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Did 'Money In The Bank' Put Plenty Of Money In WWE's Bank?

Updated on June 19, 2017

Money in the Bank is one of those rare WWE Pay Per Views that causes excitement just because of the match stipulations. The winner gets to carry around the No.1 Contender's briefcase for the next 12 months and it guarantees the holder an "Anywhere/Anytime" World Title Match.

Some wrestler's have cashed in on the same night (Kane and Dean Ambrose) to become champion. Seth Rollins cashed in at Wrestlemania 31 to become the number one man in the company. Some wrestlers like our man Seth and Rob Van Dam carry it for the majority of the year making "Mr. Money in the Bank" their gimmick and elevating them from mid-card status to main event. This year features the first ever 'Woman's Money in the Bank match which continues the momentum of the revolution of woman's wrestling.

Randy Orton puts The Singh Brothers through the announcer's table. Photo: WWE
Randy Orton puts The Singh Brothers through the announcer's table. Photo: WWE

Woman's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 comes from St.Louis Missouri on June 18. The opening contest is the Womans Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It features Charlotte Flair (They are using her last name now) v Becky Lynch v Tamina v Carmella v Natalya. Tamina uses a ladder to dominate early. Superkicks are flying thick and fast, Shawn Michaels would be at home crying over his once powerful finishing move!.

Becky and Natalya have a Mexican Stand-off over a ladder and Becky ends up not only losing but going spine first on the steel. Carmella forces Charlotte to get strung up by the legs on one of the ladder's but they soon find themselves squabbling over the case once Flair becomes untangled. Tamina pushes the ladder over with both ladies plummeting to the mat.

A Butterfly Suplex from Natalya to Charlotte temporarily takes Flair out of the action. When she recovers she puts Tamina out of the ring with an ugly looking tackle. A front suplex with a twist from Charlotte gets a huge reaction from the crowd and starts a "Holy Shit" chant. Carmella's "boyfriend" James Ellsworth interferes throwing Becky off the ladder. He then proceeds to climb the ladder, grabs the suitcase and tosses it to Carmella.

Confusion ensues while the referee's decide if this result will stand. Because there are virtually no rules in a ladder match the decision is final. Carmella is the winner and the first ever Woman's Money in the Bank winner!. This was a good match but like many woman's contests this year could have been a tad longer.

Lana is interviewed backstage. She has a chance to win the Smackdown Woman's Championship in a match later tonight against Naomi.

James Ellsworth and the first Womans Money In The Bank Winner, Carmella. Photo: WWE
James Ellsworth and the first Womans Money In The Bank Winner, Carmella. Photo: WWE

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day get a huge reception when their music hits. Their promo's have been missed since they have been away the last few months. Their opponents are The Champions The Usos. Kofi and Jey trade holds to start the match. Big E hits a huge splash on Jey on the ring apron.

Kofi takes a nasty fall over the top rope and Jimmy Uso takes advantage and hits him with a clothesline. The brothers smack Kofi back first into the ring post. They take turns in wearing down the worn out Kofi Kingston. Kofi finally gets the tag to Big E and the momentum swings back to The New Day.

Big E hits a Battering Ram tackle through the ropes and smashes down onto the outside mats. An SOS from Kofi couldn't put Jey Uso away. Another Superkick from Jey (Shawn Michaels is still crying!). Kofi flies back first over the top rope onto both Uso brothers. The bad guy's take a count out loss when it looks like they might lose the championships. They retreat over the barricade and into the crowd while the referee counts to ten. The Usos retain but the good news is we will see more matches between these two teams. This was a great match with a generic finish.

Daniel Bryan is advertised to return to Smackdown Live Tuesday. The crowd likes this.

Bob Orton and Sgt. Slaughter are shown backstage. They are part of a group of St. Louis legends in attendance tonight.

Lana trying to make Naomi give up. Photo: WWE
Lana trying to make Naomi give up. Photo: WWE

Smackdown Woman's Championship

The very inexperienced wife of Rusev, Lana takes on Champion Naomi. It is only her second WWE match. Lana proves that she can scream very well early on in the match. She does alot of this. Lana is looking quite comfortable and stiff in the ring, maybe Rusev has taught her a thing or two?. She definitely has the upper hand over Naomi with multiple kicks and a suplex onto the ropes.

Lana slaps on a few sleeper holds until Naomi fights back. Three mighty kicks rain down on Lana but she kicks out. A sit up spine buster is not enough to put the champion down. Carmella and Ellsworth come out and tease a "cash in" of the briefcase but they refrain, giving Naomi a chance to put a sleeper hold on Lana for the tap out. Still Womans Champ, Naomi. But Carmella has put the Womans Champion on notice that she can "cash in" on her anytime.

Lana put in a good effort and proved that she can be a handy wrestler when needed. This was a suprisingly good match.

Naomi retains her Smackdown Live Woman's Championship. Photo: WWE
Naomi retains her Smackdown Live Woman's Championship. Photo: WWE

We are shown one of Breezango's "Fashion Vice" segments. They reference the old Collossium Video tapes that old school fans used to collect.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis make a suprise appearance. They are calling them Mike and Maria Kanellis. They have appeared all over the world in different promotions but Maria has returned to WWE after 7 years.

Shane McMahon tweets that he is not happy with James Ellsworth's interference in the Woman's Money in the Bank match. It will be addressed on Smackdown Live.

WWE Championship Match

Jinder Mahal shocked the world at Backlash becoming the WWE Champion. Only three months ago he was a mid-card "jobber". Tonight Randy Orton gets his rematch. We are then introduced to the St. Louis legends who are present. Shown sitting in the front row together are Greg Gagne, Larry 'The Axe' Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Orton and Ric Flair. Harley Race would have been there but injured himself at his home just recently.

Jinder's character has become quite intense and he always looks very fired up. Home town boy Randy Orton gets a great reception and commentator Tom Phillips reminds everyone Randy's father is sitting ringside. "RKO" and "USA" chants emanate from the crowd. Randy uses some brutal looking stomps on his opponent.

Not looking good for a fast paced match because Randy is already favouring a knee (pretty much the same formula from their Backlash match). Randy backslams Jinder on the barricade near the legends. Mahal gets one back on Orton with a knee first slam to the announcer's table. Jinder is working over the "injured" knee while the Singh Brothers (Jinder's managers) circle the ring like hungry sharks.

Jinder slaps a Figure Four Leg Lock on Orton delibrately disrespecting Ric Flair who is sitting ringside. Randy pays respect to his father using his trademark superplex from the top rope. Three huge clotheslines followed by a powerslam rattles The Champion. RKO outta knowhere from Orton!. The Singh Brothers interrupt the count costing Randy a three count. The referee then ejects the brothers from ringside. They decide to give "Cowboy" Bob Orton a shove before leaving which enrages Randy. They immediately feel his wrath.

Orton nearly snaps Samir Singh's neck again (just like at Backlash, but this time it was planned) while snap suplexing him on the announcer's table. Orton then gives Sunil Singh an RKO on the other announcer's table. This gives Jinder the opportunity to hit The Khallas on "The Viper" when he crawls back into the ring and isn't expecting it. Jinder gets the 1...2...3 for the win. Jinder Mahal retains the WWE Championship in a match that was nearly identical to there quite average match at Backlash.

Breezango v The Ascension

The Ascension are a powerful tag team that has been under utilised over the last 12 months or so. Will this be the start of a "push" for the up and comers?. Fandango pays tribute to Ric Flair with some very ineffective chops on Connor. Lucky Ric isn't at ringside anymore to see one of his signature moves used so ineffectively!. Breezango get the win with Fandango pinning Connor in a really quick joke match, the chances of the Ascension or Breezango looking any good are dashed.

Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The Men's Ladder match is Kevin Owens v AJ Styles v Dolph Ziggler v Sami Zayn v Baron Corbin v Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke must be the favourite, he is more "over" than anyone, he is on a roll and he has a hell of an intro song. Kevin Owens as usual gets a huge cheer for a "bad" guy. WWE sabotage one of the highlights of the night by having Corbin attack Shinsuke about 10 seconds into his epic entrance.

Nakamura is pulled from the match so he can make a huge super human "babyface" comeback later in the show. So after the match gets underway Sami Zayn does a poorly timed suicide dive onto Kevin Owens and lands full force on the ground nearly twisting his own knee.

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler in the ladder match. Photo: WWE
Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler in the ladder match. Photo: WWE

Baron hits Dolph with "Deep Six" on the floor with high impact. Sami nearly blows out his knee a second time. A Drop Toe Hold from Styles to Owens sends Kevin crashing into a ladder. Zayn sends Owens onto a ladder from the tope rope not only twisting Kevin's body but the ladder as well. Ziggler catapult's Sami into a ladder resting on the turnbuckle. Zayn then smashes head first into the steel (how is he not injured?).

Dolph executes a Zig Zag on Corbin and actually manages to touch the briefcase but cannot unhinge it. Sami powerbomb's Dolph off the top of the ladder directly onto Zayn's foot. If Sami doesn't get injured it will be a miracle!. AJ comes flying out of nowhere to hit a Phenomenal Foreman to send Sami crashing to the mat. Baron chokeslams AJ stiffly into a set up ladder which gives Sami a good chance to get the briefcase but barely misses. AJ hits a crazy "Standing fireman's takeover carry" on Kevin Owens onto a ladder.

The sound of electric violins hits as Shinsuke makes his "babyface" return. He slaps the crap out of Corbin sending the crowd wild. Owens is whacked with The Kinshasa!. This brings Nakamura face to face with AJ Styles in the ring. This elecit's a "Pop" from the crowd. There are rumours that these guys want to wrestle at Wrestlemania, after this little exchange who wouldn't want to see that. The reception for the two competitors is split right down the middle. Just as they both ascend to the top of the ladder to battle for the briefcase, Baron pushes the ladder over sending the two fan favourites crashing down to the floor. Corbin is then alone and able to climb the ladder, unhook the case and become The 2017 Money In The Bank Winner.

Is this the best outcome from this match?. There is a valid argument that Shinsuke winning could have been better. He is white hot at the moment and a run with the briefcase could guarantee a title run in the future therefore continuing his fabulous run. AJ could have benefited as well. The former WWE Champ could have used the case to get back his title. All in all though, Baron is ready for the main event and this victory will catapult his career into a top slot and deservedly so.

So with the help of this fantastic main event Money In The Bank just officially overtook Extreme Rules as the best Pay Per View of 2017. But we still have alot of shows to go this year and with Summerslam just around the corner there is much room for improvement in the standards of shows fans pay for. Money In The Bank would have put plenty of money in WWE's bank account, but with more unpredictability and higher standards the sky is the limit for the company and their current superstars.


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