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Destiny Wrestling "The Revival" Aftermath

Updated on May 19, 2015

DWO "The Revival" Aftermath

Revival (noun) - To restore to life, consciousness, vigor, strength. But what happens when two equal forces try to revive Destiny Wrestling with two very different visions. One a man of equal play and jovial spirits. The other, a force, man of opportunity and the drive to make men into legends. Saturday May 9th, Destiny Wrestling was revived, bigger and better than ever, but to what extent did The MK Bandit and Adam Merrick go to mark there territory?

One on One Match

Thunder Vs Donnie Amsterdam

Joe Quesada Vs Donnie Amsterdam was set to ignite the crowd. But when Joe Quesada was rushed to a local hospital for a concussion, everyone's curiosity was peaking. When reached for comment Joe had this to say. "I was attacked while training. I did suffer a concussion according to doctors. Donnie, he's afraid, he's a coward; but when we do meet on an even playing field, good luck getting anyone to recognize your face. There is no line I will not cross in our rematch, it's coming Donnie, are you ready?"

So when the shop opened why did Joe's music play? Was our hero going against doctors orders? The faces on the kids lit up, the cameras and video cameras were ready to record, only to find the greatest insult perpetrated by one Donnie Amsterdam. As Donnie made his was out to the ring, he was dressed like Joe Quesada. He mocked him, he made fun of him and his condition. Playing to the vanity of the crowd he walked over to DWO Ring Announcer Adam Merrick who demanded that he [Donnie] be named the winner of the bout by disqualification. However Merrick had other plans; Merrick had learned of Donnie's treachery earlier on in the day and had an electrifying opponent for him waiting. Ladies and gentlemen, Donnie Amsterdam Vs Thunder, the bell rings and we are under way.

The only man that can electrify the Destiny Wrestling crowd and Donnie Amsterdam created for an amazing bout of styles. Many times Donnie tried to get himself disqualified out of the match by going even as far as to slap Senior Referee Kyle Neice. The slap backfired as Thunder not only continued on his relentless attack but even managed to get the 1-2-3. Thunder was reached for comment by stating, "Donnie needed to be taught a lesson, I was the perfect man for the job, but wait until June 20th, Joe is going to give him what he has coming. As far as the power struggle in Destiny Wrestling, Joe and I both on Team Merrick, once he is back in power. I'm 5-0 since returning to DWO so you better believe I want the DWO World Heavyweight Championship"

Winner By Pinfall - Thunder

David Vs. Goliath

Lucha Star Vs. Chad Thomas

When the boss talks, everyone had better pay attention. Adam Merrick is in the ring promoting the next big Destiny Wrestling event, "There is no line...." June 20th at the Armory when the law and order of the DWO comes out. MK is in the building! As both Merrick and MK are in the ring making a stance and proving who the real boss is MK makes a match that is the true definition of David Vs Goliath.

Lucha Star, a fast paced light heavyweight competitor with the heart of a lion and an aerial arsenal to match was to take on MK's personal "man-beast" Chad Thomas to prove himself. This match was already starting to look bowling shoe ugly. Bell rings and we are underway. Early in the match Lucha Star had a sound strategy of hit-and-run. One thing you never want to do with someone bigger than you is take them head on. In the early stages Lucha had the right idea but much when a spider had it's prey in it's web, very little can be done. Chad Thomas used raw Texas sized power to beat down and decimate Lucha Star; including a heavy power bomb into the turn buckle and several nasty shots to Lucha Star's back and head. As the crowd cheered from Lucha Star and ever berated Chat Thomas as far as to chant "do some sit-ups", Lucha Star started to find hope and would capitalize on it by using a swift offense and catching Chad with the pin-fall victory. A shocked crowd thought their hero was out for the count but after the pin-fall victory it only proves the heart of an underdog is the strongest force in the world. Chad Thomas was reached for commentary stating, "Lucha Star got lucky in that match, it was a fluke victory, it is never going to happen again! This crowd is another reason I lost, they don't like me because I don't cater to them. I am better than them, I come from a REAL state like Texas"

Winner By Pinfall - Chad Thomas

DWO World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender's Match

Johnny K Vs Hobo Hank

Ric Flair Vs Hulk Hogan. The Rock Vs. Stone Cold. Ric Flair Vs Ricky Steamboat. Johnny K Vs Hobo Hank. When two legends meet in the middle of the ring, magic isn't far behind. Saturday night at The Armory saw these two DWO legends compete for a shot at the top prize and they didn't disappoint. A match of this magnitude was sure to be physical and an all out brawl. Johnny K out first with baby. The evil villain of the DWO squared circle glared at the audience with a look even Freddy Kruger would find scary. A pause came over the audience and out came the man from the quiet and lonely alley behind the Frontier, Hobo Hank. The crowd cheered and smiled as their guy, their hero, the man that was robbed of the championship came to and greeted his loyal fan base. Bell rings and we are underway. Both men locked up, center of the ring, advantage Johnny K in the opening seconds. If you planned on keeping score via tradition wrestling, you can throw that sheet of paper out the window because as planned this was a war. Both men battled at ring side, closed fists and boots to the faces, top rope clotheslines and submissions brought pain to a whole new level in this match. Johnny and Hank both reached deep within to keep the fight alive. As Hobo Hank found a window of light opening up for him and capitalized on it he would see an old familiar rival staring back at him from the stage, MK! The MK Bandit stared at Hank in the ring. Hank warned him not to interfere, both men locked eyes with the burning intensity of a thousand stars in the sky, the tension high in the air. However in doing so Hobo Hank took his eyes off the ball and was rolled up for the pin-fall. 1-2-3. This one was over.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW No. 1 Contender - Johnny K

DWO World Tag Team Championship Match

(Challengers) Freedom Avengers Vs Death Rage Cartel (Champions)

For months the Freedom Avengers have tried to win the gold that has eluded them. Time after time the obstacles get harder and harder to get through. On this night they had one more chance, if they couldn't do it, they could never challenge the champions ever again. As the Freedom Avengers came though the curtain first they realized this could be the last time they would ever get this golden opportunity again. But before they could even get in the ring The Death Rage Cartel jumped them on the stage and started his fight rather early. Both teams fought the good fight, both teams knew everything was on the line in this match. The early advantage went to The Cartel with both Dextor and Josh Pain taking Pinky into their respective corner and beat him down. With Senior Referee Kyle Neice busy trying to maintain order in the match, The Cartel took liberties with blind tags and shady tag team wrestling tactics for most of the match. Both Pinky and Fabian of the Freedom Avengers knew they had to step up their game if they wanted to beat the champions. As they fought back and wrestled to the very end, it seemed The Freedom Avengers had scored the win and even held the World Tag Team Championship Titles in the air. However Senior Referee Kyle Neice informed ring announcer Adam Merrick that the decision was reversed via disqualification for illegal use of the brass knuckles. Therefore still your DWO World Tag Team Champions, The Death Rage Cartel.

Winners Via DQ - The Freedom Avengers
Still Tag Team Champions - The Death Rage Cartel

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Ray Basura Vs The Pali Prince & The Josh Carey

What do you do when the man you defeated weeks ago is looking for revenge? You gather your friends. In The Josh Carey's case, he brought out the Pali Prince and Tony Fletcher. March 14th we saw these three men join forces to dominate the profession wrestling scene in DWO. Saturday night these men teamed up to take on the former Extreme Champion in Ray Basura. Out first were Tony Fletcher and The Pali Prince to introduce the world to "The Book". The Book contains all the secrets to be great, to the ultimate in what you do, to the best in the world. After his scathing promo he introduced the author of The Book itself, The Josh Carey. The music hit and Ray Basura comes out to the warm welcome of the crowd. He posed for pictures and shook hands with the fans. He entered the ring and this one was under way. After an attempt of strength by The Prince and Ray, The Josh Carey tagged in. Ray Basura still had the early advantage in the match easily dominating both The Prince and The Josh Carey. Tony Fletcher proved to be a difference maker when behind the referee's back The Josh Carey used the jump rope to try to choke out Ray Basura. The same tactic didn't work twice as The Josh Carey proved to go to the proverbial well once to many times and ensnared The Pali Prince in the jump rope choke. Ray Basura went for the final shot in the final moments of the match and picked up the hard fought 1-2-3. At the end of the match Ray Basura held the Extreme Championship high above his head. Does this signify a title shot June the 20th? If so, is there a line Ray won't cross to get back the Extreme Championship?

Winner by Pinfall - Ray Basura

One on One Match

Ray Rosas Vs Mosh Pit Mike

Out first Mosh Pit Mike, next up Mr Charisma himself Ray Rosas. Two completely different styles and personalities were about to clash. Ray Rosas is 2-0 at stealing the show in DWO, would he do it again on this night? Both men meet and lock up center of the ring, early advantage goes to Ray Rosas. Both men brawl and fight with all their heart, when it seemed that Ray was in trouble he tried to sweet talk Mosh Pit out of hurting him and his money maker anymore by kissing his foot. But Mosh Pit Mike doesn't let anyone off the hook that easy. The pain and punishment continued; Mr Charisma himself Ray Rosas dished out and took in immense amounts of pain. Both men went to a limit very few can go to and come back from. As both men climbed to the top rope the fans in the audience knew something awesome and jaw dropping was coming. A superplex off of the top rope shook the ring as both men lay motionless as if just ejected out of a car wreck just west on I-25. The crowd chanted "Holy Sh*t" as a badge of honor and respect to the match and the maneuver. Ray Rosas battled Mosh Pit in the final seconds to get the pin-fall victory. Mr. Charisma himself Ray Rosas can officially smile proudly knowing he defeated the giant of a man known as Mosh Pit Mike. We caught up with Ray before boarding his jet back to California and had this to say, "Peter couldn't be here today but he and I will be back, we have our eyes on the tag team division in DWO. As for the power struggle in DWO, we're backing up the man that has the most to offer myself and Peter" His opponent Saturday night was not so happy about the loss; he is quoted as saying, "I'm not happy about a second loss two events in a row due to shady officiating. DWO needs a new referee who knows what they're doing" When asked about his chase for tag team championship gold, Mosh Pit stated, "I've had my eyes on the tag team championships ever since PAIN INC lost them years ago. I was half of the first DWO tag team champions, and I miss that belt! I even carved my mark in a hidden spot. It's taken me years to find someone with the same attitude and size as me. Now that I have Ray Basura on my side, who can stop us?" Who is Mosh Pit hoping would come out in top of the DWO management struggle? "EFF Management!"

DWO World Heavyweight Championship Street Fight

(Challenger) Dom Vitalli Vs Bully Ray (Champion)

It is now time for the main event of the evening. This bout is to be contested under street fight rules. First man to score a submission or pin-fall will be the winner. Dom Vitalli is out first to the roar of the crowd, he is clearly the fan favorite. Out next, the champion Bully Ray, with the MK Bandit at his side. Before both men even make it to the ring, Dom cuts Bully off at the pass on the stage and the brawl is on. Bully and Dom trade punches, lefts and rights. They make it to the inside of the ring where the challenger connects with a speed limit 19 sign to Bully Ray's back, pretty sure that sign was going faster than 19 mph in Dom Vitalli's hands. As MK cheers Bully on, a familiar face emerges from the back, it's Hobo Hank, he's biting MK on the side of the face! MK and Hank fight to the back leaving Bully and Dom Vitalli alone. This looks like it's going to be an even playing field. Looks can be deceiving though as the Death Rage Cartel come out and set up a table in the corner and start beating down the challenger. Bully Ray is shouting instructions to The Cartel; Dom Vitalli fights back. Dom Vitalli alone with everything he's got is fighting back and taking on four different men. Dom blasts Bully Ray with more punches, chaos ensues, due to the mental prowess of the challenger the Cartel is taken out with the help of a steel chair. Bully Ray eats some steel as well courtesy of the chair, Dom Vitalli goes to the top rope and in a Randy Savage-esque way he drops the elbow right in to the heart of the champion. Senior Referee Kyle Neice counts the fall, 1....2....3! We have a new DWO World Heavyweight Champion! Post match Bully and Dom fight off The Cartel that they even manage to put Josh Pain though a the table set up before hand. Bully Ray grabs a microphone saying he did what he did tonight for Dom Vitalli; the new champion busts his butt day in and day out for the DWO fans. We caught up with Dom Vitalli after his victory and had this to say, "Bully is one of, if not THE toughest opponent I have ever faced. I knew each time that I faced him that I would not come out of that match the same. In the end, he earned my respect and I would like to think that I earned his." What are your thoughts concerning the new No. 1 contender for your championship? Dom Vitalli commented, "I know first hand that Johnny K and his goons are willing to do anything to take this championship I have sacrificed so much for. I said after my victory that I would take on all comers, and that includes Johnny. He better bring everything he has because I don't plan on parting with the DWO Heavyweight Title anytime soon." As far as the power struggle in DWO Dom says he is siding with the fans and will give them everything they deserve, they don't deserve anything but the best out of me"

With that, Dom Vitalli celebrated his championship win. But what about The MK Bandit? Our crew attempted to catch up to him for an interview, however he was being attended to by medical personnel in his private dressing room. No word yet on how his recovery is doing or what plans he has for Hobo Hank June 20th at the Armory.

A Class Act

Post Show

Editors Note: Dom Vitalli, Bully Ray and a fan of DWO wrestling had a post show celebration of Dom Vitalli winning the Championship. Bully asked the young boy if he was in school, what his favorite subject was and if he wanted a souvenir from the show. He signed a piece of the table from the event for the young boy and had 500+ fans chant his name. A class act from both wrestling veterans. Major kudos to DWO, Dom, Bully Ray and the staff at DWO.

For more never before seen photographs of Destiny Wrestling, trivia, discussion forums and more follow us at Wrestling Power Hour on Facebook by clicking the link below:


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