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Deep Sea fishing, Australia, Tuna, Swordfish, Seafishing Tours

Updated on July 1, 2017

Deep Sea Fishing in Australia, the once in a lifetime experience of man versus the monsters of the deep. The warm Australian waters are home to some of the largest aquatic fish and mammals on our planet, including Marlin, Swordfish and the greatest sea dweller that ever lived, the Great White Shark. Deep sea fishing is exhilarating, exciting and a fantastic way of spending a day out, even if you are only a beginner, one day off the Australian coast, and literally, you will be hooked, on this extreme sport. Deep sea fishing trips are readily available throughout the year all around the Australian coast, and the boat captains are some of the best in the world, navigating treacherous waters to help the fisherman find that perfect catch. These mighty monsters can take hours to land, which only adds to the excitement, many fisherman's tales, including the one that got away, must of originated here in Australia, as with the warm climate, many of the largest catches in the world are from this area of the oceans, with the Great Barrier Reef home to millions of smaller fish, the predators come to feast from all over the Oceans.


Australian Marlin Charters

Trust the professionals, these people have Deep Sea Fishing in their blood. Hiring a boat and a skipper for a day deep sea fishing is perfect, the boat comes complete with fish finder equipment, sonar, and all the fishing tackle and bait you will need. Marlin is a favourite to catch, with some of these magnificent creatures weighing in at over 500 lbs, the fight to land one can be extensive and exhausting, and at the same time exciting, getting the heart to pump harder and faster as the fish fights using every ounce of its strength and tactics to break free. Its you against him, who has the most patience and experience, who will win this mighty battle of the minds.

Included in all the trips are also meals and snacks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, help and advice and that warm Australian humour and personality. Nighttime fishing trips trips can also be arranged.

Australian Marlin Charters

Magnificent Broadbill Swordfish
Magnificent Broadbill Swordfish

Sword Fish

 Deep Sea Fishing for Swordfish is an amazing experience, even if somewhat dangerous. These massive fish have been known to jump out of the water and land on the fishing boat as they are being reeled in as a final attempt to break free. Many a fisherman has been injured by the sharp point on this beautiful creature, and it has been reported that one young lady had her breast implant punctured by a swordfish. These fish can weigh up to 1,400 lbs, about 650kg and can grow to an astonishing 15 feet, nearly 5 meters in length and can race through the oceans at 80 kilometers per hour. Once a swordfish has been hooked onto a fishing line, it has been known for the animal to dive straight down and embed its sword into the seabed, to act like an anchor. Swordfish diet is mainly smaller fish, like mackerel and even small tuna, but can be caught with glow sticks, octopus and small fish chunks.

Tuna School
Tuna School

Deep Sea Fishing, Tuna

Deep sea fishing in Australia for tuna and around the world has raised one very serious question, if the tuna fish are so big, why are the cans we buy so small ? There are over fifty different types of tuna including Yellowfin, Blackfin, Skipjack and Dogtooth, these fish swim an amazing 80 kilometers per hour, giving any angler a run for their money. Tuna swim in schools, and once you have located a school of tuna, you may be pulling many in within an hour if you follow the school along. There are many boat charters which will take you to find the fish you are looking for, hire your boat and captain in advance to save disappointment, these fishing trips are very popular, especially in the tourist season.


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    • travelholidays profile image


      5 years ago from India

      80 kilometers per hour , really it is an amazing speed for Tuna !!!. can get all types of Tuna in Australia? Great information about Deep sea Fishing Voted up :)


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