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Deer Hunting Tips Part 3 - Hunting Apparel

Updated on November 22, 2010

Hunting Apparel is one of the most important aspects of hunting deer. A hunter needs to have the proper amount of clothing to conceal himself from a deers eyes. In part 2, we mentioned how staying warm is important for patience and persistence. Well, wearing the proper hunting clothes to stay warm, and be concealed is also important. Deer have very good eyesight. They can pick up movement very easily. Deer are said to be color blind though. Many people may believe that the color of your hunting clothes does not seem to matter. In fact, this may be true to some extent, but that's not the point. The point is, a hunter needs clothing that's an outline of his or her surroundings. If you wore clothing that did not have a similar match to the environment then deer can pick out your movement even easier. Generally, they can not identify you if you stay still, but sometimes if you were to alert a deer, being in good camouflage clothe helps a bit. And of course, blending in with your surroundings helps in tree stands and in other locations.


Florescent Orange

Now, wearing proper camouflage is essential, but laws require fluorescent orange. Fluorescent orange is needed to keep you safe. When hunting, safety comes first. All hunters are required to wear a specific amount of fluorescent orange. State laws may vary, but most will require an orange cap/beanie and orange on the upper body. (360 degrees, front, side, and back) Some people may complain that this will make them more visible to deer. This is a misconception. First of all, safety always comes first. Second of all, deer pick up movement more. Thirdly, many companies make jackets that are fluorescent orange, but have an outline of twigs, branches embedded in them. This is what I personally wear. Your outline is more important than the actual color.

Of course, a lot of speculation can be made made whether or not deer see color. Most animals, however, pick up movement primarily. They can not seem to identify things when there still. It is however, important, to have an outline or they can possibly identify you. Wearing orange jackets with those outlines is suggested. This is optional though, you could still wear regular hunting clothes with an orange vest covering it.

Avoid letting a deer look directly at you!


What Type of Hunting Apparel to Wear?

Hunting clothes can vary. Many stores such as gander mt, dick sporting goods and Cabelas specialize in hunting apparel. Other department stores still usually sell hunting clothes, but they may not offer as much. Most hunting clothes will offer pants with a lot of pockets. Some of these pockets can be zippered so items will not fall out. Others are more basic and don't have this feature. If you can find pockets that have zippers, buy them. Hunters can easily lose items such as cell phones, hunting calls, and other objects when in the woods or fields. This is even more prevalent when climbing tree stand ladders. When you begin to climb its very easy for things to fall out.

When it comes to hunting jackets, they make different variations. They have various woodland camouflages, and have others such as snow backgrounds. Then they have fluorescent orange jackets with an outline of branches, as mentioned earlier in the hub. These are good because you don't need to wear an orange layer over top an existing jacket. It already has the orange on it. Many jackets will have chest pockets and such.


In cold weather, it may be a good idea to wear long johns. Long johns are usually referred to as "long underwear", or "thermals". Investing in these will be benefit you in the cold weather. They help you stay warm. They are worn underneath your existing hunting clothes. They have both upper body and lower body.

Then of course, your going to have to wear layers under your jacket and pants. Hunting clothes are not necessarily needed here since they are not visible, but many may not want to wear casual clothes underneath. You may want to reserve hunting camo shirts for hunting. A sweater could help to keep you warmer along with a hunting jacket. A hunter should at least wear 3 layers of clothes. For example, a camo sleeved shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. More if needed....


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