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"Deflategate" will define Tom Brady's legacy instead of Superbowl wins

Updated on August 8, 2015

Tom Brady

Tom Let It Go

I have been following the "Deflategate" scandal in the NFL just like ever other National Football League pro football fan on the earth since the beginning. It was not until recently with the news of Tom Brady had someone destroy his cell phone that had damning evidence (Or so I believe) just hours before on the exact day when the authorities of the National Football League started their investigation that I felt compelled to say something.Tom Brady is not asking my advice, but if he was I would say simply "Tom let it go". Just take your 4 game suspension and stay home with the supermodel wife in your mansion and bone up on your football skills playing Madden NFL 16 on the Xbox. The more Tom stirs the pot by claiming "I am clueless and innocent" and keeps the controversy in the headlines the more it stinks. And outside of the New England area public opinion is that Tom "You Are Guilty" And the more that comes out, the more everyone is starting to believe Tom Brady had full knowledge and instigated the deflation of the footballs. Once again outside of the New England area Tom is being viewed along with "Bill" Belichick and the Patriot's organization at the heals of another NFL scandal "Spygate" as a win at all cost cheaters.


What is "Deflategate"

For those Americans that were off on some other planet or in a coma "Deflategate" is a controversy in the National Football League (NFL) that stems from accusations the Tom Brady led New England Patriots tampered with the footballs that the Patriots would use by deflating them from the NFL requirement between 12.5 to 13.5 pounds per square inch (PSI) In the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2015 giving the Patriots a tactical advantage in throwing, receiving and prone to less fumbles an easier to grip football.

Suspicions were raised after Tom Brady threw an interception to Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson and he thought the ball seemed different and deflated. The football was checked and was in fact found to be under inflated by 2 PSI. Eventually 11 of the 12 balls used by the Patriots that day would be found under inflated. The New England Patriots would go on to win the AFC championship 45-7 and giving the Patriots a berth in the Super Bowl, which in turn gave Tom Brady a win and his 4th championship ring.

Definition OF Integrity

in·teg·ri·tyinˈteɡrədē/nounnoun: integrity

  1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness."he is known to be a man of integrity"synonyms: honesty , probity , rectitude , honor , good character, principle(s), ethics , morals, righteousness , morality , virtue , decency , fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity , truthfulness , trustworthiness "I never doubted his integrity"antonyms: dishonesty.

Former Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice

Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez

Why Is "Deflategate" Important To The NFL?

Now I know you are sitting there shaking your head, wondering how or why a few teaspoons of air can change Tom Brady superstar quarterback of the New England Patriots legacy or why it is even important? How can a 2 PSI drop of air pressure inside a football mean more to the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell than former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray (Elevator Punch) Rice, or Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian (My son needs a whooping) Peterson? Is it even more important to the NFL that former New England tight end Aaron (I shot a man just to watch him die) Hernandez?

The answer to those questions is YES! Before you start a lynch mob and get a rope and look for a proper tree for a hanging. Hear me out. I fully admit that Ray Rice's filmed knockout punch of his lady love in an elevator and that Adrian Peterson whooping that he gave his son that landed the boy in the hospital and of course the Aaron Hernandez murder of a man who he believed disrespected him (Now looks like 3 murders for Hernandez) are horrendous criminal acts and should be punished to the full extent of the law. And all the cases involving the 3 that I mentioned here were in fact held accountable for their actions (Hernandez is now playing tight end in prison) and received the same or maybe even harsher punishment by the authorities that you or I would have received if we had committed the very same crimes. Justice has been served in these cases. The American criminal court system may be flawed, but, it really is the best in the world. I am not suggesting in the world outside the NFL what Tom Brady did was even close to Rice, Peterson and Hernandez crimes. What I am talking about is the crime against the integrity of what has become Americas pastime NFL Football.

Roger Goodell NFL Comish

Tom Brady Lost Integrity

In the world of the National Football League Tom Brady superstar quarterback, married to arguably the most beautiful woman in the world with all the riches and castles that once only belonged to the Kings and Queens. From his lofty position above the rest of us Tom Brady showed his true nature when he chose to think he was better than the NFL and you and I. His crime, his cheat tarnished the image and the integrity of the game that every NFL fan loves. His crime, his cheat was not committed against one individual or even three. His crime, his cheat was perpetrated against millions of NFL football fans. He spit them all in the eye. He thought he was above "The Game"..... Americas Game.

If the football fans believed that the NFL was subject to cheaters that could sway the outcomes of individual games. We would stop watching and listening and Americas pastime would be destroyed, the new holiday "The Super Bowl" would become meaningless. That is why a few teaspoons of air are very, very important to Roger Goodell and the National Football League. His job, his only job it to protect the integrity of the NFL, Americas pastime and the game that millions love.

What rankles me most and gets my hair up about what Tom Brady did is in all reality did Tom Brady and the New England Patriots need to cheat on that day to defeat the Indianapolis Colts? That would be NO!!, HELL NO!!. January 18, 2015 in the American Football Conference (AFC) game the Colts albeit a very good football team led by none other than Andrew (Caveman) Luck had little chance, maybe zero chance of beating the superior New England Patriots led by Tom (I am a Cheater) Brady. The outcome would have been the same regardless. Brady and the Patriots would have been playing in the Super Bowl anyway..... Tom Brady you just didn't need to cheat.

Tom Brady 4 Super Bowl rings. Did he win them fairly?

Tom Brady's Legacy Forever Tarnished

Will Tom Brady ever be vindicated from the "Deflategate" scandal? Never! Has Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cheated before? Yes! (They have gotten caught once before with the "Spygate" scandal, how many times were they not caught is the real question!) Will Tom Brady ever be stripped of his Super Bowl ring of the year of "Deflategate"? Nope! Will Tom Brady be enshrined in Canton, Ohio Pro Football Hall Of Fame someday? Of course! Will Tom Brady after he retires from football be considered forever in the top 10 quarterbacks of the NFL? Arguably Yes! Will Tom Brady win more Super Bowl rings? Maybe (The Patriots without cheating are still a great team)! Will Tom Brady name and legacy always be linked to the term "Cheater"? That would be a resounding YES!

Tom (I am a cheater) Brady name for now on will be mentioned in the likes of Lance (What me, dope?) Armstrong, Pete (I gambled only on other pro baseball teams, not my own) Rose, Tonya (I will have your leg broken) Harding, Woody (I throw a punch) Hayes, and of course we cannot forgot another famous New England Patriots cheater head coach Bill (I videotaped other teams' practices to steal their hand signals) Belichick.

Hang me, cuss me, but these are my thoughts and opinion's about superstar Tom Brady.....Final thought and question "Mr. Brady, what the Hell were you thinking?"


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    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      Mel Carriere exactly my thoughts and glad you picked up on it. The other thing that swayed be into belief was Brady's action in having his phone destroyed. Seriously that is an act of a man trying not to implicate himself.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      If it was just deflate-gate I wouldn't take it so seriously, but the Patriots have cheated before and, as you have alluded to, for every time they got caught there were probably ten times they didn't. Great hub!

    • profile image

      Jan DeSmet 2 years ago

      It's about CHEATING! For everyone who says "whatever, it's not a big deal" and "let it go"......That is PRECISELY the problem! We have desensitized cheating. And corruption. Lying. It's just "not big deal" anymore. One of the things I love about football (besides the tight pants) is the release from my daily stress. To watch a game with my family and friends and root for the same team...or even not. A grown man who makes millions can't find it in himself to NOT cheat. And then LIE about it? Really? This is what is wrong with our entire country. Selfishness...greed...and we'll do whatever we have to to get what we want. It makes me sad. And to me, IT IS A BIG DEAL!

    • Sam Montana profile image

      Sam Montana 2 years ago

      The thing is now, Brady is in too deep to back down and this will most likely go through the courts. Because of the court case, it was interesting to hear some of the comments he made about the Broncos in those released emails.

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      I would have to agree Sam, I am also a life time Bronco fan. I grew up in Denver bleeding the orange and blue. What baffles me about the Patriots is the obvious need they feel to cheat on the heels of Spygate and Deflategate and who knows how many other gates that went on punished. They are an elite team. I guess the pressure to remain on the top is critical in their thinking.

    • Sam Montana profile image

      Sam Montana 2 years ago

      As a life-long Broncos fan, it is rather difficult to give Brady the benefit of the doubt at this time. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots handle this all year, but I suspect they will handle it fine as they always do.

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      Sam Montana I would respect Tom Brady if he just like you said come clean. If he had done that in the beginning most NFL fans would have forgiven him. I know I would have.

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      Ruth Angel as a Patriot fan I would expect nothing different in your comment. It would be difficult to read day in and day out that your team was considered cheaters. I respect your stance by sticking by your Patriots.

    • Sam Montana profile image

      Sam Montana 2 years ago

      Brady deserves 4 games...he cheated and we can never know how it affected the outcome of all home games. Obviously, a slightly deflated ball is easier to hold on to and just look at their home fumbles vs road fumbles. He could have come clean, but he did not, he deserves the 4 games!!

      As for Hardy, I am surprised his suspension was knocked down to 4 games. Two other main players (Antonio Gates and Derek Wolfe) just got 4 games for PED. Hardy should have had at least 8 games

    • Ruth Angel profile image

      Ruth Mata 2 years ago from New Mexico

      Such folly. I've read and read and read some more on the "deflate gate" scandal to the point that as a Patriots fan myself, I just can't read it anymore. I will love my team no matter the permanent outcome. I think there has been way too much emphasis imposed on something so minuscule

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      Kevin Goodwin it was obvious to me when I published this article I would take heat from Patriots fans. No, I never said nor did I state in the article that players using PEDS was any less or worse than the offense that your beloved Brady offense. I feel that all players including those using PED's are cheating just as Brady did. Any and all cheats that go against the game of NFL Pro Football should be dealt with harshly by Goodell and the NFL. The Colts did say something to the Ref's at halftime and all the Patriots footballs were confiscated and checked and found that 11 of the 12 were in fact deflated against NFL rules. You seemed to have put words in my article that I did not write. The reason that I did not bring up the fact that they were checked during the game is that if you had read the article was about, regardless of when the cheating and the deflated footballs were found it was still in fact cheating and it attacks the integrity of the game. And if you want an example of this just look back to Pete Rose, his lifetime ban from pro baseball was because his crime spit in the face of the integrity of pro baseball by gambling on different teams other than his own.

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      lions44 I fail to understand your defense of Brady by stating that Brad Johnson and some former NFL QB's were smart enough not to get caught cheating. In my mind that makes Brady either unlucky or just a dumb cheater. Why do some people care? Because like I stated in the article it attacks the integrity of the game. All cheaters of the integrity of the game should be dealt harshly not just Brady. Greg Hardy criminal offense has been dealt with in the criminal courts outside of football just like the 3 that I mentioned in the article. (Outside of the NFL, No, I do not put almost killing your girlfriend on the scale of Brady's offense) I like you, lion 44 respect greatness and I think I even mention that I thought Brady would arguably be one of the 10 top greatest 's of all time. What the Goodell and the NFL and I question is his integrity, his sportsmanship. All I was pointing out that his cheat will forever tarnish his image as a great QB. Great QB's in my mind don't cheat.

    • kurtreifschneider profile image

      Kurt James 2 years ago from Loveland Colorado

      I agree ParadigmEnacted and even stated so in the article that the deflated footballs did not in fact play a factor in the Patriots win. I feel also stated in the article it is a big deal because it attack the very core and integrity of the game. The NFL should act harshly on anyone caught cheating. As for it not happening, I was straddling the fence until it came out that Brady destroyed his phone just hours after he was asked to turn it over to investigators. I don't have to be a private investigator to know that is probably the act of a guilty party trying to hid evidence.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      I am Patriots fan I must admit at first. But even if I was not you are telling me what he did with the whole issue is worse than players getting caught using PEDs. Please. If deflating the football was and advantage then why did he play better in the seond half than he in the first half. Also, the Colts players knew during the first half that he air pressre of the footballs was not the correct air pressure. Why did they not say something to the refs during the first half. No instead they waited until after the game to speak up and make excuses, just like you. Why did you not mention that point. Just another Pats hater and you know what, we don't care so maybe you should just drop it.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Kurt, as you already know, I strongly disagree. This is such a minor issue. Other QBs have admitted to doing the same thing. Brad Johnson has publicly stated he had the ball boys mess with the psi prior to his 2002 NFC Championship game. Why do people care about this? Four games for this? That's the same as Greg Hardy is getting this season, and he nearly killed his girlfriend. Brady is the best of all time. Period. Much of the hate and "outrage" is based on jealously. I'm a fanatical Giants fan, not a Patriot homer. But I respect greatness. We need to stop tearing people down.

    • ParadigmEnacted profile image

      ParadigmEnacted 2 years ago

      I followed that whole thing very closely, it should have been the best time of my life. There's no reason that athletic achievement at his level should be overshadowed by something that didn't factor in. It's not a big deal, and it probably didn't happen.


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