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Developing The Right Martial Arts Attitude

Updated on May 15, 2013
Becoming a martial arts master takes time.
Becoming a martial arts master takes time. | Source

Being good in martial arts is difficult, and it may take years or even decades for you to achieve it. However, no matter how difficult it may seem, becoming a good martial artist is highly achievable if you just put your heart and mind into it. All you need to do is to follow your teacher’s instructions thoroughly, train hard regularly, and most important of all, develop the real martial arts attitude.

Remember, attitude is what separates the good martial artist from the great one. If you want to become exceptional in this craft, then you need to develop these three essential attitudes.

1. Be Courageous.

You need courage in order for you to make progress in your martial arts training. Without this virtue, you cannot fight with your opponents effectively and patiently endure the pain that training brings. If you truly want to become amartial arts master, then face your fears. Remember, martial arts is a physical sport. The only way for you to learn and master it is to “apply” it even if it means getting hurt in the process.

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2. Be Dedicated

Dedication is highly important if you want to learn martial arts and succeed with it. Always remember that dedication is the virtue that will keep you motivated to continue doing lessons with your teacher even if the training becomes hard or even if you feel like quitting already. Aside from that, dedication will give you the driving force you need to seek for continual improvement in your fighting skills.


3. Be Positive

Even in martial arts, the power of positive thinking is very much evident. If you truly desire to achieve amazing results, then you need to keep an optimistic mind. Being positive will help you overcome various discouragements throughout your martial arts career such as when you do not master a certain technique immediately or when you get defeated during tournaments. In addition, being optimistic will also give you the push you need to work hard on improving your ranking or belt.

Remember, attitude plays a crucial role in your training. Do not only focus in mastering the physical aspects of martial arts. Instead, spend a considerable amount of time harnessing the power of your attitude as well. For when you become the master of your mind and body, you can achieve great things in martial arts.


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      Paul Corvan 4 years ago


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      Dilip Chandra 4 years ago from India

      Good hub Paul, interesting read.