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Dear Netflix: Why You Need Lucha Underground

Updated on August 15, 2015

Dear Netflix,

For the record, allow me to say that I generally don't do this sort of thing. And by this sort of thing, I mean a) write a letter to a major entertainment company or b) do a letter style column. In regards to the latter, I've always thought it was kind of an easy way out as far as writing goes, the sort of challenge that's not really challenging at all unless you're a fifth grader or a fan of Uwe Boll movies. As for the former, well, I guess I've just never believed in something strong enough/been angry enough to do so. Well, that ends today. Not because I'm angry; overall Netflix, I think you're pretty damn swell, even if you could hurry up with bringing The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to me (outstanding show). So don't look at this as a criticism, look at this as advise or perhaps even an suggestion.

Let me begin by asking you a question; have you heard of Lucha Underground? I'd certainly hope so. For almost a year, Lucha Underground was a wrestling TV show that aired on Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network, the same one that also aired a certain show you carry called From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. And in this humble writers opinion, the LU was the best wrestling show on planet earth during its near one year run, mixing the exciting lucha libre style with coherent storytelling and a whole lot of surreal shit. Think David Lynch if he suddenly became interested in Mexican wrestling. More importantly though, it saved my wrestling fandom, and likely several other people's wrestling fandom as well. And yet, despite all that's going for it, Lucha Underground may never have a chance for a second season thanks to a whole lot of reasons that people smarter than me can explain. It would rob many wrestling fans out there who haven't had a chance to see this wonderful promotion an opportunity to see what I and the rest of the believers see, while bring all of us back to square one. More importantly though, it would mean that the great talent on and offscreen that helped make the LU such a joy all year would never get to know if what they had was truly on the verge of becoming something special.

That, Netflix, is where you come in. You may have noticed in the past week or two a certain hashtag that's been popping up on Twitter; a thing called #NetflixNeedsLucha. It's a movement, however big or small it may be, that means a lot of things, but right up front, it means that you should want to carry Lucha Underground in your services. The fact is, at least in my opinion, Netflix and the LU are a perfect match for each other. While I'm well aware that wrestling is seen in some circles the way the new Fantastic Four is seen by comic book fans, it contains as devoted a fan base worldwide as anything I can think of. And as an entertainment media that lost a ton of wrestling content after WWE launched its WWE Network, it seems you could use some. Lucha Underground could give you just that, with the added bonus of it not being like any other wrestling show. It's got stories that would appeal to both wrestling fans and non wrestling fans. It can be binge watched, a Netflix hallmark if I'm not mistaken. Most importantly though, Lucha Underground is great TV. That alone is a reason why you should not hesitate to add this wonderful promotion to your services.

Of course, there's more to it than that, as there always is. #NetflixNeedsLucha isn't just about you needing us, it's about us needing you. I can't know what everyone involved with this show, from the other writers like myself to the fans to the talent, are thinking, but I can safely say I speak for most (maybe even all) of us when I say we all love this damn show. For many of us, Lucha Underground gave us a reason to believe that wrestling could be great again, a reminder that when in the right hands, wrestling can be artful, thoughtful and most importantly fun. It's given the talent, both on and offscreen, a chance to leave their mark in a business that has for years now been about one thing and one thing only. For that to all be taken away now...hell, for it to be neutered down to a point where it's not the same that it was, would be as depressing a thought as I can imagine. Lucha Underground deserves better than that. Us fans, the writers, the backers and the talent deserve better than that. And for that, we do need you. I'm not ashamed to admit it one little bit.

So, pretty much, I am advising, suggesting, asking, begging, whatever you want to call it, to give Lucha Underground a chance and add it to your already immense catalogue. Do it because, in my opinion, it could ultimately prove to be a great business decision for both yourselves and the LU. Do it because you have a hole in regards to wrestling product on your services, and LU can uniquely fill that hole. Do it because there's a ton of wrestling fans who have been dying to see Lucha Underground and will finally get a chance to if it's added. Do it for us fans of the show who want a chance to feel the same way we did when Angelico dove off a roof or Vampiro provided us with one last great moment in his Hall of Fame career. Do it for the talent so they can continue to show the world what they are capable of. Do it for all the writers, producers, editors and directors that worked their asses off to create this wonderful world of Lucha Underground. And if that's not enough, do it because we need you. We, the LuchaKliq, need you Netflix, just as much as we feel you need us. Together, perhaps we can do great things. So why not make that happen?

I guess that'll do it. Thanks for hearing me out Netflix. I hope you join us in making wrestling a more fun place.



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    • profile image

      WrestlingExaminer 2 years ago

      Lucha Underground is definitely the best and hottest wrestling show on the planet. #NetflixNeedsLucha