's cold, than cool off when it's warm. My hat is off to the ice fishers and those that go out fishing in extremes. I've braved many a thunder storm and extreme heat, but I think if I have to sit on a patch of ice I'll just stay home that day and dream of Bass and Cats tugging at the line all summer long.

Sun Set on Weiss Lake

This is the view every afternoon coming across the Hwy 9 Bridge in Cedar Bluff, AL. Welcome to God's Country.
This is the view every afternoon coming across the Hwy 9 Bridge in Cedar Bluff, AL. Welcome to God's Country. | Source

Back to it in Alabama

It's been a while since I've posted anything and my life has changed drastically. The last post I wrote I believe the temperature was in the 90's and I was in South Georgia. Now, I'm in North East Alabama and the high for the next two days is in the mid 40's with lows in the 20's. I've never actually experienced Winter, or so many leaves before in my life. It's a nice change though, despite the difficulties me and my wife have faced over the last sixth months. Let's just say that after spending the summer working on a cottage and attempting to open a restaurant have been tough on my back and my wallet. Now, I'm going to try and refocus on writing. If anyone reads this post, and enjoys it, Thank You. I will be writing more often with better stuff to come. Hopefully em-between writing and working on other projects me and my wife will be able to get back to fishing, and enjoy our life together. There are times in our lives when it is difficult to see past the hard times, when the trials and tribulations distract you from enjoying every minute of every day. I know that no matter what I face, however, as long as I have my wife and God by my side; there is no doubt I can come back from anything.

So to those of you have read my blog before and to new readers Thank You again for reading and continue checking for updates as I will be updating frequently about me and my wife's new adventures, along with our little sidekick Aimee. I can now walk down to the Coosa river and am minutes from Weiss Lake, The Crappie Capital of the World, and wouldn't you know the few times I've gone fishing here the past few months all I've caught are Catfish, turtles, and a carp. Now that it's turning cold, I'll put this Crappie Capital to the test.


Me and my fishing partner (My Wife).
Me and my fishing partner (My Wife).

Cat lines in the Moon Light

I've done a lot of fishing in my short time on earth, and in that time I've managed to fish in almost every type of body of water the state of Georgia has to offer. I grew up walking bare footed to the stream through my families land with my younger brothers in tow. It wasn't much more than a ditch really, but to us it was the mighty Mississippi, and we were setting off on a grand adventure like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Of all of the different outings and adventures I've ever been on though night time on the Ogeechee River is like a whole other world. I remember one night when I was out on the river, riding in my Great Uncle's john boat checking cat lines. The moon that night was so bright that we didn't even need a light to see where we were going as we eased our way through the Cyprus knees checking lines, looking for those big ole' blue cats who had taken our lines. In the distance we could hear owls calling in the night back in forth to each other as they hunted their pray. Whether or not it's a river, pond, lake, or stream I suggest you trying fishing at night. You may not catch a lot, but while the rest of the world sleeps, nature never stops, it keeps on going ticking like a clock.

The nature life

Evening on the water.
Evening on the water.

Rain Delays

In my short time here on this earth I've sat through a lot of rain delays. No matter whether it's a sporting event, traveling, or really anything else, rain delays are annoying. I will say, however, rain delays can be beneficial because if not for a rain delay I wouldn't have gotten to be at the Daytona 500 when Juan Pablo Montoya blew up the jet dryer. What I hate though, more than anything, is fishing rain delays, especially when it's been one of those perfect weeks like we've had here in Southeast Georgia. Earlier in the week the weather was perfect the highs were all in the high 70's to low 80's, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining down like God smiling from above. The problem is your busy and by the time the end of the week comes and you finally have time to do some quality fishing, water starts pouring down from the sky like Noah's Ark and tornadoes come ripping through town. So here we are, me and my wife sitting on the couch instead of the dock waiting through this rain delay.

Fishin' and Snackin'

I don't know about you, but whenever I go fishing, I have to have a good snack. There have been times when I've gone out on the water for the day and taken whole steak meals. I assure you I wasn't the one cooking that day. Most of the time when I'm fishing I like to go non-stop. If I've got the time I'll fish daylight to dark without a break. My go to snacks for hitting the water have always been a couple packs of Lance crackers, a honey bun, and a classic Coca-Cola. What are some of your favorite snacks for hitting the water? Please leave comments below.

Gone Fishing

What type of fishing do you prefer?

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© 2016 Travis Upchurch


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