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Surviving The Sport of Snow Skiing

Updated on October 17, 2013
It is exciting to be a snow skier.
It is exciting to be a snow skier. | Source

My Experience

I felt very brave when I learned to ski for the very first time at the age of 19. I went with college friends. Later on, I went on ski trips with my friend G.M. and his friends. It was FUN. But in the winter of 1981, when I went on a ski vacation in a time share community in the Virginia mountains with my siblings and cousins, I went down the intermediate slope instead of the beginner's slope, thinking I could handle it. That was the last time. I am glad I didn't injure any limbs. I had a confirmed concussion when examined by my brother who was in medical school at the time.

Oh how I still love to watch those ski pros on television. Even though it is dangerous, it is still wonderful to be out there on the slopes!

This is similar to the slope I came down.
This is similar to the slope I came down. | Source

The Last Time On Snow Skis

The mountain tall in front of me
My heart is speeding.
I have been instructed
To hold on steady,
Skis straight poles to my side.
The lift will catch me.

I take a breath.

I loosen my grip

Then Hang on!
To the top of God's
Only to know
That my
Goal is
To Move Down.

Cold white

On my face.
I don't care
If I can't feel my toes
Or my ears.
No Fear Now.

I've done this
A Dozen times
But now
This slope is

Remember what
To do.
Glide across,
Then down to the
Left then to the

Picking up speed-

Uh Oh! Oh NO

Swerve- there's a tree!
Oh Lord- My right ski
In the wrong Direction!
Now I am down.

"I Can't Find My Glasses!"

Can anyone hear me?
This nice man has helped me find my pole,
Has helped me find my right ski.
And then he lifted me.
I say a little calmer- I repeated my

Call again, more garbled-

(What's the matter with my speech?)

As I'm assisted
By this nice man
In descending the
Mighty hill,
I start to feel
Sore on top.
The Cranium effected.
That fall,
The way I landed
On a sheet of ice, not snow.
Caused me to
Never ski again.
Now my mountain climbing
Will just have to
Wait until I am in the New Heaven.

Copyright @2010 CMCastro

This is where I had my Snowskiing accident.


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    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 4 years ago from Dubai

      That is really scary, I hope you are okay now.

    • Judicastro profile image

      Judicastro 7 years ago from birmingham, Alabama

      I can totally relate!! My x (maybe that's part of why he has that status-lol) took me up to the top of mammoth mountain in calif on a black diamond run. I was used to intermediate runs. After floundering much like you, I sat down and took my skis off and walked down the hill, furious!

      I haven't skied in years, but would like to again sometime.

    • Escapade profile image

      Escapade 7 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow Connecticut ..

      Wow that must have been a scary and cool experience on its own... I would love to try skiing out one day . Love your post =)