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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un

Updated on December 23, 2014

Sports and Extreme Discipline

In any professional sport you have to practice, practice and practice if you are going to be any good at the game. Rodman has certainly received many accolades for his basketball accomplishments for being the number 1 defensive player in the NBA twice in two years. He is extreme in his outward looks most noted for his green hair and nose rings and just outrageous behavior on the court and off. He is known for his humor and outspoken attitudes.

In Contrast

In contrast Kim Jong-un is disciplined in physics to include his prior military training while growing up. If you pay attention to the understanding of physics, Wikipedia explains it this way:

Advances in the understanding of electromagnetism or nuclear physics led directly to the development of new products that have dramatically transformed modern-day society, such as television, computers, domestic appliances, and nuclear weapons. Kim has more in the brain than people generally think he does. So americans shouldn't put him down as just a nuisance. Rather someone who we don't know a lot about, nor many real details. He is extreme in his notions of how to run a country, because the U.N. has sanctioned N. Korea for human rights abuses such as torture of his own people, hunger, and harsh living standards. Often there are no hospitals near, nor enough to eat. The sanctions have come from the UN in the past two weeks.

No Humor for un

Kim Jong-un, is not known for any slice of humor from any side. He apparently is not used too it very often. In North Korea people have been put in prison for long times for laughing or making fun of any of their superiors. So the answer is no he does not appreciate that another country would be laughing at him in a movie theater. He does not know what is in the film, yet he supposedly put to work the people who have hacked into Sony pictures internal data and exposing employees social security numbers as well as private information and emails form the boss' at Sony including head Amy Pascal.

Sony has shut down the end of the filming which was set to be aired in movie theaters on Christmas due to the hacking because Kim Jong-un was threatening (or had people willing to do his bidding) movie goers lives if they go to see the film. The hackers also were hacking into Sony's computers and causing major panic across our country. Even though I basically think it is wrong to shut down a business because of pressure from a foreign nation, in this case I do believe it is the right thing to do. Number one because you should never make a film that has violence against the leader of a country for humor. Bad thought process.

Sony is going to let it be seen on a limited basis in theaters. Having said that, North Korean internet is now, today December 22,2014 not working so their people are not able to get any information as you read this.

Writer films a threat to kill the leader of a communist country and thinks it is funny?

It is beyond me why any screenwriter would take to criticizing any member of any countries leader and make fun of them in the film in the first place. You don't make fun of a leader of an entire country, especially a nasty tempered political system of one of the most hated countries in the world on human rights issues. I mean who does that? Furthermore didn't the writer know the difference is making fun of someone and threatening to kill them in the film was too risky ? I mean come on guys, you threaten to kill the leader of a communist country and think there will not be any flashback or problems? That is really beyond the night mares of any writer even Seth Rogen to conjure up let alone get funding for or actual release of it. That is a bad idea even before it becomes a nightmare or turns into a conflict that starts a nuclear war. And that is possible for N. Koera if they really want the exposure and killing of their own people as well. They have always threatened us in the U.S. in order to get more food for their people who are starving or to change embargoes and others but now they have a reason to threaten us. North Korea likes to threaten us here.

In fact, North Korea has always been an irritation to the U.S. government because the un family has always been rambunctious enough to start trouble and act out just to get us to react, but as yet we have not done so. It suits them to get the world riled up and then use that to keep their people down and obedient to their regime of extreme obedience. So they retain their power in their small communist world. But true to their own ends they like to start trouble and they are predictable and this film gives them a reason to flash their dangerous actions.

Do a Documentary

If Seth Rogen had tried to do a documentary on North Korea, Dennis Rodman might have been able to convince Kim Jong-un to go along with it in some crazy fashion. That is another long shot because there have been many people who have tried to produce documentaries in secret and I understand that some are in prison cells in North Korea right now. I am not even sure that Dennis Rodman wants to be friends with Kim Jong-un at this point anyhow.

Poor People

Not everyone in North Korea is poor. There are a couple of new hotels, some people drive cars but they are usually government officials. There are spots of money like Pyongyang that are modernized and have somewhat new buildings. North Koreans go from one extreme to another from richness in the middle of the city to abject poverty for their northern neighbors.

Daily life for most North Koreans is sparse and when you see children of villagers or who are in hospital they are extremely malnourished.There are no easy solutions to this vexing situation that we find ourselves in at this time being blamed for starting an international incident by way of a film makers project. In the United States we have freedom of the press, freedom of religion and the 5th Amendment for free speech. Kim Jong un does not live here so in reality this does not effect him at all. It is a farce and a movie of perceptions, not threats against him at all.

Should the U.S. just wait and learn.

Should the U.S. just wait and learn, or get to the bottom on this issue?

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